Author's note: So, this was a prompt on the GKM, but I suck at filling those, so it's an unofficial fill. Also, I am a geek/nerd etc. I have played WoW, DnD and also done LARP. (That's how I met my husband). I enjoy Star Trek and Star Wars, and SGU and a whole range of things. My friends were (and still are) the weirdly dressed people at movie premiers. I wouldn't change it.

WARNING: Seriously AU. Blainofsky friendship. This is an AU people - Alternate Universe.

The Laws of Thermodynamics


He passes under the radar, and that's his intention. Look normal and boring, completely uninteresting. He likes to think he does a pretty good job, and okay, there are geeky t-shirts under his button-downs, but he just wants to survive high school. And to do that he needs to not garner the attention of the jocks. Even when they do look his way he's lucky that he's large enough that they don't mess with him. Blaine isn't so lucky and he comes to a halt beside his friend's locker and makes a sympathetic face.


"Yeah. Better than a slushy though. At least I can pick the bits off."

He nods in agreement but holds back a sigh. He tries to walk around with Blaine, but he's a junior and Dave's a senior, so their schedules don't mesh well. Sam's usually there though and he turns to look for him, knowing they're generally found together and scrunches his face in sympathy as Sam approaches. He's today's slushy victim. Blaine pulls out a towel and some baby wipes, setting about helping Sam clean up, and Dave tries not to snicker at Sam's slightly put-upon expression.

"I don't get it, why waste good slushy?" As says, and he's holding one in his hand and he shivers, because he's not a fan of the icy-cold drink. Az drinks at least two a day and he's convinced his friend must have multi-colored insides. Az is another reason why he probably doesn't get bullied, having a member of the wrestling team as one of your best friends can't hurt. The warning bell rings and he hears Sam mutter about changing his shirt and turns down Blaine's further offers of help. He has AP Physics now, a class he shares with Lucy and Sam, and it's a small class with only seven of them.

"Game still on tonight?" Az asks and he nods, because the game is on every Wednesday night, but Az insists on asking every Wednesday afternoon regardless. He gets a fist bump as Az heads off for a training session and he sees the flash of red and automatically steps to the side, unintentionally shielding Blaine and Sam from sight and easy access by the swarm of Cheerio uniforms and letterman jackets. He ignores the looks, pretends the turned up noses and snide curl of lips don't mean anything, and he knows in ten years they really won't, but right now they're another thing he has to suffer through and he has to pretend it doesn't bother him.

There's only one Cheerio he even spares a second glance for, and it's purely superficial and shallow, but Kurt Hummel in his Cheerio uniform has to be one of the hottest sights to ever grace the halls of McKinley. There are other male cheerleaders, and Mike Chang definitely has some moves, but he and Tina Cohen-Chang are constantly making out, so he's pretty sure he's straight. Unlike Kurt Hummel, who makes no apologies for his sexuality, and that's probably some of the attraction, although he feels nothing at all for Blaine and he makes no apologies either.

The mass of students has moved and thinned out, and Lucy is standing beside him, eyes bright and he grins, flinging an arm around her shoulders while Sam mutters about eau de slushy and they head to class.


He sets up the monsters on a grid table around the minature-figures of the party, half-listening as Blaine waxes lyrical about Kurt Hummel's performance at assembly that morning. He has to admit that it was an impressive performance and he makes small humming sounds of agreement as Blaine talks. Kurt Hummel is indeed very flexible. He's among friends, they all know he's gay but they care far more about how much experience the battle he's setting up is going to give them then who wants to have sex with.

"He's hot. So hot. Supernova hot," Blaine says, and he's clearly running out of adjectives because he just used hot three times and he's just about to point that out when Az interrupts.

"Can you guys not talk about other guys right now? It's kind of ruining the mood," Az mutters, eyeing up the large Ice Giant Dave has just placed sixty feet from his character.

"Sure, anyway, pretty package doesn't always mean a pretty person inside…" Dave replies, and he knows firsthand that Kurt Hummel has a tongue that could cut ice. While Blaine and Sam might get tossed in dumpsters or have slushies thrown at them he's been on receiving end of a Kurt Hummel rant. Being called fat, ugly and a waste of space in front of a half-filled cafeteria hadn't done his ego any good, and the fact that he still finds the guy attractive despite being belittled and publicly humiliated like that makes him more angry at himself than anything else. He sighs and checks his book and then the layout before turning to Mercedes.

"Since you failed your spot and listen checks there's going to be a surprise round. The rest of you are still asleep."

His announcement is met with a round of groans and he grins. He loves screwing with them. The six of them meet up and play twice a week, and have been since middle school when he and Az had found Blaine trying to play Magic by himself, Blaine, who looks like he still belongs in Middle School. Lucy has been his lab partner for over three years now, and she's one of the few people he'd consider an intellectual equal. He's pretty sure Mercedes is only here because she's interested in Az. Or Sam. He's not sure sometimes, but he's pretty sure if either of them were smart enough to look beyond her latest crazy outfit and ask her out they'd suddenly have a girlfriend. Neither of them are that type of smart though, and neither of them listen to him. Dumbasses.

"Mmm, shame about Hummel though. We could use his voice in Glee Club."

"Luce, focus," Dave states, and he really doesn't need another of his friends starting up the Kurt Hummel is hot chorus. He starts moving the monsters, rolling dice and distracting them with the possible impending death of their characters.


"David, can I have a word?"

He pauses by Mr Mallory's desk, wondering what his math and physics teacher has to say to him.

"I was just wondering whether you'd be interested in some tutoring."

"Oh. Do you think I need it?" He hadn't thought he was struggling at all; in fact he's been helping Sam and Lucy with the latest section, to be offered tutoring…

"No! Not for you. I meant, someone is in need or a tutor, and I immediately thought of you. Don't think I haven't noticed you helping out Sam and Lucy."

"Oh. I… sure. I'm happy to help."

His eyes widen when Mr Mallory mentions getting paid for it, and he shakes his head, because he hadn't even thought about that, although it'd help him get towards his saving goal for ComicCon that little bit faster. He writes down his contact details and hands them over, thanking him for thinking of him before he heads to lunch.

The entire week following he's not contacted, and he figures whoever it is has found someone else, which is fine, but the extra money would have been nice. His parents are only willing to fund his obsessions to a certain point. His life is pretty monotonous really, but he's probably one of the few people that like it that way. Doesn't mean he can't wait to be out of school though, and he's already applied to several Universities.

He's in the library when the sense of being watched makes the hairs on his neck prickle and he looks around carefully. Not the he suspects an ambush, but it wouldn't be the first time Blaine has tried to spy on his campaign plans using binoculars. He folds the campaigns book shut and slides it under some of his other books and then his field of vision is red and white and he knows who is standing in front of him right now. Kurt Hummel.

"Karofsky right?"

He nods, because he doesn't trust himself to speak. Well, speak and not sound like he's going through a second puberty.

"Apparently you can tutor me. Finally a use for you. And a bonus for you, you get to be seen with me."

Dave studies him and just like that the feeling of awe is gone. He shakes his head, because yeah Kurt Hummel might be nice to look at, but he's not sure he's ever said a nice word to anyone. He starts packing his bag, sliding his books and laptop in.

"You're going to have to find someone else to be of use to you. I don't need to waste my time, and I definitely don't need the money badly enough to sit around getting insulted. Good luck passing."

It feels quite liberating, saying the words, but his whole body feels like its shaking and he needs to get out of here before he throws up and proves it's all just an act. He stands up, forcing Hummel to take a step back. He's taller than him by a couple of inches, which is surprising but he doesn't have time to think about it right now. He just needs to get out of there.