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Negima! Springfield and Kuroshi Lemons

Chapter 32

Meeting after Several Years.

Draconis: Begin!


Mundus Magicus.

It was a dark and cold night in Ariadne as one Yue Ayase, Twenty One year old detective/Academy student. She still kept her hair in the style it was in back in her old Mahora Days, it even stayed at waist level. She would have Nodoka trim it up for her whenever it got any longer. Under her red winter coat, she wore a white button up shirt and a pair of black jeans. Also she wore a witch hat on her head.

She lived with Nodoka in the Ariadne dorms. Both...well women now were taking graduate courses at the Ariadne Academy to become better at magic. Hey not everyone could be a prodigy like a certain maroon haired former teacher of theirs and have a major achievement like beating the Life Maker Hottan, officially anyway on their record. Everyone in the know knew a certain ex-criminal had something to do with Hottan not being around anymore before having left the World of Magic in the rearview.

She looked at her phone seeing a message. She received regular updates from Nodoka as well when she got a job request and wasn't at her office. She walked toward the building in question. It was a small building. The lights were off so she entered. As she did she saw someone's leg in the light. She extended her hand. "Who's there? You're in my office and I am well within my rights to use magic to detain you."

"Go ahead, won't do ya much good though."

"!" Yue blinked. "That voice." She reached over and flipped the lights on. She saw a slightly older man with red hair tied into a ponytail that hung to mid back. He was wearing a casual suit, purple in color, holding a black jacket on his left forearm. His eyes were heterochromic, right one blue, left one gold, the lest one having a vertical scar over it.

"Heya Yue. It's been awhile." The man said with a smile.

"Kenshin-Sensei, it really has been." Yue said with a smile. "Last time any of us saw you had left for Makai with Negi-Sensei, Eva-San, Shin Tatsu-San and your family."

"Yeah, sorry about that. When I sent Negi back. I was originally planning to come with, but Alice needed my help with the rebuild after the war." Kenshin said.

"Yes, Negi told us all about it. She says you're a hero in Makai." Yue said with a smile. "At least somewhere you're treated with the respect you deserve."

"Yeah. So I hear you're a PI now." Kenshin said.

"Ah, Yeah it's just something I do on the side while I'm studying at the Academy." Yue said.

"Sweet. Then maybe you could help me with something." Kenshin said.

"What is it?" Yue asked.

"I can't seem to find Negi." Kenshin said. "I looked all over Ostia and Mahora."

"Oh, well she's been promoting Project Blue Mars, just as well she stopped teaching at Mahora entirely two years ago." Yue said.

"Ah." Kenshin nodded. "I wasn't able to get in to see Konoemon otherwise I'd have known that second one. Still not very popular there."

"I don't understand that. You did nothing to them." Yue said with a sigh. "Yes you were a technical criminal, but you did more than enough to earn your asylum there."

"Aah, it doesn't bother me that much." Kenshin shrugged. "Hmm, say you're about Twenty now right?"

"Twenty One." Yue corrected.

"Oh, even better. Wanna hit a bar?" Kenshin asked.

"..." Yue stared at him for a moment letting out a tired sigh. "God yes...studying for the exams has been killing my head."

"I'm sorry to hear that, well I'll help ya unwind and in return you can tell me how everyone's been doing." Kenshin said walking over and grabbing her hand.

"!" Yue looked down at this with a blush.

"What?" Kenshin said.

"Y-You're..." Yue fumbled over her words.

"Heheheheh, come on." Kenshin said as they walked out of the building. Kenshin giving Yue a chance to lock up.

"Can we head back to my dorm first? I don't think this outfit is appropriate." Yue said.

"Oh you're fine." Kenshin said. "It's a bar no one's gonna care how you look. Hell some of the drunkards might even think you're sexy." Kenshin said.

"...Like I'd want that." Yue said throwing up an 'X' with her arms.

"All I'm trying to say is you look good as you are right now. A lot of people hit the bar right after work." Kenshin said with a smile.

"...Oh fine..." Yue relented with a smile and joined Kenshin walking to the nearest bar.

The two found one called the Flying Broomstick. They could hear music playing inside. They entered and the lighting was dim, but not enough to make it impossible to see. They approached the bar and sat down. "Hm, Mr. Luka and Miss Ayase. Alright, what'll ya have."

"Eh, start me off with three shots and a mug of ale. The king feels like getting a little hammered tonight." Kenshin said.

"Ah huh...and you?" The barmaid asked.

"Uh, a Bloody Mary please." Yue said.

"Coming up." She said. "What kind of shots?"

"One vodka, one rum, one whiskey please." Kenshin said. "As for the brand of Ale? Surprise me."

"Got it." She said.

"Mr. Luka?" Yue said looking over at him.

"I am still wanted in this world." Kenshin whispered in her ear.

"Aah." Yue nodded. "Why did you call yourself the king?"

"Errr...no reason really." Kenshin said with a sweatdrop.

"..." Yue narrowed her eyes, but didn't comment any further. "So it's been like seven years now since you left." She said.

"Yeah." Kenshin said.

"So what brings you here? Missed Negi-Sensei and decided to give her a good shagging to make up for lost time." Yue asked with a coy smile.

"Heheheh. It had crossed my mind." Kenshin chuckled as he downs his shot of whiskey and chases it down with the ale. "I was also meaning to give some friends gifts. Negi very much included. The sex would just be a bonus if she wanted it. Speaking of which." He held out a bag. "Here, I was meaning to give you and Nodoka something too."

"Oh." Yue said taking the bag from him. "Thank you." She added with a grateful smile.

"Not a problem. Least I can do for one of the few people who accepted my family and I despite what they know about me." Kenshin said.

"Ah." Yue nodded. "How are Yukari, Miyuki and your mother doing?"

"Oh they're fine." Kenshin said with a smile. "They're off doing their own thing. I think Yukari and Mom are actually in Hellas visiting Theodora right now."

"And you're not there?" Yue said.

"I was. I decided to come here after I gave Theodora, Noka-San and Daiken-ossan their gifts." Kenshin said.

"Why here?" Yue asked.

"Well I figured Negi might have been visiting you and Nodoka. What's that cute little bookworm up to these days anyway?" Kenshin asked.

"Oh, we share a dorm and are taking graduate courses at the Academy here." Yue said.

"Oh really?" Kenshin said. "Nice job, as your former teacher I gotta say I'm proud."

Yue blushed at the praise. "Th-Thank you Kenshin-Sensei."

"That said, I see your taste for weird drinks hasn't withered." Kenshin chided.

Yue looked genuinely insulted. "My taste in drinks isn't weird!" She said.

"I once saw you drinking salt water from a juice carton!" Kenshin said.

"It tasted good!" Yue snapped.

"It also dehydrates you!" Kenshin snapped back.

"Urk!" Yue shirked back before slumping. "Wh-Whatever." Yue said.

"That said. Bloody Marys are good." Kenshin said. "If they're made right anyway." This remark earned him a glare from the barmaid. "What? All I'm saying is that I've had some poorly made ones. I wasn't bashing on yours. Here. Hit me with one." He said downing his ale.

"Coming up. Want to open a tab sir?" She asked.

"Why not?" Kenshin shrugged.

"Really needed to cover your backside there huh?" Yue said with a cheeky grin.

"Ha ha ha. Isn't this about the time for one of your bathroom breaks." Kenshin asked.

"N-...Fuck." Yue cursed and took off.

"Neh heh heh." Kenshin snickered.

"Huh? Kenshin-Sensei you're here?"

"?" Kenshin's ears twitched and he turned to find Nodoka. "Oh Nodoka! Long time no see." He said walking up to her. "My, the years have been kind." He said with a smile.

Nodoka blushed, but smiled and the two embraced. "Thank you, I've got company, but she's dragging her feet."

"Oh?" Kenshin said.

"Look Miyazaki, I get that you've had a rough day and want to unwind, but could you at least wait up?" The two turned to find Evangeline in her 'Yukihime' form. "Oh." Evangeline said. "So this is where you jetted off to."

"Well I figured Yue and now Nodoka were a few of the ones Negi keeps a lot of contact with so I'd ask them where Negi was, but I got sidetracked." Kenshin said. "Family still at Hellas?"

"Yeah, they went right to sleep after Theodora had them taken to their rooms." Evangeline said.

"I see. Well come on." Kenshin said walking toward the bar. "Excuse me. These two are on my tab." He said pointing at Nodoka and Evangeline.

"OK, what will you two have?" She asked.

"Wine." Evangeline said. "Best you got."

"A double shot of vodka and a lemon lime drink." Nodoka said.

"...?" Kenshin blinked at Nodoka's order. "Whoa, you drink now?"

"I am Twenty One, Sensei and the graduate classes are stressful." Nodoka said leaning back in her chair.

"Hey, I was drinking early so I have no room to really talk." Kenshin said as he slammed down his shot of rum.

"Can you two drink with a little bit of dignity?" Evangeline drawled.

"Compared to Sensei I am." Nodoka said.

"And 'Sensei' is the-"

"! !" Kenshin swiped his hand under his chin a few times.

"Is the what?" Nodoka asked.

"The biggest idiot I've ever met." Evangeline said with her eyes closed, sipping her wine.

"Funny, when did I get my name changed to Nagi?" Kenshin asked. "Though that would work out in a way, because you'd be all over me."

"Oh fuck you." Evangeline said.

"You would." Kenshin said.

"Evangeline-San, Sensei, please." Nodoka said pushing the two apart. "If you're going to make out. Let me move first at least."

"Huh, someone got over their shyness." Kenshin said.

"I was surprised too." Evangeline said. "She's really pepped up."

"Well even before you left my life was constantly at risk. Can't exactly be shy in that situation." Nodoka said. "Since then it's transitioned to numerous public speeches and demonstrations in front of hundreds if not thousands of people." Nodoka said.

"I suppose." Kenshin said. "Even my introversion was stamped out once I hit Megalo."

"Where's Yue?" Nodoka said. "I sensed her in here."

"Bathroom." Kenshin said.

"Of course." Nodoka giggled.

"Oh." Kenshin pulled out a couple of wrapped boxes out of one of his seals. "I'll probably be jetting off after tomorrow, so here."

"Oh, thank you Sensei." Nodoka said. She opened the first box and pulled out a book. "Oh?"

"I got online and saw this on your wish list for one of the shopping sites." Kenshin said.

"Oooh, thank you Sensei." Nodoka said as the two shared another embrace. "I didn't know you were coming, or I would have gotten you something."

"Aah, just seeing a smile on the face of one of my former students is gift enough." Kenshin grinned. "I gotta say you and Yue have really grown."

"You should see Fuuka and Fumika. They're married to a couple of prince brothers. I think Fumika's even pregnant." Nodoka said.

"Really?" Kenshin said with a curious look

"Yes." Nodoka said.

"Who woulda thought that would happen, one of the Narutakis being the first one with a kid on the way." Kenshin said.

The three turned seeing Yue returning. "Oh, Nodoka I thought you were going to stay in tonight?" Yue said.

"I was but Eva-San dropped by looking for Sensei." Nodoka said.

"Oh, you do care." Kenshin chided.

"Shut up, you forgot these is all you idiot." Evangeline said handing him a pair of glasses.

"...Crap." Kenshin said taking the glasses and pocketing them.

"So two of you are here, what's Saotome up to?" Evangeline asked.

"Mm, she mainly sails around in the Paru-Sama and sells her comics these days. That said she's also a very accomplished writer." Nodoka said. "She lives in Megalomesembria."

"Well then hand these to her when you see her again." Kenshin said handing Nodoka another couple of gifts. "I refuse to set foot in Megalo again."

Nodoka nodded and put the gifts to the side. "So what was the job left for you at the office."

"...I...actually forgot to check." Yue said.

"That was me." Kenshin said drinking his shot of vodka and chasing it with the Bloody Mary. "I got your number while I was at Yue's office and sent you a message. I was looking for Negi and haven't be able to find her."

"Oh, Negi-Sensei's in Wales visiting Nekane-San, Anya-San, her old Magus at the Welsh Magic Academy and her old village." Nodoka said.

"...Huh, why didn't I think of that?" Kenshin said. "Thanks Nodoka."

"Of course." Nodoka smiled.

"So why did you go to Nodoka and Yue's dorm Evangeline?" Kenshin asked. "You could sense my mana so you can't have been looking for me."

"...I was looking for Negi too." Evangeline grunted.

"OK, no need to be embarrassed." Kenshin chuckled as he took a drink. "Another mug of ale please." He ordered.

"Coming up!" The Barmaid called out.

"My you're really looking to get drunk tonight." Yue said.

"I've been pretty busy in Makai." Kenshin said. "I can't drink anywhere I want there either."

"He's right." Evangeline said sipping her wine.

"So, what's everyone else up to?" Kenshin asked.

"Oh, well Ayaka's going through the processes to eventually succeed her father as head of the Yukihiro Conglomerate. She was sad to see you go, but after we told her why she understood and wished you the best." Yue said.

"Chisame's acting as Negi-Sensei's manager..." Nodoka said taking a shot of her double shot before leaning over to Kenshin. "Between you and me Kenshin-Sensei. I think those two are in a yuri relationship."

"Huh?" Kenshin said. "Chisame and Negi...?" He went into thought. "...Huh...that sounds...odd."

"Thinking of talking Hasegawa and Negi into a threesome?" Evangeline chided.

"Shaddap." Kenshin said.

"Satsuki's on her way to becoming a world renowned chef." Yue said.

"Good for her." Kenshin said.

"Konoka and Setsuna got married." Nodoka said.

"...Oddly enough, not that surprised by that." Kenshin said.

"Ku and Kaede are off traveling the world, spreading their teachings in their brands of martial arts." Yue said. "Though I believe Ku established her own Dojo."

"Sounds right." Kenshin nodded. "Anyone else of interest."

"Well Asuna's traveling the world with Negi as well." Yue said.

"Wait, I thought she was sealed." Kenshin said. "Yeah! I was here when she got sealed up!"

"Oh, right! You never knew. Chao-San came back with a future Evangeline-San and a future Asuna-San." Nodoka said.

"Really? ! Holy shit how did Yukari or I not catch on to that? !" Kenshin said.

"Hmhmhmhmhm." Nodoka giggled.

A slow song started to play in the bar. "Say Yue, why don't we dance a bit?" Kenshin asked.

"E-Eh?" Yue said with a surprised look.

"Well I'd ask Nodoka or Evangeline, but they just got here." Kenshin said. "Let's let them enjoy their drinks a little more."

"OK." Yue said as they both got up and walked to the middle of the bar. "So what have you been doing in Makai lately." She asked as they started to dance.

"Oh you know, stopping a war, traveling the world, various other things." Kenshin said. "Anything interesting happen to you?"

"Nah, compared to getting drawn into the Cosmo Entelecheia campaign, being a detective is kind of boring." Yue said.

"Hey don't knock it. I'd take boredom and getting paid sometimes." Kenshin said.

"I suppose." Yue said with a light laugh.

Meanwhile Evangeline and Nodoka enjoyed their libations. "So when did you start imbibing?" Evangeline asked.

"This year actually." Nodoka said. "Sometimes I just needed to unwind and Emily-San and Beatrix-San brought me to this place.

"Kind of funny, seeing as you've been in higher stress environments." Evangeline said.

"Well I couldn't do that back then anyway." Nodoka said. "I usually unwound before by reading, but..."

"But lately that's all you've been doing and you're sick of it by the time you're done?" Evangeline asked.

"Yes." Nodoka sighed.

"Well to be frank there are other ways to relieve stress...hell." Evangeline cast a glance to her right. "One of them is dancing with your friend."

"!" Nodoka glanced over at Kenshin and Yue. "B-But..."

"Oh come on, surely that flame you held for him and Negi hasn't flickered out." Evangeline said.

"W-Well, Yue was the same, I couldn't." Nodoka said.

"OK, fair enough. There is an alternative option, and she's currently enjoying wine." Evangeline said.

"Huh?" Nodoka glanced curiously at Evangeline who had finished her wine glass and tapped on the bar, getting the barmaid's attention. She came over and refilled Evangeline's wine glass. "Are you...propositioning me for sex?" She asked.

"Just making a suggestion." Evangeline shrugged. "You're free to turn me down, it won't offend me."

"But...there's nothing between us." Nodoka said. "We're just former classmates."

"You humans restrain yourself too much." Evangeline said licking some of the wine off her lips, glancing at Nodoka, who blushed in response. "There's nothing wrong with a little casual sex. Hell your beloved Sensei over there has had a few ruts between the sheets just for the fun of it. Some of them with yours truly." Evangeline said. "I just hope he takes it easy on Ayase there."

"Wh-What do you mean?" Nodoka asked.

"Kenshin has techniques he's developed with the power of those Four Spirits that are used exclusively for sex." Evangeline said. "He had to develop them to use with a few of the partners he had in Makai."

"S-Seriously?" Nodoka said her mind going into daydreaming.

"Not those kinds." Evangeline cut in. Nodoka looked questioningly at her. "He doesn't use them for tentacle styled antics."

"...Whew..." Nodoka sighed in relief. "But wait, you mean..."

"He's probably not trying for it, but I wouldn't be surprised if things did end up there." Evangeline said. "He has a certain charm about him."

"I...I see." Nodoka said.

"So wait, you lost your memory seven years ago, because Collette blanked your mind while testing out a memory erasing spell while flying around Ariadne when you all got bombed across the planet?" Kenshin asked.

"Yes." Yue nodded

"That's reckless." Kenshin said. "Tell her if I catch wind of her practicing any spell like that, I'll come and punish her personally."

"Y-You can't do that." Yue laughed.

"Ah, but she doesn't know that." Kenshin said.

"True." Yue said.

"So what else have you been doing?" Kenshin asked.

"Nodoka and I have been applying for positions in the ISSDA." Yue said. "This is also our last year in the academy."

"The what?" Kenshin asked.

"It's a magical science organization or at least it's one of the things they do there. Nodoka and I have been working as interns for the past three years. We're finally going to move up." Yue said.

"Oh, so you're saying you're tired of doing thankless, payless work basically." Kenshin snickered.

"Heheheh, pretty much." Yue laughed. "Also, ISSDA is going to launch a space station in the near future."

"Really? Huh..." Kenshin said. The song ended and they returned to their seats. They finished their Bloody Marys and Kenshin ordered another ale.

"Don't you think you should take it easy Sensei?" Nodoka asked.

"Don't worry about him Nodoka, he's drank way more than this before." Evangeline said.

"Yeah, I've even drank her vampiric ass under the table." Kenshin said.

"Then I repaid the favor." Evangeline said gazing at Kenshin subtly licking her lips.

"Heh, that you did, that you did." Kenshin said with a fond grin. "Honestly, how we as a group got away with some of the shit we pulled amazes me."

"The perks of being a Youkai hero I guess." Evangeline said. "Makai is a strange place as it stands."

"True." Kenshin laughed.

The rest of the night proceeded normally, with the four drinking and trading stories of what had happened the last seven years. "So the previous Demon King is in jail?" Yue asked.

"Yeah pretty much." Kenshin said.

"Funny, I figured he'd be dead." Yue said.

"Alright everyone that was last call. Mr. Luka I'm calling your tab." The Barmaid said.

"Here." Kenshin said plopping a gold nugget on the bar. "That should more than cover it and leave a generous tip. Tell your boss the excess is to go to you for the service."

"Th-Thank you sir!" The barmaid said with a smile as she took the nugget and ran off.

"Hehehehe, you're pretty generous Kenshin-Sensei." Nodoka giggled.

"Yeah Yeah." Kenshin said.

"Let's go." Evangeline said

"The group left the bar. "Are you two sure you'll be able to make it back to your dorm by yourselves?" Kenshin asked as the exited the bar.

"We're fine. We paced ourselves well and ate while we were there." Yue said.

"Yes, we'll just forego flying or teleporting." Nodoka said. "It's a nice night so we'd like to enjoy the sights."

"Alright." Kenshin said. "Evangeline you coming with me or going off on your own."

"Eh, let's continue our own drinking back in a hotel room." Evangeline said.

"Sounds good." Kenshin said. "Good night you two."

Yue and Nodoka nodded and wished him the same before leaving. "So, when am I getting my present?" Evangeline asked, wrapping an arm around him, making it a point to press her chest into his side.

"That damn Yukihime form." Kenshin thought. "I could have sworn I gave you yours last night."

"And you said if I wanted an encore, I could just ask for it." Evangeline said, kissing his neck, ready to sink her fangs in at a moment's notice.

"Alright." Kenshin sighed. "Let's just get to the hotel room first."

"Alright." Evangeline shrugged.

The two started walking, but stopped after about ten minutes. "What is it?" Kenshin said.

"Miyazaki and Ayase are stopped, and surrounded." Evangeline said.

"How many?" Kenshin asked with a serious look.

"Ten...fifteen? Maybe more." Evangeline said.

"Che..." Kenshin turned around. "Come on."

"Wait up!" Evangeline said leaping after Kenshin as he took off.

The two find Yue and Nodoka pretty quickly, surrounded by a group of men. Kenshin sighed and took out a bottle of beer and drank from it. "So, whatcha guys doin'?" Kenshin asked.

"None of your damn business, who the hell are you two anyway?" One of the men asked.

"Oh we're just friends of theirs." Kenshin said gesturing toward Nodoka and Yue.

"Two against this many though? What's the deal here?" Evangeline said.

"That purple haired wretch there is responsible for a good amount of our businesses going belly up." Another man said pointing at Yue.

"!" Yue scowled, but Kenshin raised his hand.

"Ah is that right? Were you breaking the law?" Kenshin asked.

"It's beside the point, but yes." He said.

"Well there ya go." Kenshin shrugged. "Hard to feel sorry for you when you're a lawbreaker." He smirked. "Especially when you were stupid enough to get caught."

"I mean come on, how dumb do ya got to be to get caught when your business practices aren't exactly legal?" Evangeline said.

"Now boys, run along before you get hurt." Kenshin said.

"Why you-? !" One of the men charged Kenshin only to get a beer bottle thrown at his head, knocking him out cold.

"Oh, sorry, my hand slipped." Kenshin said.

"Get them!"

"Haa...idiots." Kenshin sighed and started going to town while Evangeline, Yue and Nodoka watched.

A few minutes later all the men laid on the ground writhing in pain. "Now I hope you all learned your lessons." Kenshin said relaxing his stance.

Suddenly the man Kenshin had knocked out cold earlier sprung up and held a dagger to Evangeline's throat. "Give yourself up boy, or the blonde bitch dies."

"..." Kenshin clapped his hands together exhaling. "Boy...you better get away from her before you get hurt."

"? ! Do you not care about the safety of your friend here? !" The man shouted.

"Sure I do, if she were actually in any danger." Kenshin shrugged with a smirk. "Eva-Chan, show him what I mean."

"With pleasure." Evangeline said using her doll magic to throw him off her, appearing in front of him, prompting him to punch at her. She grabbed his arm and flung him into the wall, the force bouncing him onto his knees.

"Ghhh!" The man grunted as he was bent backward over his own feet by Evangeline's doll magic.

"What are criminals coming to these days?" Evangeline said with an exasperated sigh.

"Yep, they certainly don't carry the skill or strength of either of us, nor the clandestine nature of Rikudou." Kenshin snickered. "Come on you two, let's go."

"Yes." Yue and Nodoka said.

"Oh, and fellas...if my friends here give me word that you're bothering them ever again, well...get used to sleeping with one eye open for...well ever." Kenshin said.

"You know we could have handled that, even if we are buzzed." Yue said.

"Oh we know, we just wanted to have a little fun." Evangeline laughed.

"We know you two can handle yourselves." Kenshin said. "Here, we'll walk you to your dorm."

"Hmn...actually Eva-San would you care if I stayed with you?" Nodoka asked.

"Hm?" Evangeline said. "Sure, I don't care. Kenshin take Ayase home."

"Huh, you ordering me around for once, that hasn't happened in several years." Kenshin stated coyly.

"Ha ha ha." Evangeline laughed sarcastically as she and Nodoka left.

"Several years, as in when you left?" Yue said as she and Kenshin walked toward the academy.

"More or less." Kenshin shrugged. Kenshin looked up at the sky as it started to snow. "Hmn, last time I saw snow, I was chatting with a Yuki Onna."

"A snow woman?" Yue said with a curious look. "Those exist?"

"In Makai yeah." Kenshin said.

"Interesting." Yue said stroking her chin in thought. "What were you talking to her about?"

"Meh, just checking in on her for her step brother." Kenshin said. "He was busy."

"Hmn." Yue nodded with a smile as the rest of the walk proceeded in silence. They arrived at Yue's dorm room door and they faced each other. "Well, here you are, I guess I'll be going. You're probably tired." Kenshin said.

"Not at all." Yue said. "Actually, would you care to come in?"

"Huh?" Kenshin stared at her before grinning coyly at her. "That's pretty daring of you, you've really grown bold these seven years Yueechi." Kenshin snickered.

"Hahaha." Yue laughed. "It's been awhile since I've last seen you, maybe I just want to keep spending time with you."

"Hahaha, I'm flattered." Kenshin said. The two entered the dorm and Kenshin looked around. "There's books strewn about." He noted.

"Y-Yeah, I haven't had a chance to clean up. I was doing a report on familiars." Yue said sheepishly.

"Speaking of which, how's Chamo doing?" Kenshin asked.

"He's with Negi and he's fine. Everytime he comes over here he swipes Nodoka's panties." Yue said.

"Why doesn't he swipe yours?" Kenshin asked.

"Well, mine are...thinner, and tie at the sides." Yue admitted with a faint blush. "I-It's so I can get them off quicker when I have to rush to the restroom, honest!"

"Stop freaking out, I kinda figured that." Kenshin said shaking his head. He looked over at the philosophy books on her bookshelf. "I see you've still got a thing for philosophy." Kenshin said.

"Well of course. I got it from my grandfather, rest his soul." Yue said.

"..." Kenshin looked over at her before smiling. "That's a splendid thing. Having something to remember your relatives by, when they're no longer with us."

"Yes." Yue said closing her eyes with a smile of her own. "Kenshin, you've always been such a nice person. It's almost unthinkable to believe that you had the past you did." She said.

"They often say the most damaged people are often the kindest." Kenshin said. "But I wasn't always like that, you and everyone saw it during the meeting with Kurt Godel...I hated this world."

"That's true and to be honest, if you didn't hold resentment. I'd be even more surprised. It proves you're...well a normal person." Yue said

"Yeah." Kenshin said. "Hey, I got a philosophical question for you." Kenshin said.

"Oh?" Yue said crossing her arms under her chest with an interested smile.

"If two mind readers read each others minds at the exact same time, who's mind are they actually reading?" Kenshin said.

"That's easy they're...wait..." Yue stroked her chin in thought. "Are they reading their own mind, or each other's" Yue muttered in thought.

"Heheheh." Kenshin chuckled.

"Hrmn..." Yue said, thoroughly thinking the question through.

"This statement is false." Kenshin said.

"OK Kenshin-Sensei, I'm not a computer." Yue said with a laugh as she walked to her closet and grabbed some clothes. "I'm gonna go take a shower." She said before turning around. "No peeking."

"OK, but if I gotta hit the can I'm coming in there." Kenshin said.

"Fair enough." Yue said as she went into her bathroom and turned on the shower.

"Hm...I wonder what Evangeline and Nodoka are doing?" Kenshin thought.

A few minutes passed and Kenshin heard Yue's voice call out to him. "Kenshin, could you come in here for a moment?"

"Huh?" Kenshin said as he got up and walked into the bathroom. "What's up? You said you didn't want me in here."

"The curtain's opaque. You can't see anything." Yue said.

"True." Kenshin said. "So what's up?"

"Um...well." Yue said. "I kind of wanted to keep talking to you."

"OK?" Kenshin said. "What's up?"

"You know, I said you were a kind person...and honestly, I really hope I can find someone like you to be with." Yue said.

"Why do you say that?" Kenshin said.

"Well, I was never the prettiest in the class, and my body even now that's it's matured, still leaves a lot to be desired." Yue said. "I'm still physically the flat chested bookworm you left behind with the rest of the class seven years ago. I'm just taller."

"Yeah and?" Kenshin asked.

"And?" Yue said.

"Beauty ain't about just looks for me, and besides that you're pretty cute anyway." Kenshin said. "You're pretty damn smart as well, there's nothing wrong with you Yue. A lot of guys would be lucky to have you."

"...Wow...th-thank you Kenshin." Yue said, blushing on the other side of the curtain. "It means a lot to hear you say that."

"Of course." Kenshin said. "So, you want me to get out of here?"

"Yes, I'll be out in a few minutes." Yue said.

Kenshin nodded and left the room. He looked over the bookshelf as he heard the water stopping. He turned to see Yue walking out in a blue nightgown. "Wow, look at you. That really suits you." Kenshin said.

"Th-Thanks." Yue said, blushing at his smile. "Do you want to read something?"

"I was browsing." Kenshin said.

"OK." Yue said before walking over to her bed. "Say, Kenshin."

"Huh?" Kenshin said.

"...If...I said I wanted you to...kiss me...would you do it?" Yue said.

"...?" Kenshin glanced at Yue.

"N...Never mind, forget I said any-" Yue was cut off as Kenshin sat next to her.

"If that's what you want." Kenshin said.

"..." Yue's face flushed as she moved her head close to his, her eyes sliding shut. "...Mm..." She moaned as Kenshin closed the gap between them, their lips gently pressing together.

"..." Kenshin slips his arm around the petite woman's waist, pulling her in close.

"...It's OK...to go deeper." Yue said as their lips kept meeting again and again.

"Alright..." Kenshin nibbled on the magical detective's bottom lip, gaining access to her mouth.

"Mmmhh..." Yue moaned, feeling Kenshin's tongue invading her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss herself. Her heart pounded in her chest as she made out with the youkai.

"..." Kenshin tested the waters, reaching up and cupping her left breast with the hand he had snaked around her waist.

"Mmmhhh~" Yue moaned into him, her hand cupping over his. "It's OK...keep going...I...I liked that." She said between kisses.

"..." Kenshin gave her small, borderline B-cup breast a squeeze.

"Hmn...?" Yue looked down, feeling her hand rubbing over a bulge. She stared as her hand kept smoothing over the tent that had developed in Kenshin's pants. "Wow...he wasn't kidding. He's even aroused by me." She thought.

"Mmgh..." Kenshin moaned into her as she started focusing on that one area. The kiss broke. "You know, if you keep that up, you're going to get something more than you bargained for." Kenshin said.

"Mm.." Yue kissed his lips one more time before smiling. "Who says it would be more than I bargained for? Maybe it's exactly what I'm aiming for?"

"Oh is that right?" Kenshin asked.

"Mmh..." Yue nodded. "You're probably going back to Makai after the holidays, and I feel a little daring tonight." She said, sliding off the bed and between his legs. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and tugged them down, pulling out his cock. "W...Wow..." Yue said as she started stroking it gingerly.

"Hnn..." Kenshin grunted. "You know what to do here?"

"Yes." Yue said. "Nodoka and I...as well as Haruna do occasionally play around in this manner. Haruna brings things for us to use, or drew them with her artifact rather."

"I see, a-ah..." Kenshin gasped as Yue lapped her tongue at the back of his cock.

"Though, it is interesting to see an actual flesh and blood man's phallus react to this." Yue said as she dragged her tongue up the back.

"Ungh...well, it is the most sensitive part of me." Kenshin said. "A close second being my ears when they're being rubbed."

"True." Yue said with a smile, before giving the tip of Kenshin's cock a kiss. "You know, with my artifact I'm not just limited to looking up magical things. If I want to know something I just need to enter it and I have my information."

"Hah?" Kenshin said with a confused look. "Well if that's the case, then show me what you've learned." Kenshin said.

"With pleasure." Yue said taking Kenshin's cock deeper. "Mmmhh..." Yue moaned against him. "Oooh, he's so warm." Yue thought as she slowly swirled her tongue around it.

"Mmgh...fuck Yue..." Kenshin said.


Yue let Kenshin's cock pop out of her mouth and smiled. "Am I doing good?" She asked as she slowly pumped her hand up and down Kenshin's shaft.

"Yeah, surprisingly." Kenshin said.

"Well, like I said, I've had practice, just never with a live penis before." Yue said as she started sucking on the head, prodding Kenshin's urethral slit with the tip of her tongue.

"Mmgh..." Kenshin groaned as she continued to work him over.

"Hmhm...if I were interrogating you, this would be an apt way to get information out of you." Yue said.

"Sorry, but it wouldn't really. To do that, you'd have to be able to control me and make sure I didn't break loose." Kenshin said.

"Mmm, true." Yue said as she took him deeper, half his cock now inside her mouth. She pulled back, sucking as hard as she could, and moved forward, licking around everywhere she could reach.

"Oooh, fuck Yue, keep going..." Kenshin said

"Mmgh...oohhmm...mmhh,mgh, umgh..." Yue panted and moaned around Kenshin's cock as she continued to piston her head back and forth slowly on it. She angled herself and sat up on her knees and kept servicing her former Sensei's member.

"Ungh, god damn." Kenshin groaned.

Meanwhile the magical detective's hands roamed her own body as she sucked Kenshin off, one groping and massaging her petite breasts while her other went between her legs. "Mmmghh..." Yue moaned as she stimulated her own body. "Huaaahhh..." She gasped softly as she let it out of her mouth again, her lips moving along the back, kissing, licking and sucking along it.

"Mnngh..." Kenshin groaned.

Her lips arrived at his testes. She prodded her tongue against one of them before taking it into her mouth, sucking on it.

"Unngh...fuck Yue.." Kenshin said, his hand patting her head.

Yue pulled away and smiled up at him. "Kenshin-Sensei..." Before she could continue she was cut off.

"Yue, I told you earlier, I haven't been your teacher in seven years. Just call me Kenshin would ya?" Kenshin asked.

"Mmh." Yue nodded. "OK, Kenshin. I must ask. Do you usually release inside of a woman?" She asked.

"Typically? Yeah. Youkai women seem to love it and the women I've had here know the contraceptive spell." Kenshin said.

"Hmn, OK. Just wanted to know if I should use it." Yue said swirling her tongue around the head. "Let me show you something good."

"Alright." Kenshin said. "Ooohhh!" Kenshin moaned out as Yue took his cock all the way, her nose nestled in his pubic hair.

"Mmmhh..." Yue closed her eyes, her throat loosened, her gag reflex relaxed as she moved her head back and forth, deep throating Kenshin.

"Ungh!" Kenshin groaned, feeling her throat squeeze his cock.

"Mmgh..." Yue meanwhile still rubbed her own sensitive spots while she took Kenshin deep.

"Fuck Yue, I'm gonna cum if you keep that up." Kenshin grunted.

"Mmmhh..." Yue was egged on by this, tasting his precum as it hit her tongue.

"Ungh, fuck..." Kenshin groaned, riding the edge as Yue kept sucking him off.

"Mmmh? !" Yue moaned in surprise at a spurt of milky, hot semen hit her tongue. Followed by many more. Eventually her mouth got so full she had to take Kenshin's cock out of her mouth, letting the last few shots hit her face, chest and nightgown.


"Haa..haa..haa...well on your list on odd drinks, how was that?" Kenshin said.

"Mmmhh..it's not anywhere near the top ten, but I did enjoy the taste." Yue said wiping her lips, licking Kenshin's ejaculate off her finger.

"My, you've gotten really bold as you got older." Kenshin said.

"Like I said. I'm feeling daring tonight." Yue said standing up, sliding the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders.

"Hmn...you've been keeping yourself in shape." Kenshin said.

"Hmn." Yue smiled as she kissed his lips. "Training is pretty exhausting along with my work." She said.

"Well Yue-Chan." Kenshin said making the petite mage blush. "Mind if I taste you then?"

Yue's face burned brightly, but she smiled and sat on the bed, across from him. "If you want." She said, using her fingers to spread her lower lips apart.

"..." Kenshin leaned in and kissed her on the lips, initially confusing Yue. She pulled away and showed this confusion. "Tasting you isn't limited to down there you know." He said, kissing her again, slipping his tongue past her lips.

"Mmmhh..." Yue moaned into him as she kissed back, her tongue pushing against his, their lips smacked together as she wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. "Oh, Kenshin..." She moaned into him as she felt his hands nimbly caressing her lithe frame. She hummed curiously as Kenshin's lips left hers, but let out another soft moan as his lips moved to her neck, licking and nibbling softly at it.

"Want me to show you something?" Kenshin asked.

"Wh...What?" Yue asked airily.

"You'll see." Kenshin said as his hand smoothed past her breasts, down her belly and in between her legs.

"A-Aah!" Yue gasped out as she felt her rubbing her labia. "Wh..Wha? Is this it? Kenshin I've done this to myself plenty of times." She said. "Mm?" Yue moaned curiously as Kenshin kissed her.

"Have a little patience, I'll get to it momentarily." Kenshin said. "I just want to do this right."

"Hmn." Yue smiled. "Then carry on."

"I shall." Kenshin said, moving his lips further down, licking Yue's right nipple.

"Hyaauu..." Yue gasped out softly.

"Hmn..." Kenshin grunted softly as his fingers inserted into her pussy.

"!" Yue's eyes widened at the feeling. "Ohhh...Kenshin, your fingers feel so nice inside me."

"Well wait for it. You'll be feeling even better in a moment." Kenshin said.

True to his word, Yue's eyes widened as she let out a sharp gasp. "Ooohhh~! !"

"Hmmhmmh..." Kenshin chuckled against her breast as he continued to suck on it.

"Wh-What in then...how...it feels like you're rubbing everywhere your fingers are at once." Yue said with a slightly stilted voice, small gasps and moans coming out of the petite detective.

"Hmhm, I'll explain it when I'm done." Kenshin said, as his thumb started flicking back and forth against her swollen clitoris.

"Ooohhh~" Yue moaned deeply, her body writhing in undeniable pleasure. "God, this feels so amazing..." She sighed out, holding Kenshin's head in her hands as he continued to stimulate her nipples.

"You like that Yue?" He asked.

"Oh god...you have no idea." Yue said.

"Hmhm..." Kenshin chuckled as he switched breasts giving the other the same attention as his fingers thrust slowly in and out of her.

Yue was being driven mad by the pace, the feeling of Kenshin's fingers rubbing her vaginal wall. However it didn't last long as Kenshin took his fingers out of her and moved his body further down, going between her legs. "Oooh...what do you have for me now?" She asked with an airy tone.

"Just you wait." Kenshin said as he brought his head closer to her genitalia and started licking.

"Hmnn..." Yue moaned softly, her hands going into his hair. "Ohh...m..move a little higher."

Complying, Kenshin moved his head upward, swirling his tongue around her clitoris. He felt Yue's hands tugging his hair in response.

"Oooh god~! Right there, right thereee...!" Yue mewled out, her body writhing around in pleasure.

"Heheh..." Kenshin chuckled softly, using his earlier technique on her clitoris, as well as spreading a thin layer of something around her engorged sensitive digit.

"Hnnn!" Yue's eyes widened as she started feeling a vibrating feeling from her clit. "Fuck...oohh!"

"Hmhmhm..." Kenshin chuckled softly as he moved his head back down, slipping his tongue into her vaginal entrance.

"Hnnnn!" Yue's eyes squeezed shut as she let out a loud cry of ecstasy. "Oh god! Oh goooodddd~!"

"?" Kenshin looked up, seeing Yue's back arching upward.

"I...I'm cumming~! !" Yue cried out, her eyes rolling upward.

Kenshin's eyes shut as her 'love juices' sprayed him in the face. He pulled away and hovered over her.

"Haa..haa..haa..haa..." Yue panted heavily, when she noticed Kenshin over her, she pulled him down and they locked lips.

"..." They soon parted, a small string of saliva connecting their lips. "I take it you enjoyed that."

"That much, should be obvious...ungh...that...was so amazing...what did you do?" Yue asked.

"First." Kenshin said. "My fingers were coated in a dulled wind magic, taking the bite out of using it against an enemy completely. I can control it at will, letting me rub someone everywhere my fingers are."

"Oh wow. That's pretty amazing." Yue said with an appreciative smile

"The second thing was a coat of vibrating slime from Undine herself." Kenshin said. "She said your secretions tasted good." Kenshin said.

"I...I don't know how I should feel about that." Yue said.

"Oh relax she's a slime demon at her base." Kenshin said.

"OK." Yue said. "You've gotten really good at this stuff."

"Huh? How would you know? This is the first time we've had a go at each other." Kenshin said with a curious look.

"Uhm, some of the girls you had with you in the past talked about it." Yue said with a shy look.

"Haha, I see." Kenshin chuckled. "Well...I guess we should move ahead."

"Yes..." Yue said moving up, kissing Kenshin on the lips, pushing him onto his back. "We most certainly should." Yue grabbed Kenshin's cock and guided it to her entrance. Once it was there, she thrust her hips down, impaling herself fully on Kenshin's cock. "Ooohhh!"

"Are you alright?" Kenshin ask, slightly concerned.

"Oooh...yes..." Yue said smiling down at her lover of the night. "I've never been this full...Kenshin you have to come back here again for White Day." She said as she rolled her hips around, tossing Kenshin's cock about inside of her pussy.

"I think I might be making quite a few visits during White Day." Kenshin said. "To more than a few of you."

"I understand...Mmmh...just make sure I'm one of those visits." Yue said as she started to bounce up and down Kenshin's cock.

"Oh don't worry, I'll make time for you, definitely." Kenshin said, his hands on her hips, gently caressing them.

"Glad to hear it." Yue said as she moved herself down, her hips still moving on his length as their lips met. "Mmmhh...haa haa haa..." Yue panted against his lips as she rode his cock. "God, why didn't I think of trying this before you left?"

"Because you were supporting Nodoka?" Kenshin asked.

"No, I get that much, but when I had my memory blanked." Yue said.

"Uh, Yue. I was and still am a wanted man." Kenshin said.

"Aah, right." Yue said. "Ooohh...harder." She said raising back up and thrusting her hips down harder on Kenshin's cock.

"Alright Salamander, you're up." Kenshin thought.

"On it." Salamander said.

"A-Aaahh~!" Yue let out a sharp, pleased gasp as Kenshin's cock started to heat up. "Fuck, it's so hot!" She moaned out, rolling her hips around, tossing Kenshin's cock about inside her.

"Mmhh..." Kenshin moaned softly, before sitting up, licking and sucking on her nipples, caressing and pinching the one his lips were not focused on.

"Haa...mmhh.." Yue wraps her hands around the back of his neck before pulling him down on top of her. "Kenshin, ooh...e-enough, please take me."

Kenshin raises up and lifts up her right leg, holding it against him as he starts thrusting into her.

"Oh god!" Yue moaned out as she feels Kenshin taking the initiative, his hips smacking into her smaller frame. "That's it, just like that mmmmhh..."

"You really like this huh?" Kenshin asked.

"I might have fun with my friends, but you're the first man I've ever had." Yue said with a salacious smile.

"Oh ho? I'm flattered Yue." Kenshin said, increasing the tempo of his thrusts.

Yue's hands balled up, gripping her bedsheets, trying not to scream from the pleasure threatening to overload her senses. "Uhhnn! Ooh! Yes Yes...Yes! Harder!"

"My, someone's awfully demanding." Kenshin said.

"I won't see you again for a month and then after that, who knows when, so while I got you here, I might as well get it good. " Yue said as she pulled his arms off her leg and moved on all fours in front of him, with him still inside her.

"Well then, if you insist." Kenshin said giving her backside a playful swat as he started thrusting into her again.

"Aahn~" Yue gasped out softly, and started moaning out as Kenshin fucked her from behind.

"Mmh...now I really feel how tight you are Yue." Kenshin said with one of his eyes closed.

"Mmhnn...am I really? Or are you just that big inside me?" Yue said.

"Yue, ungh..." Kenshin grunted as he started thrusting harder. "Now's not the time for philosophical posing."

"It was a poor attempt anyway." Yue said as she started throwing her hips back into him, meeting his thrusts.

"Impatient." Kenshin accused.

"Like I said, I want it good tonight." Yue said as she reached back and pulled Kenshin into a kiss. "So shut up and give it to me."

"Hrm." Kenshin smirked a bit and gave her ass a harder swat as his hips started slamming into her.

"Aahn! Ooohhh!" Yue cried out rapturously. "Aahn! Mmmh! Mmggh..oohh!"

"Ungh, Mmgh...oohh..fuck Yue...I might not last much longer." Kenshin said.

"F-Fine, just keep going, don't stop, don't stop! Don't Stoooppp!" Yue moaned out.

"Whoa, don't you think you should be a little more quiet?" Kenshin asked.

"It's fine! Mmmhh! This room is lined with sound dampening spells. No amount of noise is going to leave this room!" Yue said.

"R-Right." Kenshin said. "Fuck, Yue here it...here it comes!"

"A-AAAAAHHHNNNN~! !" Yue screamed out in climax as Kenshin's seed filled her.

"Fuck..." Kenshin grunted as he extracted himself from Yue's pussy, a feat that sounded easy, but her body would not let him leave. "Ungh..." Kenshin moved to her right and laid down on his side.

"Whew...whew...whew..." Yue panted. "S-Sorry, if I hurt your ears just now."

"You're fine." Kenshin said with a laugh.

"It was just so good..." Yue said. "Not even some of my sessions with Nodoka compare and she sometimes reads my mind for the hell of it."

"Well I have a few unfair advantages of my own." Kenshin said.

"Eh, same here. I just didn't use them." Yue said. At Kenshin's look Yue smiled. "My artifact can do more than just give my intelligence on things dealing with magic. I told you that earlier."

"I see." Kenshin said. "Well, let's get to sleep. We're both probably gonna be busy tomorrow."

Yue cuddled up against him. "Indeed. Good night Kenshin."

"Goodnight Yue." Kenshin said wrapping an arm around her.

"Well, never let it be said that you don't treat your partners well." Salamander said.


At the same time as Kenshin and Yue's tryst.



Laying in bed locked in a passionate, yet slightly drunken makeout session was Evangeline and Nodoka. The blonde vampire led the smaller, slender mind reader around.

"Haammnn..." Nodoka clamped her lips down on Evangeline's tongue and started sucking on it.

"Mmmhhh..." Evangeline moaned out into her. "This sly little...she's been learning." She thought.

What Evangeline didn't see was that Nodoka's artifact Diarium Ejus was levitating behind her head and Nodoka was reading it with one eye open. "This is a little unfair on my part, but with a partner like Evangeline-San, I need any advantage I can get to keep up with her." She thought.

"She's reading my mind isn't she?" Evangeline thought. "Ahh well. I'll get her back later. It's really convenient for me, I don't have to waste breath telling her what to do. She already knows."

"Haammmn..." Their lips met once more, the petite mind reader reaching up and grabbing hold of Evangeline's breasts. Nodoka tilted her head with one eyes open.

"The neck, go after it and the breasts." Her artifact read out.

Nodoka closed her eyes and dipped her head down, kissing Evangeline's neck. Her hands massaging Evangeline's bust.

"O-Ooohhh..." Evangeline let out a sigh, letting her do as she pleased. "Yes, might as well let her have a little fun before I turn the tables on her." She thought, freezing the page with those thoughts on it and shattering it.

"Haamn..." Nodoka suckled gently on Evangeline's neck, holding the Shinso by the neck.

"Wow, she's been learning quite a lot." Her artifact read out.

"Hmn..." Nodoka moaned into Evangeline's neck, feeling her hands roaming across her lithe frame, while a surge of pride went through her, knowing she was doing good with a more experienced partner.

"Hmn...I wonder if Kenshin's taking care of Ayase right now." Evangeline said. "Maybe we all should have come here so we could all have fun together."

"..." Nodoka's face flushed a bit. "Well, maybe we can pencil that in for another time."

"Ooh, I like the newer, confident you." Evangeline said.

"Mmmhh.." An idea came to Evangeline as she used her doll magic to lift Nodoka up, setting her on the bed horizontally before laying next to her. "Here we go, this should work much better." Evangeline said before leaning in, kissing Nodoka on the lips. "Mmh..."

"Evangeline-San, I have a request, if you'd be up to it." Nodoka said between kisses.

"Depends. Some things I can't do because of inability." Evangeline said. "Let's hear it."

"Kenshin-Sensei's sexual techniques that you mentioned earlier. Do you think you can perform them?" Nodoka said.

"Hm?" Evangeline said with a curious look. "Well, yes...but that's an odd request coming from you, lack of shyness aside."

"What? I'm curious." Nodoka said. "Besides. I'd like to try to get him to myself one night."

"Well, if that's your plan. I suppose I'll comply. " Evangeline said. "You'll know when they're being used."

"Mmhh..." Nodoka closed her eyes as Evangeline's lips met hers again, their mouths opening feeling the Shinso's tongue wriggling and stroking her own. "O-Oh...E-Eva-San..."

"Hmhm..." Evangeline laughed softly into her, reaching up and groping the slender purplette's chest.

"E-Evangeline-San..." Nodoaka moaned out.

"Hm? The stutter's coming back.

"I...I always seem to have it come back when I'm doing this. It just...f-feels so good." Nodoka said with a dark blush.

"Hahaha, I get what you're trying to say." Evangeline said as she kissed down Nodoka's cheek and jawline, before kissing and sucking on her neck.

"Mmmhh...fuaah..." Nodoka sighed out as she turned her head, doing the same to her.

"Oooh...that's good, keep doing that. That was the point of us moving into this position." Evangeline said

"I-Is th-that right?" Nodoka said with a hitch in her voice as Evangeline teased her nipples as Nodoka moved her hands to start cupping and massaging her breasts.

"Mmmhhh!" Evangeline gasped softly as Nodoka started stimulating her nipples. "Oooh god...I know he's stimulated them enough in this form, but this still feels so damn good..." She said.

"Hmm...good to know." Nodoka smiled and moved forward, latching her lips onto Evangeline's left nipple.

This however left her own nipples open to oral stimulation as Evangeline starting licking and sucking on Nodoka's left nipple. "Mmmhh...you're pretty good at this Miyazaki." She admitted.

"Well I've had plenty of practice since you last saw me." Nodoka said, glancing back at her Diarium Ejus again as she nibbled and circled her tongue around the erected digit, pulling her head back as she sucked strongly on it.

"Mmmhh!" Evangeline moaned deeply into the petite mind reader's breast as she continued to suckle on it.

"Hmmnn..." Nodoka closed her eyes moaning in content as nibbled gently on the shinso's teat.

"Mmmh..." Evangeline did the same, before leaving her breast, kissing her way down Nodoka's belly, circling her tongue around her belly button.

"Aaahnn..." Nodoka let out an airy sigh/

"Now...let's begin..." Evangeline said, arriving at Nodoka's nethers, latching her lips on the clitoris, sucking on it.

"Ooohhh!" Nodoka let out a loud, deep moan, shivering in delight from the stimulation as she spread the shinso's legs apart and instead of doing what Evangeline was doing to her, opted to push her tongue inside her, rotating it around.

"Mmhhnn! W-Wow, you're really surprising me here." Evangeline said.

"Well, I do have a way to know what you want me to do." Nodoka said as her fingers teased the shinso's clit instead.

"Oh ho, if that's how you want to play..." Evangeline said slipping her fingers in between Nodoka's wet, slippery folds. She stabbed her fingers in and out, feeling each fold of the former librarian's pussy wrap around and constrict around her fingers.

"Mmmhh..." Nodoka moaned into her, pinching and tugging on Evangeline's clit.

"Aahn..." Evangeline gasped out softly as her fingers scratched over a rough patch in Nodoka's vaginal wall.

"! !" Nodoka's eyes shot wide open. "Ooooh! Right there!"

"Heh, as you wish." Evangeline grinned as she kept rubbing Nodoka's sweet spot, sucking strongly on her clit.

Nodoka, in response treated the shinso's clitoris quite roughly, however, as she would read. This is exactly what Evangeline wanted as she cried out rapturously. "You better keep that up, Honya!" Evangeline said giving Nodoka's ass a playful swat.

"Mmhh!" Nodoka moaned out at the physical contact, her free hand reaching downward, massaging and pushing against her teat, treating it roughly.

"Mmmoohh...fuck, keep that up." Evangeline moaned out, her body writhing in pleasure, if not for Nodoka being who she was. She'd be amazed at how well she was hitting all of her sweet spots.

"Yes..." Nodoka said as she rotated her tongue more and more inside her. Her tongue dragging over Evangeline's G Spot.

"Ungh! Ooohhhh!" Evangeline's eyes rolled back as she kept working Nodoka over at the same time as the petite librarian kept stimulating her sweet spots.

"Aaahnnn! !"

"Ooooohhhh! !"

Twin cries filled the room as the two women hit their climaxes as the same time. They laid on the bed, Evangeline panting softly, while Nodoka was a little less calmer as she tried to catch her breath. "You OK?" Evangeline said.

"Y-Yes...just...never had all my sweet spots hit like that before." Nodoka said.

"Hahaha. I can have that effect on people." Evangeline laughed.

"So what now?" Nodoka said. "Anything I have that would be useful here is back in mine and Yue's dorm room.

"And judging from hers and Kenshin's mana signatures, we probably don't want to run over there and get it." Evangeline said. "Well no matter, I always come prepared for any occasion." She said walking over to her bag and pulling out a double ended dildo.

"I-I see." Nodoka said with a blush.

"Yeah, here." She said tossing the sex toy to Nodoka before climbing back on the bed.

"Eh?" Nodoka said taking hold of the toy.

"Put one end inside yourself, then the other in me. I wanna see what you've got Miyazaki." Evangeline said laying on her back, legs spread with a sultry smile.

"R-Right." Nodoka said, stuttering not from shyness, but from being put on the spot. She rose up onto her knees and took hold of the double headed dildo, pushing one end inside herself. "A-Aaahn..." Nodoka gasped out. "It's so thick..."

"I modeled it after Kenshin's you know...both ends." Evangeline said. "Come on...let me see what you got."

"..." Nodoka nodded and pushed the other end of the dildo into Evangeline's pussy.

"H-Haa!" Evangeline gasped with an expression of pure bliss on her face as the toy spread her pussy apart. "Oh fuck! If only it was as warm as his too!" Evangeline said.

"Mmmh...well I can help with that." Nodoka said with a smile as warmth spread down the sex toy.

"Fuck! What is this? !" Evangeline said as Nodoka started thrusting into her.

"It's a very low grade fire spell." Nodoka said. "It's meant to warm people who have been caught in blizzards, but I find it works here."

"H-Hell yeah it does! Don't stop! It feels so good!" Evangeline said as she pulled Nodoka close, burying the former librarian's face into her Yukihime form's chest.

"Mmmh...I love this new look of yours Eva-San." Nodoka said with a slightly sultry smile. "It's so attractive.

"Haa...thanks." Evangeline gasped out as Nodoka used the double headed dildo to fuck her harder. "Fuck Miyazaki, you've really gotten good at this." She said.

"Years of practice with Haruna and Yue." Nodoka said sucking on one of Evangeline's nipples.

"I-I'll say. It's like your nervousness from before is gone almost entirely." Evangeline moaned as the double headed dildo pistoned in and out of her wet cunt.

"I wouldn't say that." Nodoka said as she pounded Evangeline's wet snatch harder and faster.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yeeeesss! Keep going! That feels so fucking good! !" Evangeline moaned out.

"Yes Evangeline-Sa-Eh? !" Nodoka said as Evangeline suddenly pushed Nodoka onto her back, turning the tables on her. "Aahnn!" Nodoka cried out in rapture as Evangeline thrust into her.

"Though...I'd be remiss if I didn't go on the offensive myself." Evangeline said, leaning down, licking and sucking on one of her nipples.

"Mmmhh...no...not thereeee! They're so sensitive!" Nodoka cried out.

"Oh ho? You shouldn't have told me that." Evangeline said focusing her sexual attacks on Nodoka's nipples.

"Mmh! Mmhh! Mmmh! Oooh! Oohh! Oohhhhhhh!" Nodoka cried out. "Evangeline-San...I'm so close!"

"Yes! I'm almost there too! Cum for me Miyazaki!" Evangeline said as she pounded Nodoka's pussy.

"A-AAaaaahhhhhnnn! !" Nodoka cried out rapturously.

"Ooooooooooohhhh! !" Evangeline cried out in ecstasy.

"Haaa...haa..haa...haa...haaaa..haaa..haa..haaa.." Evangeline and Nodoka panted heavily as their orgasms subsided.

"That was...amazing..." Nodoka said.

"Hmn...it was pretty good for me too." Evangeline said with a weary smirk.

"Are you thirsty...I could..." Nodoka said craning her neck to one side.

"No, No I'm just tired." Evangeline said. "Trust me Miyazaki...if I attempted to drink from you now, in the state I'm in. I might just drain you dry out of lust."

"OK, good night Eva-San." Nodoka said.

"Hmn...night, Miyazaki." Evangeline said


The Next Day.

Kenshin, Yue, Evangeline and Nodoka were sitting around a table in the two human mages dorm room.

"Oi, Kenshin have you brought the wine?" Evangeline said.

"Here." Kenshin said setting a glass of bright red liquid in front of Evangeline.

"..." Evangeline took a sip but immediately spit it out. "This is fucking tomato juice!"

"Wha? Come on Evangeline I've seen you drink this before. I could make you a Bloody Mary if you like." He said with a grin. "Besides it was a suggestion I got from Yue." He said.

"Ayase..." Evangeline glowered.

"What? You need to broaden your horizon on drinks." Yue said with a coy grin.

"Heheheh, here ya grouch." Kenshin said handing her a bottle of wine.

"Thank you." Evangeline said.

"So, Kenshin. Back before we left for Mundus Magicus. Did Negi-Sensei have your permission to pose nude for Haruna?" Yue said.

"E-Eh?" Kenshin said. "What do you mean?"

"Come on." Nodoka smiled. "It usually made me blush a lot, but Negi-Sensei had a really attractive figure."

"A-Are you fuckin' serious? !" Kenshin said.

"Yes." Yue, Nodoka and Evangeline all nodded with matching smiles. "You know. Negi is here today."

"Shit!" Kenshin said as he took off.

"Hehehehehehe/heheheheheheh." Nodoka and Yue giggle while Evangeline snickered.

"That was just bullshit right?" Evangeline asked.

"Of course." Nodoka said with a smile. "Negi-Sensei would never agree to that!"

"She always said that her naked body was for Kenshin's eyes only as far as men went." Yue laughed.

"Heheheh, right right. How long before he figures it out? I give it five minutes." Evangeline said.

"Oh, I give it ten." Nodoka said.

"Fifteen. He still has to find Negi in this city and all." Yue grinned.

"Hahaha, right? Maybe I'm giving him too much benefit." Evangeline laughed.

Ten minutes later Negi, Chisame and Kenshin walked into their dorm room. "What Chisame-San and I do when you're away is none of your business." Negi said with a glower.

"It kind of is." Kenshin glowered back at her. "We are still lovers aren't we. I should know if you're cheating on me."

"It's not cheating you damn idiot!" Chisame snapped.

"Besides, what do you call all the extracurricular activities you do when not with me." Negi said with narrowed eyes. "I'm entitled to a little fun of my own. I at least kept with within my own gender."

"I-I guess..." Kenshin said with an abashed look.

Negi smiled and kissed Kenshin on the cheek. "I still love you Kenshin, but even I need some time with all the stress at work."

"I understand." Kenshin smiled, kissing her back. "Chisame, thanks for taking care of her when I was gone."

"Aah, it's kinda second nature at this point." Chisame said waving him off.

"In fact..." Negi said stroking her chin with a small mischievous smile.

"I'm in!" Kenshin said with a grin.

"O-Oi! Let me at least agree before you go planning future sexual activities!" Chisame snapped.

"Hahahahahaha!" Kenshin and Negi laughed as the three joined Evangeline, Nodoka and Yue, making up for lost time.

(Chapter end)

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