Warning: Very VERY mild hints of possible future D/s in the relationship, but none actually occurring.


School feels different on Monday, and maybe it's because he now associates the gym room locker with his first blowjob, which causes almost hysterical giggling every time he thinks about it. That makes Lucy and Mercedes look at him funny, but he'd told Blaine, because he'd had to tell someone. But Blaine isn't an idiot, the first time they walked past he'd just looked at him wide-eyed as he realized when and where the blowjob in question must have occurred. For the first time since forever he feels reckless, because he'd do it again. No wonder couples get snapped making out in empty classrooms and behind the bleachers. It would be totally worth it.

The news seems to have spread superfast, all the cheerleaders, well, most of them, smiling at him as they walk past. The jocks just nod tightly, and he still hasn't really figured out what the deal is there. He's still not sure how to act around Kurt at school, but at least he knows it's definitely not a joke. Kurt had met him at his locker, held his hand briefly before having to run to class, throwing a cheeky grin and wink over his shoulder as he ran in the opposite direction to where Dave needed to go. They have zero classes together, which is probably just as well, because even without Kurt in his class he manages to be distracted by him.

He spends his lunch hour studying and doing his homework, mainly so he has more spare time that evening. He knows he could go and watch the Cheerios practice in his lunch break (Kurt had invited him), but it's not something he really enjoys watching. Watching Kurt is a different matter altogether, but he doesn't want to watch Kurt with a bunch of other people around him, not now that he knows what Kurt is like one-on-one. Plus he's pretty sure seeing exactly how flexible and energetic Kurt is will only result in uncomfortable and unwanted erections. And he'd rather avoid those if he's in a room with all the Cheerios and Coach Sylvester.

So he doesn't see Kurt for the rest of the day, not properly at least. He does see him stomping down the hall but he's not sure if that's due to a bad practice or something else. No doubt he can find out later, if Kurt feels like telling him. They have a tutoring session that afternoon and when Dave pulls up outside he doesn't even have time to pull his bag over his shoulder before Kurt is out of the house and is pressed up against him, pushing him back against the metal of his car.

"Jesus Kurt… " There's something almost desperate about the frantic movements, but outside against his car in Kurt's drive is really not the place. Or the time. "No. Stop. Look… your dad is actually paying me to be here to tutor you, so as much as I'd like to make out, I can't." The progress of Kurt's hand up the inside of his thigh doesn't stop and he wraps his fingers around his wrist, moving his hand away with a little more force than necessary, annoyed. "Seriously, if you don't stop, I'm leaving." That seems to make Kurt realize he's serious and he lets out a huff of annoyance, withdrawing his hand, and he relaxes. "I promise that once the hour is up then we can make out as much as you want…"

"Really? Up in my bedroom?" It's said almost like a challenge and he nods, more than ready to meet that type of challenge head on.

"Fuck. How am I meant to concentrate now?"

The rush of pure want is intense, and he does his best to ignore it; but knowing Kurt is that into him that just the thought of them making out later is distracting. Although he's pretty sure something is up, he's gotten better at reading Kurt now, and this isn't quite him.

He sets out his books on the table and ignores Kurt's grumbling. Maybe this isn't the best idea, maybe Lucy could start tutoring Kurt instead. Although the idea of giving up this time with him… he realizes then that he could simply invite Lucy along, have her act as chaperone. Although getting rid of her once the hour is up so they can make out would be problematic. Ideally it would be good if Kurt just didn't need such intense tutoring anymore, but he's pretty sure that without it Kurt would quickly backslide. Unless he just helped him as his boyfriend…? So that he could make out with him as a reward if he got a particular concept… he frowns and knocks his pen against the side of his face in thought, looking up at Kurt's giggle.

"You have pen on your face."


"Let me get a cloth, and then get this over… there are other things I would much rather be doing."

He grins and lets Kurt scrub the pen marks off his face when he returns, before getting them stuck in to the biology homework as a warm up. It goes smoothly, and he can tell Kurt did some work on his own yesterday, and he wonders again if they could just start studying together, spending time together without this formal arrangement. He'd like that. They finish with math and physics, the stuff Kurt finds the most difficult, gets frustrated with the fastest, but he can feel Kurt relaxing, pressing his leg against the length of his with a promise of what comes next and he lets out an amused snort.

"Fine, we'll finish there. No point starting anything new with only a few minutes to go…"

"Good. Now… bedroom?"

He nods, quickly packing all his things and sliding them into his bag with a neat practiced motion before Kurt takes his hand and he's being led to his bedroom. Again. This time it actually looks like Kurt lives in the room, and he likes that. He also wants to be a bit more in control this time, not that he'll ever not want Kurt to take control, but he wants to try giving him a blowjob, although he has to ignore the flare of nerves at the thought.

He drops his bag to the floor at the bottom of the stairs, tugging back against Kurt's hand and pulling his body against his, sliding hands under the fabric of Kurt's t-shirt. He really likes Kurt out of the Cheerios uniform, the more casual and relaxed look and he feels pretty lucky to be one of the few people to be able to see him like this. He kisses him softly to start, reminding himself of the feel of the lips, teeth, tongue, all mixing with his, warm and wet. He feels Kurt's hands on his own shirt, plucking at the fabric.

"Can you… do you… your shirt off?"

He's not exactly sure what Kurt was trying to say, but he shrugs his button down shirt off and then pulls his SHIELD t-shirt over his head, his heart beating faster at the nerves at being naked, well, partially naked, in front of someone else for the first time. Everything else they've done he's been pretty much fully dressed, even if his cock was out on display. Fuck. If he thinks about it too much he's just going to get even more self-conscious and embarrassed.

"How do you even…" Kurt starts, and he shivers at the feather light touch of Kurt's fingers running down his arms. "I wanted to do this on Saturday, except Lucy and Mercedes would have probably objected."

"Pfft. Doubt it…" He says, words difficult to form. He means it though, his friends are weird and way too invested in his love life. Thoughts of them are gone when Kurt pulls his own shirt over his head and all he can see is smooth pale skin covering lean muscle. The sight makes him feel more self-conscious about his own size, but the scrape of Kurt's nails through the fine hair on his chest has his hands back at Kurt's waist, tightening and releasing almost like a massage. Kurt's lips on his neck have his hips snapping forward and he just moves, hands grasping and lifting.

At Kurt's sharp inhalation his cock twitches, fills further and yeah, he definitely likes that sound, wants to hear it again. Kurt's legs are wrapped around his hips, pressing their bare chests flush together, and he wonders if his chest hair feels ticklish. Kurt's arms are locked around his neck, and he's pretty sure Kurt is trying to not thrust his hips at him too much, and he supposes he thinks it might overbalance them. He doesn't know if he can handle holding Kurt up for long, but he can carry him to the bed. Fingers digging into the flesh of his ass cheeks he takes a step toward the bed, then another, and then he's dropping their bodies. It's graceless and they both bounce, barely escaping knocking noses but he ignores the near miss and just covers Kurt's body with his own, letting one of his legs insinuate between Kurt's.

"What do you want?" Dave asks, and he knows what he wants, but he feels like it's only polite to ask, especially after Kurt's constant checking before giving him a blow job. He just wants to make them both feel good.

"Anything. Everything… maybe not right now, but, you know, eventually."

"Okay. Can I…"

"You don't have to ask."

He grins at that and shakes his head, he supposes he'd say the same to Kurt, it's not like they'd bring up anything wildly kinky as a first-time thing they'd want to try. It's all too much of a novelty for them right now anyway, and he really hopes it never wears off. He wants to suck Kurt's cock, or even just touch it. Feel it. He shoves a hand between them and it's awkward as fuck, his forearm twisted around just so he can run the ball of his palm up the length of Kurt's erection. Kurt's way harder than him, which is gratifying and he feels a swell of confidence at the knowledge.

He pulls away so he can undo the zipper, and Kurt pushes his hips up, hands shoving his jeans and underwear down to his thighs and well… the sight of his cock, hard and full, laying against his belly, twitching occasionally into the air has his heart beating harder and faster. He really wants to know what it will feel like, wants Kurt to know what it feels like, and that decides him.

His head lowers to his crotch, and Kurt smells clean, like he's maybe had a shower just before he got there or something, and probably, knowing Kurt's initial plans, he probably did. The skin is flushed a deep pink, and there's a deep purple vein… he runs his tongue up along the length, following the path and gets whacked on the nose by Kurt's erection when his hips suddenly snap upward. The action makes them both laugh breathlessly and he moves and places a hand on the jut of Kurt's hip, firm enough to hold him down if he thrusts his hips again.

Carefully, and probably too cautiously he wraps his lips around the head and sucks experimentally. He can feel Kurt's body jolt against his hand, hears him swear and he grins internally. He's doing good then. He's not ready to try swallowing, and fuck he hopes Kurt gives him some warning or something. He's more than content with just… this. He figures out how far he can go before he starts to gag, which depressingly doesn't feel like very far at all. He sucks, tries out different speeds and strengths, wonders how much practice he'll need to have before he gets really good, or whether it's a natural talent.

He cups Kurt's balls with his other hand, and it's getting pretty crowded with his hands and face all focused on one small area. An important area though, and he alternates between touching Kurt and himself through his jeans. He doesn't seem to be sucking and licking for very long when he feels Kurt's hands in his hair, frantically tugging and he pulls his mouth off with a sloppy popping sound that has him blushing, although he already feels overheated, so Kurt probably can't tell.

"I'm too close, come on… Pants off, fuck Dave, just… hurry."

He's tempted to say no, tell Kurt he has to hold back until he tells him he can come, bring him right to the edge and not let him come. Just the idea has his cock spurting a little precome and he's never thought about it before. He stands and strips down to nothing. It's… hot. And weird. They're naked, no intentions for anything more than just pressing their naked bodies together, at least he doesn't think so… and nope. Kurt is pulling him down on top of him, legs going around his waist and holy fucking shit the sudden pressure and dragging friction against his cock feels amazing, Kurt's cock against his own and his stomach and coherent thought is overrated.

Their bodies just rut against one another, his own grinding down and Kurt pushing upwards, fingers digging into his shoulders, mouth sucking hard on his chest and 'guh' biting at his nipple not-so-softly. He braces his hands either side of Kurt's head, his body completely covering his, and he feels Kurt's legs drop away from around his hips, instead spreading wide, 'fuck you're flexible', and they're both moving frantically, racing toward the same goal.

"Close, oh god Dave… so fucking…"

"Yeah, yeah, me too…"

Kurt comes sticky and warm between them, and it eases the friction between their bodies, although he likes the idea of having a slight skin burn. He pulls up and wraps a hand around his erection, meeting Kurt's eyes as they watch intently as he jerks himself off. The view of Kurt lying beneath him, covered in his own come and sweat, cock still hard, the knowledge of just how hot they make each other…

"Come, come on… come… I want to taste…"


He lets his body collapse again and winces at the squelching sound and sensation of come between them, and joins Kurt in his silent laughter. God it feels good. Not just the post orgasmic high, or the feeling of Kurt beneath him, but the laughter, the sense of shared happiness.

"So, do you think that counts as cardio?"

He laughs again and rolls to the side, feeling sedate.

"I think… with a longer lead in time and stuff, yeah, it could definitely count as cardio."

"Mmm… Good. I look forward to telling Coach that I've done my hour cardio every day then…"

"Every day? An hour?" Kurt laughs at him but doesn't deny it and god, it might kill him…

"Do you need to go home? Do homework?" Kurt asks, handing him a couple of tissues without meeting his eyes. He accepts them and starts cleaning himself up before it starts to dry too much.

"Uh, no. I made sure I got it all done in my lunch break, so that I wouldn't have to rush home or anything."

"Oh good…"

He feels Kurt relax against him, head nestled on his shoulder, fingers trailing through his chest hair, brushing over the nipple he'd bitten, making his body shudder. He's starting to feel a little cool and he wonders if they could maybe get beneath the bed covers at least and he's just about to suggest it when he gets interrupted.

"Kurt! I'm, uh, home… just letting you know!"

"Thanks dad!" Kurt calls back, and then starts giggling again, shoving his head into the crook of Dave's neck to muffle the sound. "Oh god, I didn't shut the door did I?"

He shakes his head, and he guesses being the last down the stairs it was probably his job to shut the door, and he's glad that at least Burt didn't come down the stairs. He wonders how long Burt's been home before calling out… oh god.

"Should I go?"

"What? No! We're fine. His bedroom is upstairs, mine is down here in the basement. We did this for a reason you know. Erm… not sex. It was originally because of me playing music all the time and dancing. He can't hear me down here. A good thing right?"

He's pretty sure that that's not really the case, that anyone standing at the top of the stairs probably could hear exactly what was going on down here, but would probably never admit it for fear of dying of parental embarrassment. And he'll let Kurt live in denial. For now.