Chapter 2 Settling in

Haru POV

Kitty offer me a ride to school it was a nice suggestion, I smiled warmly I said "Nan I think I will walk" the others were not so content Scott overestimated the distends to school to get Haru in the car "Oh come on I seen you out with Logan this morning it's exercise right now and it is pretty far so just hop in" Haru was annoyed he just wanted to walk to school he walked the red car to school. There was Kurt, Spike in the back and Kitty along with Scott who was the driver. I open the back door and I said, "Shove over Spike" Spike moved to the middle then I climbed in. I buckled in Spike sung his arm around me Kurt growled unnoted by Spike, Spike cheered, "Haru are you excited for school?"

Kurt asked in a concern voice "They're going to asked for a last name"

Haru said in a nonchalant way "Well Dad said he doesn't know his last name so we made up one, we came up with Howlet" Scott nodded at that name we dove to the school, which was not that far at all. I wanted to walk dam it! I left the group with out saying a word. I went to the front office and I waited for a plump lady with blond hair in a gray blouse she asked, "How may I help you?"

I said, "I'm new here my name is Haru Howlet" she looked in her files and said with relief "Ah yes here we are Haru Lee Howlet here is your time table please have a nice time" I walked off first I had home group in classroom 1A then I had no clue were that was. I looked in the crowd of students Dad did say everybody would like me so I'll just asked the first person I see. I grasped a sturdy man shoulder he spun around to revel light blue eyes a hansom face with a football in his arms he queried at me "Hi I'm Duncan what yours" I was confident that he didn't give me a last name thus I will just say my given name as well "My names Haru and I'm looking for classroom 1A can you tell me were it is?" I could feel my ears dropping not that anyone including me could see them thanks to my wristwatch Duncan said cheerily "Year me and the boys could show you right boys?" they all nodded in agreement we were walking Duncan was the broke the ice walking along the hallway "So you new?" I said "Yeah moved in with my Dad yesterday" he nodded in excipients, we reach the end of the walk way Duncan said "Well this is it class 1A I hope you have a nice time see ya" I wafted my good bye and went to the back the class room was empty three minters later the room became full the teacher came in room just before the bell the teach still wasn't here and here I thought the teachers were suppose to be here before the bell not after. The man was in black trousers and blue dress top down hair all in all a dork he said "Hello Class today we have a new student his name is Haru Howlet. Haru please raise your hand so I can see you?" I raised my hand the teacher looking around alone with the teens really no one had seen me I know I'm in the back last row but still some one should had. When the teacher seen me he said in delight "Oh there you are Haru didn't see you there" the bell gone home group was over I looked at my timetable first I had math's how hard could it be?


Math's is horrible not only is it boring but hard how do I get out! I know I'll get kicked out yeah! Dad maybe, most likely, possibly wouldn't care. Next I have computer design that has to be easier then math's right?"


Well that was easier. Now if only I knew how use a computer… Now let's see what next herm Music ok this has to be a joke I don't know how to play anything I thought to myself.

Time Skip

Music is awesome I love it I didn't know I could sing and I am going to learn to play a guitar even if it is the last thing I do. I walked in the canteen and got a bag of hot chips I looked around for any similar faces swiftly someone gabbed me shoulder I all most jumped I turned around to find Rouge I had this ugly scorned on face I hope would worn next time not to sink up once more I said "Don't do that you all most made me drop my lunch" Rouge said "Hey I want you to meet my friend" she dragged me to a purple haired girl in an English accent I noted she mine spoke like me. She walked up to me and said "Hi I'm Tally you Haru right?" (I don't know her name so I'm going to just make one up) I nodded she kept on going "Rouge told me so much about you is true you couldn't remember your own name before your Dad told it to you?" he'd remembered the story that was told that Logan all ways knew about Haru and that's were he'd gone when he went away then his mother told him to go to Logan when he was coming into his powers. Then he fell and got hit in the head yep that's the story and were sticking with it. (The only people who know the truth is Storm Logan Scott and professor X) I scratched my cat ear not that anyone could see them. I was nervous knowing Rouge was talking about me but I didn't know truly know what to say "Umm yeah I was coming my live with my Dad but while I was coming I hit my head and well…" she nodded in understanding she asked "what kind of music do you like?" I wondered didn't really know I might as well tell the truth I whispered in slight shame "I don't know I can't remember" her dark blue eyes deepen she pulled out something I didn't recognize she said cheerfully "Let's see if you Rock, Metal, Death metal and screamo" she hand me her the furan object I studied the object I turned it around Tally looked me she asked in concern "What's wrong?" I said embarrass "I don't know how to work it" she took it Tally sitting my right and Rouge sitting on my left we spent the whole recess eating my chips and learning music until the bell rung Rouge asked "What do you have next?" I looked at my timetable it said gym then art I grind the one thing I knew I could do thanks to my father was sport well the running kind and jumping kind I said "I have gym" Tally said "Oh that's just 'round the building Rouge and I have women's studies see ya" I walked around to the gym the teacher said to the class once I got there "Ok class we got a new student Haru Howlet, Howlet" he yelled "Do you have a change of closes?" he continued. I shock my head saying "No" he looked annoyed he said strongly "We have closes you can use" the big rugged man got a light blue top with navy shorts. I've gone in the changing rooms the top consumed my whole tummy and over my butt the short came over my knees, I looked like a big blueberry it was not cool. I came out of the rooms I was a little embarrass that everyone had closes that suited them and I hadn't but life went on. The teacher bole his whistle all the teens stopped muttering about me and how sad I had to be in this ugly sports gear some said I deserved it for some reason no one would say but it was mostly the boys the teacher said "All right my name is Mr. Turner now we are going to play doge ball you all know the rules no going over the line no hitting the head or below the belt if you do your out even if it were a accident I will pick out the teams" he'd gone into the same duffle bag that he got this blueberry outfit from and pulled out red and green bands out of he said "Reds got to the left, greens to the right" he'd called out names "Kitty you're a red, Blake, your green, it will go on like that so the next person will be red

Kurt, Nick, Tammy, Sally Haru" I walked to the teacher and gabbed a green sash and stained next to Kurt I said "I didn't know you two were here" he said "Year the math's class are spit up so you got put in the other class but we all have gym together" the teach bowl his whistle the game started our team was losing only Kurt some other girl with black short… and she just got out we have all the balls in shied our court. Kurt hit a nerdy looking kid with ease he'd attempted to get this big muscled man? But all what happen he got court out he walked to the of the line it was just me and him and two others I hurled the ball at the man tried to catch it but it bounced of his hand the other two flung the red balls at me I court one and the other one missed me by a mile. Now they had balls on there side once more I waited for the two to get off the court I tossed the ball at the brown hair girl she tried to catch it but she dropped it our team won Mr. Turner bowled whistle then yelled "Team red wins Haru see me in my office at the begging of lunch" I changed out of the blueberry outfit then court up with Kitty and Kurt, we were talking about my next art class, apparently my art teacher is a cracked job. I walked into art class to find it colorful with blue, red, green and yellow table tops with black chairs easels pant brush's and what not's. The teacher came in and gave me a pointed look she had fuzzy blond hair, thick black glasses, she was wearing a green long trench coat with brown boots she said in a dream like voice "Hello Haru. You don't have an art book; well you will need an A4 or A3 art book. Don't worry if your not any good at art year 10 is the last year you can learn the basic steps in art. You missed out on painting but we will do some more painting this term you just missed out on landscape this term is still life now get a peace of paper in that draw that says paper" she pointed to the top draw I walked over there taking an A4 page she gave me a 2b lead penal then the class began.

Time skip

The class was not so bad I made a new friend named Tho she was pretty cool now was lunch time I gone to the cafeteria Scott found me he smacked my back asking "Hey Haru how was your day?"

I said "It was good the gym teacher said he wanted to see me tomorrow" Scott smirks he almost mocked at what the teacher dose "Oh that the couch for you he all ways go for people who have athletic ability Spike, Bobby, Gene and I are all in different teams. Spike is in all boys' basketball; Bobby is in baseball, Gene is cheerleading and I'm in football who knows what you will be in" the whole lunch time he was talking about his day until the bell buzzed it was time for English

Time skip

That was not so bad but I have homework tonight weighting a villanelle. Oh that is going to be hard. I mean who really cares about a poem from a 19-century poem, from England or was it French? (I had to do one in year 10) and worst of all Villanelles are about love. Oh gods please kill me now! Okay the last class science well anything better then math's right?

Time skip

Well I still think math's is still the most horrible subject but this is not far off. I slummed out of the class and walked home. It was not at all far about 30 minutes I excelled my irritation out. I walked into the manner I walked to Dad's room I started to think maybe I should make up a birthday so I can ask Dad to bye me a guitar, Nan that's not nice. I opened the door I still have not idea were I am going to live the reason I was living with Kurt is because all the other rooms are filled. Garr I hate this unique is what they called this, this, this Garr I can't even think straight! I can see something coming at me in light speed I court it with ease it was a ball of wall. To my embarrassment I was playing with it and it got away from me, and the lime thing went under the bed. I tried to get the fun ball of wall but I could not reach I still want it the bed would be too heavy to lift. My arm was starting to hurt all of a disbelief I could get under bed I didn't care how or why all I cared about was getting my toy back. It was bark under here and busty looked for my ball. I looked around for my ball finding at the far end of the beg bed I ran the ball. I was going to grab it with my hands but I had little paws my ears were along the backside of my head in my surprised. I bit some of the string off the wall and slowly moving backwards it quickly changed from dark to light. My ears park up I let go of my ball and cursorily looked up and seen my Dad holding the gigantic bed in one hand above as if it were nothing he whispered in shock and worry "Haru?" I didn't care to response in anyway, he knew who I was and that's all what mattered I got the ball of yearn and patted it away from the bed and started playing once more.

Logan POV

I was so stunned that Haru turned into a cat no oh no not a cat a kitten a very small one at that. I guess now I know he was small for his age so he could very well be 14 or 15 I chuck that ball just to see what he would do and to get him off my lounge now I have to try to change him back! I bet over fathers don't have to worry about this first having to my SON getting rapped or knocked up and maybe even both. Now I have to worry about this. Oh I seen this type of thing before two times it doesn't even shock me that he can change into an animal but what really surprised was that he a KITTEN not even a young cat. I hope he grows in animal as well as his human body if not I don't know if I can let him find a mate of his own. He is just lucky I had one girl and one boy friend (who was like Haru small and girly) but they were full grown! I looked down at Haru whom was still playing he jumped on the soft ball then fell and his head ha. I took the ball away and then I eyed him down until he succumbed I said in a strong voice "Bub we need to talk to that change back" his right ear drop I ask "Don't you know how?" he shock his head no I said clearly "You have to want to be human think about something about you want to do only your human side can do like talking to me. Living arrangements you don't really want to be sleeping on the chough do you? What about school how was that? Did you make any friends did you like your class?" in no time at all Haru changed back I pleased my hand on his shoulder I smile at him I told him "Now about the living arrangements as you know there is no more room with the kids so you will have to live here" he looked at me with a taxed expression until I open a wooded door I'll bet he thought was a wardrobe but in really it was a 3000 x 3020 with a built in wardrobe that had a Gothic look. I said "All the adults have then incase they have a baby to look after or something on those lines" his face was so light I could guarantee it came from the sun.



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