Here is the prologue for my new story… enjoy and review! :)

Merlin - The War Against Magic


Once, the magic and non-magic users had lived in harmony. They lived side by side, helping each other, and chose to ignore the differences between you. That all changed though.

Uther Pendragon was a selfish man who was jealous of the power possessed by magic wielders. He hated feeling weak in comparison, and so plotted a way to rid the country of them.

He befriended a young and powerful sorcerer and together they made plans on bringing peace to the entire country, bettering the lands nearby. Soon they had the whole country under their rule. Suddenly, Uther turned on the sorcerer and stabbed the man in the back - literally.

Things changed. Soon, magic users became second class citizens. They were forced to wear a crescent moon on their arm, to show they had magic. Eventually, most places just refused magic wielders access to them and so magic was forced underground, or face the wrath of Uther.

Years passed, and the war on magic was still going. Prejudice against those with magic swirled around and many of them were both physically and mentally abused by the people they had once called their friends. Magic, it seemed, was lost. But Magic wasn't going to give up. It would bring a new weapon to this war. The weapon would bring an era of peace and freedom, restoring the balance of the world.

That weapon was a destiny. The destiny of a young non magic leader, and the man who would return magic and protect him. The destiny of Merlin Emrys and Arthur Pendragon.

I will try and add an update later today for both my stories (this and saving magic) but no promises (unless there are lots of reviews waiting for me)!