Draconis: Eh heh heh.

Kenshin: Whats so funny?

Draconis: I've decided to start the lemon fic.

Kenshin: Oh ho really? Who's first?

Draconis: Hm...good question.

Draconis: I've already got a couple of requests from Leo, but everyone who reads my main fic Springfield and Kuroshi can request whatever it is you desire and I will try my damn best to fulfill that request.

Haruna: Whatever they want? (leer )

Draconis: NOT YAOI! I will jam a sodering iron through my junk before I write that!

Haruna: Ah ha ha ha!

Konoka: So Ken-kun isn't going to be the only one being used as the male?

Draconis: NOPE! Negi Kotarou Tertium and his brothers. I'll write about pretty much anyone.

Ricardo: Eh? Even me and Kurt over there?

Draconis: Yes even you and Kurt. Heads up though it may be short seeing as you two are kind of obscure.

Anyway the first lemon will be with Kenshin however.

Kenshin: Eh with who?

Draconis: A couple of old friends...

Emily: Hey Kenshin.

Kenshin: Emily? ! What're you doing here.

Beatrix: We're both here...to well...

Emily: To fuck you silly!

Kenshin: HEH? !

Draconis: A request from leo247. Kenshin going with Emily Sevensheep and Beatrix Monroe!

Negima! Springfield and Kuroshi Lemons!

Chapter 1

The two beauties from Ariadne!

Emily: Chapter begin!


Ariadne (A/N: Well no shit sherlock)

Kenshin was walking throughout Ariadne minding his own business.

So Kenshin whatcha gonna do today? Sheena asked.

I dunno you maybe? Kenshin kidded.

Oh ho? Well as much as I would like that lets wait till later kay. Sheena said.

Sure. Kenshin thought.

Ugh man Seras-Chan tired me out yesterday. Kenshin said to no one in particular.

Oh ho? Got her in the sack did you? Someone asked.

Huh? Oh Ricardo. Whats up? Kenshin asked.

Oh nothing. So how was she? Ricardo asked.

Um...don't you want to date her? Kenshin said unsurely.

Well yeah, but we aren't right now so we could do whatever we want. Ricardo laughed.

Well why not go and ask her out or better yet do it at the festival? Kenshin suggested.

I intended to. Although thanks for keeping her entertained for me. Ricardo shrugged.

Er...Your Welcome? Kenshin said.

Ok kid I need to be going. Ricardo said.

Ok then see ya. Kenshin said.

Adios. Ricardo said flashing away.

That. Was. Weird. Kenshin thought.

Kenshin continued his walk around Ariadne and walked across a meadow with a lake.

Hm...I've got two choices either take a bath here or at the school. Kenshin said.

Hm...I think I'll take one here. Kenshin said shivering remembering how after he had sex with Seras he ended up taking a bath with the most tenacious of his fangirls. J von Katze and S Du Chat to name a couple.

It's not that I don't think they are attractive it's just they try too hard to get me in the sack. Kenshin thought.

Somewhere the two beastgirls in question sneezed. Hey Du Chat? J Von said.

What? Du Chat asked.

Maybe we should just walk up to Kuroshi Tsuki-Sama and ask him about...well you know. J Von said.

Maybe. Du Chat said.

Kenshin began stripping down and hopped in the lake completely unaware that he was being watched.

Hah! This feels so good! Kenshin purred contentedly.

Hm Hm. Hey Beatrix wanna join him? Emily asked in low tone.

W-Wh-Wha? Beatrix blushed.

Aw come on Beatrix it'll be fun. Emily said stripping down.

O-OK Ojou-Sama. Beatrix said joining Emily.

Kenshin was so absorbed in his thoughts of his episode with Seras he didn't even hear the two of them get in and swim over to him.

Hm Hm. Having fun there Kenshin-kun? Emily asked from his right successfully pulling him from his reverie.

Huh? Yeah Emily I'm fine...Emily! ! What are you doing here? ! Kenshin asked.

I'm not the only one here. Emily said pointing to his left.

E-Eh? Kenshin said looking to his left and seeing Beatrix who had a deep blush on her face.

What are you...Kenshin trailed off seeing his erection. Oh shit! I'm sorry I was just leaving! Kenshin said.

No no stay here with us. Emily said yanking him back in.

Lemme see that. Emily said grabbing hold of his cock and stroking it lightly.

Hnn...Kenshin trailed off.

Beatrix you should try this! Emily said.

Wh-What? ! Beatrix said loudly then Kenshin slapped a hand over her mouth.

Shhh! Kenshin whispered.

What? Emily said.

Someone's coming. Kenshin said.

Hmm. Where is he? Du Chat said.

I could have sworn I heard him around here. J Von said.

Oh well I guess there is always next time. J Von shrugged.

Whew! Kenshin sighed relieved.

Hey what was that! Du Chat said.

Me and my big mouth! Kenshin thought.

Oh ho? What do we have here? J Von said.

It seems Iinchou and her buddy here are giving the General a handjob. Du Chat said.

Or a clone of him. Kenshin said vanishing.

He appeared behind the two. Hey after him! Du Chat yelled.

Not now ladies I'll fuck ya later! Kenshin said getting the hell out of there.

He gave them the slip hopping up into a tree after gaining a considerable lead on them.

What's wrong Kenshin? You can't handle them? Tatsu teased.

Along with Emily and Beatrix? No. Kenshin said.

Make clones! Nagi said.

Ugh I am not having this conversation with you. Kenshin thought getting dressed.

Damn Emily-Chan and Beatrix-Chan got some nice bodies. Kenshin thought with a perverted grin.

Thinking about us? Emily said spooking him.

Ah! How do you keep doing that! ? Kenshin said.

Hm Hm. Secret. Emily said and Beatrix appeared to her left.

Those two are gone, but they might spill the beans so to speak. Beatrix said.

No they won't. Kenshin smirked.

Why not? Emily said.

Because I really am gonna fuck them sooner or later. Kenshin shrugged.

Speaking of which...Kenshin trailed off leering at the two.

Wh-What? Beatrix said.

Oh nothing I was just admiring your still nude bodies. Kenshin chuckled.

Hm Hm. You like? We can get you more acquainted with them if you like. Emily teased.

Wh-Wh-What? Beatrix said blushing madly.

Oh come on Beatrix you have a crush on him why not make good on it! Emily said.

B-But we're...Beatrix said but was stopped by Kenshin kissing her lightly.

Hey don't worry I'll take goood care of you. Kenshin said.

O-Ok, but shouldn't you take us to dinner first? Beatrix said.

Ah of course, but get dressed first. Kenshin said.

A few minutes later the three of them hopped down from the tree and began walking into town. Emily grabbed his right arm and Beatrix grabbed his left and leaned on him.

Hm...My parents went here one time. Kenshin said looking at the Flying Broomstick.

What do you think? Kenshin asked.

Sure why not? Emily said.

Ok. Beatrix said.

OK then. Kenshin said then bumped into his parents literally.

Ow...Oh hey dad. Kenshin said.

Hey. What's going on? Ryuushin asked.

Ryuu-kun dear I think Ken-Chan is on a date. Hikari smiled.

Yeap. Kenshin said.

Taking them here? Ryuushin said.

Yeah. Kenshin shrugged.

Been getting chased by fangirls lately Ken-Chan? Hikari teased.

Ugh...Yeah. Kenshin muttered.

Hm Hm. Hikari said then walked up to Kenshin.

Hey you wanna do it in Ostia when we get there? She asked whispering.

Sure why not. Kenshin said.

OK sorry for interrupting you three have a good time now. Oh Kenshin Jack and us are leaving today. Ryuushin said as he and Hikari walked off.

He he. OK dad see ya later. Kenshin laughed.

Did you just agree to fuck your mother? Emily asked.

Yeah? What of it? Kenshin said.

Do-Doesn't that seem wrong to you? Beatrix said as they walked in.

Well not anymore. Kenshin said.

Hello! Are you here for food or dance? Tina asked.

Both. Kenshin shrugged.

Hm...Tina said getting a closer look at him.

Wh-What? Kenshin asked.

Looks like those two really did make love that night. Tina said.

Oh yeah I remember Mom and Dad showing me that date. Kenshin said.

Here let me get you three a table. Tina said.

Kenshin Emily and Beatrix were seated. OK what can I getcha? Tina said.

Hm...Orange chicken? I'll take some of that. Kenshin said.

Ok and for your lovely dates? Tina said causing the two to blush.

Hm...Rice sounds fine for me. Emily said.

Hm. Same as him. I had to skip breakfast this morning. Beatrix said.

OK anything to drink? Tina said.

Hm...wine for all three of us. Kenshin said.

Aren't they a little young? Tina said.

Wasn't my father mother and the Thousand master as well? Kenshin asked.

Touche. Anyway I'll have them out in a bit. Tina said.

The Thousand Master dined here? Emily asked.

Yeah he his wife and My parents had a double date here. Kenshin said.

Hmm...Wait he was married! Emily said.

Er...still is. Kenshin said.

Oh. Emily said.

Wait he's alive as well? ! Emily said.

Please he's too strong for death. Kenshin chuckled.

You know him? Beatrix said.

Yeap. I could introduce you when I find the bastard. Kenshin said.

U-U-Um could I bring my mom? Emily asked.

Sure why? Kenshin said.

She's always wanted to meet the Thousand Master. When it was said he died she got real depressed. Emily said.

Nagi do you mind? Kenshin thought.

Ok, but I want something from you in return. I'll name it later. Nagi said.

Fine. Kenshin thought.

Hey Kenshin. How did you and Rakan meet anyway? Beatrix said.

Ran into him soon after escaping Megalomesembria. Kenshin said.

I see. I still can't get the closed view mindset of the Senators. Why doesn't the Praetor intervene. Beatrix said.

Praetor? Kenshin said confused.

Yeah he's the number one of all Megalomesembria. Whatever he says goes. Beatrix said.

Then he was probably buried in paperwork. Kenshin shrugged.

So if he said he regrets what Megalomesembria did to you, you would just tell him not to worry about it. Emily asked.

I can't really hold him responsible for the entire city, running a confederation is tough. Kenshin said.

I see. Beatrix said. That's really noble of you. Beatrix said.

Yeah. I try not to let my past affect my decisions too much. Hell Daiken got the generals together a few weeks ago and asked on the behalf of the council if we supported a war effort and I voted no. Kenshin said.

I see. What would change your mind out of curiosity? Emily said.

A blatent attack by their warriors. Kenshin said.

I see. Beatrix said.

Hello you three heres your food. Tina said.

OK thank you. Kenshin said tossing her a roll of money.

Thank you! Tina said skipping away.

That was a generous tip. Emily said.

Yeah. I've kinda got more money then I know what to do with. You remember that building that was burnt down 6 years ago? Kenshin asked.

Yeah? Emily said.

I paid for the repairs out of my own pocket. Kenshin said.

Damn! Beatrix said impressed.

Yeap. Kenshin said.

The three of them ate and sat back. Ah that was good. Kenshin purred contentedly.

Yeah it was. Beatrix said.

Thanks for sharing some. Emily said.

No problem... Wanna dance? Kenshin said holding out his hand to Emily.

Um...Ok. Emily blushed.

He lead her to the dance floor and they began dancing to a fast song.

He he. You got some good moves. Emily said.

Thanks Theo-Chan taught me herself. Kenshin said.

He then wrapped his arm around her waist and set a hand on her shoulder as a slow song began.

Hmm. So firm. Emily said setting a hand on his chest.

That's what training since the age of 4 or 5 will get ya. Kenshin said.

So Emily-Chan you got a dad? Kenshin said.

Yeah...he is in the army though. Emily said.

Really whats his name? Kenshin said.

Um.. Ronald. Emily said.

Oh Colonel Ronald is your dad? That man can't hold his booze for shit. Kenshin chuckled.

Yeah, but at least he's a happy drunk. Emily said.

He just gets overly grabby with mom. Emily giggled.

He He. Kenshin laughed.

Kenshin looked into her eyes. Are your eyes red or brown? Kenshin said.

Red. Why? Emily asked.

They look nice. Someone could get lost looking into them. Kenshin smiled causing Emily to blush.

Your such a flirt. Emily said.

Yeah I like making girls blush. Kenshin said then kissed her.

Hmm...What was that for? Emily said a minute later after he broke the kiss.

Oh no reason although why do you ask you said you wanted to get in the sack with me. Kenshin said.

Hm Hm. I guess that's true. Now I gotta go do something could you dance with Beatrix? Emily said.

OK. Kenshin said as she walked away.

He walked over to Beatrix who looked bored and held out his hand. Could I trouble the beautiful mage for a dance? Kenshin asked.

Beatrix looked toward him blushing and smiled. Of course you can. Beatrix said taking his hand.

Another slow song was playing so Kenshin just grabbed Beatrix and held her close. So Beatrix-Chan when did this crush of yours develop? Kenshin asked.

U-Um. When I heard about you fighting the Life-Maker. Beatrix looking away.

Oh? Hm Hm. Have a thing for heroes huh? Kenshin chuckled.

Y-Yeah I guess. Beatrix said.

My family tried to help you when you were at Megalomesembria. Beatrix said.

Oh? Did they now? Tell them I'm in their debt. Kenshin said.

At first I asked why they were and they told me just who you were and I sent you my stuffed bear. Beatrix said.

Huh? You sent me that? I still have it. Kenshin said.

You do? Beatrix said surprised.

I kept it sealed away with my swords. Kenshin said.

Thanks it was somewhat comforting to have when I healed from my wounds. Kenshin said.

Your welcome. Beatrix said.

You seem nervous about earlier though what's up? Kenshin said.

I kind of feel Ojou-Sama is trying to force us together along with herself. Beatrix said.

I mean she seems to be trying to make us...Beatrix trailed off.

I see. Kenshin said.

Well ask yourself this Beatrix-Chan. Do you want to? Kenshin said putting emphasis on the word you.

Beatrix blushed then thought about it. Y-Yes. I would like to...have a bit of fun with Kenshin-kun. Beatrix said putting emphasis on the word fun.

Well then don't think of it as her pushing you into it if you want it then do it for you. Kenshin said.

I see. Thanks for clearing that up. Beatrix said.

Can I ask you a serious question though? Kenshin asked.

Hm? Beatrix sounded.

I know you and Emily have a crush on me, but do you love me? Kenshin asked.

Well..yeah, but we haven't seen you since you visited last year. Beatrix said.

I see. Something tells me Ojou-Sama may fall for the Thousand Master son. Beatrix said.

Hm Hm I don't mind sharing a girl or two with him. Kenshin chuckled.

He's a harem boy? Beatrix asked.

Will be. You don't spend six years with me and not have me rub off on you. Kenshin said laughing.

I see. Although if I did pursue you it would be just you. Beatrix smiled and pecked him on the lips.

Hm Hm. I see. Kenshin said as the song ended.

Emily waltzed up to them. So you two ready to head out? Emily said.

Sure. Kenshin said as they left.

So Kenshin-kun what can you tell us about the girl named Yue? She showed up here a few weeks ago as a transfer student and you seem to know her. Emily said.

Kenshin told them what he knew and the two of them nodded. Wow. That sounds tough. She was there when the gate port at Megalomesembria was destroyed? Emily said.

Yeah her and a group of my friends with Otouto came here pursuing a clue left by Nagi. Kenshin said.

Collet walked up to the three. Iinchou do you really need to participate? ! Yue is trying to get her memory back! Collet said as her ears popped up.

It's just a friendly competition. May the best team win I say. Emily said.

Ugh! Your unbelievable! Collet said as her ears popped up again this time Kenshin chuckle lightly.

What's so funny? Beatrix asked.

Oh nothing it's the thing that her ears do when she's excited or angry. I think it's cute. Kenshin smiled.

U-U-Um. Th-Thank you. Collet stuttered.

Th-The general thinks I'm cute? Collet thought blushing.

Hey Collet-Chan? Kenshin said as Emily and Beatrix walked ahead.

Wh-What? Collet asked.

How does this sound. I've already got the way to get Yue-Chan's memory back hammered out. If you win I'll restore it afterwards. Kenshin said.

But what if we don't win and we don't get to go to Ostia? Collet said.

Ah that does pose a bit of a problem doesn't it? Kenshin said petting her head causing her to blush more.

Hows this sound seeing as I need her to go to Ostia if you don't win I'll talk it over with the headmistress and you can go with me and my fiancee. Kenshin smiled.

Y-Your Fiancee? Collet said

The Princess of Hellas. Theodora. Kenshin clarified.

No way! Your getting married to her? Collet yelled.

Hm Hm. Yeah she's even letting me have multiple girlfriends. Kenshin said.

Collet blushed again. Really? U-Um... Collet said but was stopped by Kenshin pecking her on the forehead.

If you want let's get to know each other first. Hell I'll introduce you to my little brother and you two might hit it off. Kenshin said.

Try your best. Kenshin said flashing over to Beatrix and Emily.

Does he do that to every girl he meets? Collet said to no one in particular.

What was that all about? Emily asked.

Oh I was just wishing her well in the race. Kenshin said.

Even if they lose I'm taking them with me. Kenshin said.

Why? Beatrix asked.

Because I need Yue-Chan in Ostia and I can't do that if she's stuck here. Kenshin said.

So I figured I'd take Collet-Chan with. Kenshin said.

I see. Well let's just go ahead and get to our room. Emily said.

Why? You had no problem trying to do it earlier in the lake. Kenshin chuckled.

I was gonna ask you to move to our room had the cat girls not interfered. Emily said annoyed.

Hm Hm. I'm just teasing. Kenshin chuckled.

The three arrived at the room in question and walked in. Oh man. Kenshin said noticing various pictures of himself Jack Ryuushin Hikari and Nagi.

Oh sorry. Emily said snapping her fingers as the walls glew and the pictures vanished.

Ah cloaking magic. Kenshin said.

Well shall we begin? Emily said shrugging off Kenshin's trenchcoat.

Yeah. Kenshin said kissing her lightly nibbling on her lip. Emily opened her mouth at this and Kenshin slid his tounge into her mouth and began pushing against hers.

Mmm...Emily moaned as Kenshin began to grope her breast.

Kenshin broke the kiss and turned to Beatrix. Wouldn't want you to feel left out. Kenshin said cupping her face and repeating his actions.

Ah! Mmm..Beatrix moaned.

Kenshin broke that kiss and started to unbutton her dress. What? If we're gonna do this we need to get undressed. Kenshin said then noticed what she was wearing.

Oh I see. I didn't know Beatrix-Chan was into thongs and see through at that? Kenshin said rubbing his finger in between her vaginal lips.

Mmmnn. Beatrix moaned.

Kenshin felt his shirt being tugged upward and raised his arms and turned to look at Emily who had completely disrobed. If we're getting naked you should as well. Emily smiled.

I see. Kenshin said as Beatrix undid the button on his pants pulling them down.

Hm Hm we're in the nude and he's only half flaccid. Emily said.

Well sorry to say, but when you ran into me earlier I was daydreaming about a recent episode with the headmistress. Kenshin said as he was shoved on the bed.

Jeez you have an ungodly large libido don't you? Emily said as she and Beatrix laid to his sides looking at his length.

Eh heh heh. Yup. Kenshin said.

So how will we help you get hard? Emily wondered.

Well...we could make out while pressing our breasts together with him in between us. Beatrix said.

Wow...Beatrix-Chan that's turning me on just thinking about it. Kenshin thought.

Ooooo. Kinky. Emily said mashing her lips against hers.

Sooo...sexy. Kenshin said.

Really? We're doing a good job then. Emily said as they moved their breasts up and down.

Hm Hm. They aren't terribly huge but at least we know what to do with em'. Beatrix said.

He He. They're modest. Kenshin said.

He He. That's nice. Emily said backing away as she and Beatrix began licking the shaft.

Ah! You got some talented tongues. Kenshin said.

He He. Emily giggled. That's nice to know. She said.

Beatrix smiled and backed away from Kenshin. Hm? Tired of it already? Emily asked.

No. I'm just looking for my own pleasure as well. Beatrix said setting her pussy over Kenshin's mouth.

Heh heh. I see what you want. Kenshin said spreading the lips apart while sliding a finger into her asshole.

Mmm! N-Not there! Beatrix moaned.

Sorry Beatrix-Chan non non-negotiable. Kenshin said beginning to lick around her labia.

Hey Kenshin-kun if your gonna please her at least do the same with me. Emily said angling her ass next to him.

OK. Kenshin said taking his left hand and carefully inserting two fingers into her nether lips and one into her asshole.

Ah! I-It's so good! Emily said.

O-Ojou-Sama don't hog it. Beatrix said laying down on Kenshin.

Fine then. Emily said as they took turns sucking Kenshin's length.

Beatrix-Chan tastes great down here. Kenshin said circling the entrance with his tongue.

Mmm! D-Don't say that! It's embarrassing! Beatrix said.

You like my fingers going up your asses don't you girls? Kenshin said.

Oh...Yes...Emily trailed off in bliss.

I love it. Beatrix moaned.

Would you like my nice long hard cock up there? Kenshin said huskily while fingering Beatrix.

P-Please. Emily said.

Yes. For tonight we are yours. Beatrix said.

Hm Hm good to hear. Kenshin said.

Little fucker. Taking a page out of your father's book. Nagi said.

Oh shut up you and dad have taken plenty out of mine. Kenshin thought.

Kenshin-kun...Please lick me more. Beatrix said in bliss.

Hm Hm. OK. Kenshin said sucking on her clit.

Beatrix's eyes widened at the new sensation. Ah! Mmm! Yes! She moaned.

Enjoying yourself there Beatrix? Emily said moaning lightly at the ministrations Kenshin was giving her.

O-Of Course! You should get up here after I'm done! Beatrix moaned loudly.

Kenshin felt his cock heat up. Hey you two I'm about to cum. Which one wants it. He said.

Beatrix seeing as your getting more pleasure than me I'm taking this. Emily said.

Fine! Yes! Kenshin-kun! I-I-I'm about to! Beatrix moaned then screamed loudly as she was rocked by orgasm.

Fuck! Kenshin said shooting his load into Emily's mouth.

O-Oh my god! There's so much of it! I don't think I can keep it all in! Emily thought as a bit of sperm leaked out of her mouth.

Beatrix fell on Kenshin and rolled off of him. Thank you for that Kenshin, but it's my turn to please you. Beatrix smiled kissing him hungrily.

Like tasting yourself I assume? Kenshin said.

K-Kinda. I found out I liked it when we found the headmistress in the lake getting it on with a man with a hairy chest about a month ago. We...umm...touched ourselves watching it. Beatrix said.

Seras-Chan, Ricardo you fucking liars. She made it sound like she hadn't been touched in awhile. Kenshin thought unamused.

Maybe she's a nympho. Tatsu said.

Well after this I'm storming into her office and really giving her a nice hard fucking. Kenshin thought.

Even if Ric is in there already doing the same. Nagi said.

Honestly I don't give two shits. Kenshin thought.

Um hello Kenshin-kun... Iinchou waiting for for her turn here. Emily said having already positioned herself over Kenshin's mouth.

Oh sorry. I was making plans for after this. Kenshin said.

Well that's well and good, but your with us right now. Emily said.

Of course I am let's begin. Kenshin said diving his face into Emily's pussy.

Ah! Yeah right there! Emily moaned.

Kenshin felt a pair of lips wrap around the tip of his cock and lifted Emily's leg to see Beatrix beginning to suck him off.

Kenshin began to suck on her lips while sliding a finger into her asshole.

Oh! Emily gasped as she began teasing her clit.

Mmm...Emily-Chan tastes good as well. Kenshin purred contentedly.

Hmmmm...Glad you like it. Emily said.

Emily turned around to where she was facing Kenshin. Play with my breasts. Emily said.

OK. Kenshin said reaching up and pinching her nipples.

Ah! Emily gasped again.

Hm Hm. Ojou-Sama is really enjoying herself isn't she? Beatrix said.

Oh I got a surprise for you two in a bit. Kenshin said.

He He. Looking forward to it. Beatrix giggled.

Hah! Hah! Yes Kenshin-kun right there! Emily moaned as Kenshin slid his tongue into Emily's womanhood.

A few seconds later Emily came hard onto Kenshin. Woo...Jeez enjoy that did you? Kenshin said.

Beatrix pulled Kenshin's cock out of her mouth and stroked it quickly.

Hey Ojou-Sama get down here. Beatrix said kneeling at the foot of the bed.

OK. Emily said joining her.

Go ahead Kenshin-kun spray us with your hot cum. Emily said.

OK then here it comes! Kenshin said shooting his load all over their faces.

Mmm...Tastes great. Beatrix said gathering it into her mouth.

Well I'm gonna go use the bathroom real quick. Emily said.

Gonna wipe your face off? Kenshin asked.

Well yes, but not with a towel. Emily said. Plus I wanna give you some time alone.

I don't want to feel like I pressured Beatrix into this. Emily thought.

Oh OK then. Kenshin said as she left.

Hm. I guess my surprise will be anal only. Kenshin said.

Yes, but till then...please fill me up with your long rod. Beatrix said smiling sexily at him with her legs open.

He He. If you so desire Beatrix-Chan. Kenshin said positioning himself at the entrance.

He looked toward Beatrix having remembered she was a virgin. She blushed smiled and nodded.

Ok then. Kenshin said penetrating her slowly.

Nnn...Beatrix moaned.

Kenshin hit her hymen. Alright Beatrix-Chan let me know when it stops hurting. Kenshin said ramming his length in all the way to the base.

Hnn! ! Beatrix moaned in pain.

Kenshin swept her up in a caring embrace. Sh sh. Just relax Beatrix-Chan. Kenshin said soothingly.

A minute later Beatrix pulled away and kissed him lightly. Please continue Kenshin-kun. Beatrix said.

Gladly. Kenshin smiled thrusting slowly.

Nnn...It feels so good. Beatrix said holding on to Kenshin.

Oh you like that? Then your gonna love this. Kenshin said picking up the pace.

Ah! Oh my god! Yes! Beatrix moaned.

Mmm! Mm! Beatrix moaned into Kenshin who kissed her.

Ah! It's so tight! Kenshin grunted.

Please more! Beatrix moaned loudly.

Kenshin began sucking on her left tit while complying with her request picking up the pace even more.

Uuuah! Beatrix screamed.

He He. I love making girls scream in bed. Kenshin said.

Oooh! Fuck! Beatrix said.

So Beatrix-Chan are you close? Kenshin said.

Y-Yes! Beatrix moaned loudly.

He He. I am to. Kenshin smiled.

P-Please cum inside! Beatrix screamed.

I love it when girls say that. Kenshin said.

As you wish! Kenshin moaned in orgasm.

Uuuah! ! Beatrix screamed loudly.

Beatrix fell off of Kenshin and smiled at Kenshin in a daze. I love you Kenshin-kun. Beatrix said.

Hm Hm. Love you too. Kenshin chuckled.

Wake me up when you get the surprise ready. Beatrix said nodding off.

He pecked Beatrix on the lips. Of course. Kenshin said.

Emily walked back out with a grin on her face. I see Beatrix enjoyed herself. She said.

Yeap. Did you hear what we were talking about when we danced? Kenshin said.

Yeah. I didn't want to feel like I pressured her into it. Emily said.

OK, but now it's your turn. Kenshin said standing up and picking her up spreading her legs apart.

You don't seem very nervous about losing your virginity though. Kenshin said.

I tore my hymen training one day. Emily said.

Sounds painful. Kenshin said.

Trust me it was. Emily said forcing Kenshin to enter her.

Mmm! Please General stir up my lewd pussy with your strong hard cock. Emily said in a sexy tone.

Hm Hm OK then. Kenshin said beginning to thrust in and out at a moderate pace.

Hah! Oh my! It's so good! Emily said.

Great! My insides are on fire! Emily moaned.

Ah! So tight! Kenshin grunted.

If your complaining how are you gonna fuck me in my dirty asshole! Emily moaned loudly.

Good point! Kenshin said picking up the pace.

Ah! Nnn! Emily sounded in pure bliss.

Kenshin kissed her roughly on the lips. Mmm! Hmm! Emily sounded muffled.

So Emily-Chan would like the son of the Thousand Master to do this to you? Kenshin asked.

Y-Yes! Emily screamed.

I want you both to fuck me at the same time! Emily screamed.

Oh ho? Something tells me your close to cumming am I right? Kenshin said feeling a sudden tightness around his cock.

Y-Yes! Oh my god! Your so good! Emily moaned.

He He. I'm actually pretty close myself. You want it inside? Kenshin asked.

Please! Shoot it deep inside of me! Emily screamed.

Very well then! Kenshin said.

Uuuuahhh! ! Emily screamed.

Hah! Hah! Hah! Kenshin panted setting her down.

Tired. Emily panted.

Yeah I can cum 2 more times before I need a break. Kenshin said shaking Beatrix awake.

Nnn...Are you ready? Beatrix asked.

Yeah get up and stand next to Emily. Kenshin said.

Beatrix stretched and did so. Alright what was your surprise? She asked.

Kenshin made a clone. OK which one of you wants the real me? Kenshin said.

Before Emily could answer Beatrix hopped over to him. Sorry Ojou-Sama he's all mine. She said pecking him on the lips.

Oh fine. I don't mind. Emily said slightly miffed walking over to the clone.

Relax Emily-Chan I'm like him in every way. The clone said.

OK. Emily said turning around.

So Kenshin your gonna use your last load getting Seras back? Tatsu said.

Yeap. That's pretty much the plan. Kenshin thought lining himself up with Beatrix.

You ready? Kenshin asked.

Mm-Hmm. Beatrix said and Kenshin looked over at his clone and nodded.

Alright ladies here we come! Kenshin said penetrating them roughly.

Hah! Nnn. Beatrix and Emily moaned in pain and pleasure.

Oh my god! It's great! Beatrix moaned as the pain left her.

I know right! Emily gasped in pleasure.

Whew...You two are milking us dry. Kenshin and his clone said.

That's great! Emily moaned.

Kenshin wrapped his arms around Beatrix and pulled her up.

Kiss? Kenshin asked.

Gladly. Beatrix said turning her head to make out with him.

She felt her head get pulled away by Emily who then began to make out with her.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ooooo! Emily screamed.

Fuck me harder Kenshin-kun! Beatrix screamed.

You fuck me harder as well clone! Emily screamed.

A few minutes later Kenshin whispered into both of their ears.

Hey ladies we're about to cum. You want it on your bodies? Kenshin asked.

Yes! Cover us! Emily screamed.

Lay down then. Kenshin said as he and his clone pulled out.

Here it comes! Kenshin groaned in orgasm for the fifth time.

Kenshin hunched over panting. Jeez you two wore me out, but I gotta jet. Kenshin said getting dressed.

He found he was ignored as Emily and Beatrix moved to the bed and were making out with one another.

Well see ya. Kenshin said leaving the room.

Well then let's go see what our lovely headmistress is doing. Kenshin said flashing up to her office and just barged right it.

O-Oh Kenshin what brings you here? Seras said.

Hm Hm you made it sound like Ric hadn't touched you in months. Kenshin said.

He "touched" you last month. Kenshin said.

Seras blushed and walked over to him. H-How do you know about this? Seras asked.

You had an audience that night. Namely Emily-Chan and Beatrix-Chan. Kenshin said.

Wh-Wh-What? Seras said nervously.

Hm now I'm kinda torn on what to do next. Should I just take you right now? Or tell Theo-Chan that you put her fiancee up to fucking you? Kenshin said.

You know she won't do much of anything right? Seras smiled.

Point. Kenshin said locking her door. Still though I don't like being lied to. What will you do to make it up to me? Kenshin asked.

Well I'm sorry, but how bout this I'll do it with you one last time OK? Seras said.

He He Last time? You seemed to enjoy yourself quite a lot last time. Kenshin laughed shrugging off his trenchcoat.

Yes, but I am dating Ricardo well sort of. Seras said.

But he heard me talking to my inner demons about it. He really didn't seem to care. Kenshin said.

That...prick! Seras yelled indignantly.

I think what he meant is he didn't mind it every once in awhile. I mean even by my standards you were pretty hard to please. Kenshin said.

Hm I see. Well OK then there will be more then. Seras smiled.

(Hm what will Kenshin do? Find out next time!)

(chapter end)

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