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Fairy Tail's Storm King

Chapter 8

Showdown: Naruto vs A Foe from the Past

{Magnolia Town}

It had been a few days after the incident at the Tower of Heaven. Naruto had told Erza and Natsu that they could go back to the guild and that he would meet them there due to having a bit of outside business to attend to. That business being that he had to go and find an old friend. Understanding his need to do this little self-made quest, the two members of the Strongest Team in Fairy Tail left him to his own devices and had headed back to the guild.

Once Naruto had discovered his old friend's newly formed magic signature, he was quite surprised when he found said friend in the state he was in. After getting reacquainted, Naruto and his friend decided to head for Magnolia Town.

Walking down the streets of Magnolia Town, Naruto looked around with a cat asleep on his head. Naruto smirked as he glanced up at said feline and scratched behind its ears. The cat purred softly before frowning as Naruto stopped scratching its ears. The cat hissed as it awoke from its nap. The cat was crimson in colour with a rather large bushy tail and had longer than usual claws and teeth. Its nose was black and the fur of its inner ear as well as the fur that encircled its eyes, was black.

"The town has not changed at all, huh Kurama?" Naruto asked the cat on his head. The feline blinked its blood red eyes. The demonic look only enhanced by the vertical slit pupils that lay within the iris.

"Hmm how should I know kit. I was in a danm egg when you found me." The now named Kurama said as Naruto walked toward the guild. Looking up at the large wooden pair of doors, the blonde's eyes seemed to gain a glazed look as nostalgia took over for a brief moment. With a small smile, he reached out...and he opened the door.

Inside the guild, Naruto saw a big dust cloud with mugs and chairs flying everywhere. People were being thrown in and out of the guild's everyday brawl. He chuckled as he saw a chair fly out of the storm of limbs and nail someone in the head. The poor man's head was now bleeding heavily and Naruto could have sworn he saw his soul escaping through his mouth.

"Well...this is interesting." Kurama mused.

"Yep, nothing has changed!" Naruto said to himself as lightning started to dance around him. He grinned devilishly before holding up a ball of supercharged electricity. He made sure to keep the amount at a small enough level that it wouldn't distract everyone else, while also being large enough for the amount of destruction he wished to cause. He then tossed the lightning ball up and down as if it were a baseball before chucking it at his rowdy guild mates.


A smoke cloud rose up as the guild members were scattered everywhere and slammed into various pieces of furniture, the floor, the walls and hell, even the ceiling was now decorated with the electrocuted Fairy Tail members.

"Ugh, what hit me?" Wakaba groaned as he coughed out a black smoke cloud, and it wasn't from his smoking. The smoking mage looked up at where he suspected the assaulting magic spell had struck from and his pipe lost its ability to stay in his jaws as he gaped in shock.

"No way." He muttered.

"Damn that hurt like a bitch. Hey Wakaba what are you...huh?" Macao gained the same look as he followed his best friend's gaze. Everyone that regained their senses began to stare at the doors of their guild house and became silent. The blonde dragon slayer smirked as he took one step into the guild, his boots thuds sounding like thunderclaps in comparison to the silence that filled the atmosphere.

"I'M HOME BITCHES!" Naruto yelled. More silence found its way forth before everyone broke out into grins. Naruto and Kurama suddenly felt a wave of dread and they looked upwards as the Fairy Tail members seemed to have morphed into a giant wave of flesh and clothing as they dogpiled him.

"Oh fu-!" He never got to finish as they crashed down on him like an actual wave and swept him to the ground.


Cheering, crying, yelling, whooping and many other sounds filled the air as the silence was forced back into the corners of Fairy Tail's closet.

"Air...I need...air!" Naruto wheezed loudly. A burst of magic energy allowed him to reclaim the freedom he needed and he scattered the wave of people and crawled his way up to a table and sighed before laughing loudly when people began to ask him when he got back, how his trip was, where did he go and all the other expected questions.

Naruto chatted heavily with them, but he paused in his dialogue when conversing with Macao and Wakaba about the types of alcohol he came across. His ears twitched and he turned when he heard a soft voice.

"N-Naruto Otou-san!" Cried a blue haired girl as she ran and hugged him.

"Naruto-nii!" Came the following cry of a white haired teen as she followed the blue haired girl.

"Wendy? Lisanna?" Naruto looked down in shock. The two nodded before Naruto grinned and picked up Wendy spun her around before settling her in his left arm before wrapping Lisanna in a one armed hug and kissed the top of her head.

"You're finally back!" Lisanna cheered. Naruto nodded as he was nuzzled by Wendy.

"Naruto boy, you're finally back." said Makarov as he walked towards the boy.

"Hai Master. I finished the job, but I ran into something bad" Naruto replied putting down Wendy.

"Oh?" Makarov raised an eyebrow. "And what was that Naruto?" Makarov asked the young mage. Naruto frowned as he told Wendy and Lisanna he'd be right back. He and the Master of Fairy Tail walked into Makarov's office and shut the door behind them.

"So...what was it?" The elderly Wizard Saint asked with a serious expression he didn't have earlier. Naruto shuddered slightly as the memory returned to him.

"It was...a dragon." Makarov's eyes widened at the blonde.

"Are you sure? It wasn't a wyvern?!"

The spiky haired boy shook his head as Kurama landed onto his shoulder.

"It was a dragon, I'm very sure. After all, I was raised by one. It was gigantic, much bigger than my parent and far more powerful. A mere roar tore apart the landscape. Its black scales were impenetrable and because of how powerful it was, it nearly killed me when it saw me. I was lucky to get away." Naruto told his Master. The short man nodded.

"I see. Well I am happy you're safe. I would like to see how strong you got my boy. How about a friendly fight with Erza?" Makarov asked as he exited the door. Naruto and Kurama followed behind the short man.

"Sure why not, but if I win...Erza has to go on a date with me" Naruto said looking at the scarlet haired mage. Everyone gawked in shock as they saw the confident looking Naruto staring at a blushing Erza who was stammering as she tried to form an actual sentence. Seeing as she was being challenged, Erza couldn't back down and with a nervous gulp and still blushing, she responded.

"F-F-Fine, but if I win. You have to do my laundry for a week, plus you have to go on a job with me." Erza said. Naruto's blue eyes sparked with mirth and he nodded.

"Very well." He replied...before lashing out with a swift punch to the head of Natsu as the firebrand tried to jump him.

The entire guild sweatdropped at that before following the two S-Class mages outside to the large backyard of Fairy Tail that they used as their training grounds. The other guild members and Makarov, who was sitting atop a tree stump, stood far off to the side (very far off mind you) and watched as Erza glowed, performing her Requip and was now garbed in her Lightning Empress armour. The long lance she held in her hand sparked dangerously.

"Hmmm, that armour is able to cut my attack power in half. I may have to let loose a bit more than I thought." Naruto said as blue lightning danced around him.

"Blue? Seems he's not giving that much of a chance for that Erza girl to win." Kurama said to himself, sitting next to a blue cat named Happy. Said Exceed watched the crimson and black furred version of himself. Kurama was noticeably taller than Happy by at least two feet.

"You're tall." Happy commented. Kurama blinked at the shorter cat.

"Am I?"

"Aye sir!" Happy said raising his paw. Kurama blinked once more.

"Okay then." He then turned back to the battle.

Erza and Naruto stood facing off against one another. The wind flew between them gently, scattering leaves and flower petals everywhere. Naruto chuckled before cracking his knuckles, neck and back, loosening the taut muscles in those areas. He then slipped into a fighting stance while Erza did the same, her lance held out straight in front of her.

"You ready, Erza-chan?" Naruto winked at her. Erza blinked in confusion at that, but that was her first mistake. She blinked. As she did that, there was a thunderclap and when she reopened her eyes that split second later as she completed the action of blinking, Naruto was already in her face, fist reared back. Lightning sparked off of his knuckles and he grinned toothily.

"Boo." He stated.


Erza felt her body seem to convulse slightly before she was sent rolling along the grass. Naruto bounced on the toes of his shoes as he saw Erza quickly recover.

"Come on Erza-chan. Give me all you got!" He said with a serious expression, yet the mischievous nature of his shone brightly in his eyes. Erza nodded before twirling her staff to build momentum. The lance was shot forth in a forward thrust, but Naruto vanished in a thunderclap. However, this time Erza was ready for him and she ducked underneath the punch that came from her left and spun on her feet and went down lower, sweeping the blonde's feet out from under him and sent him to the ground. She then sprung back to her full height and stabbed her lance into the ground and sent a blast of lightning at her foe. There was an epic explosion and debris was scattered everywhere.

Naruto emerged unscathed as he yawned, licking up the sparks of lightning from his opponent's attack like it was a lollipop.

"Nice shot, but you gotta do better than that, Erza-chan. LIGHTNING DRAGON'S ROAR!" Naruto let loose a beam of blue voltage from his jaws and Erza quickly twirled her lance to deflect the high powered blast, but she was sent skidding backwards from the force. Naruto then sped towards her, his leg stretched forth for a kick.

"DYNAMIC ENTRY!" Erza quickly went low and deflected the kick with her lance before kicking Naruto squarely in the stomach. She then went forth, stabbing him with the blunt side of her lance multiple times in the stomach before swinging it in an upward arc, nailing him in the jaw. His head snapped upwards and Erza used her lance like a maekshift pole vault to vault herself into the air and flipped with her descent to slam both her feet down on Naruto's body. However, Naruto managed to jump backwards and avoid the double stomp-like move. A small crater formed from the impact and Naruto used her momentary pause to his advantage.

He crashed a powerful right hook to Erza's face before twisting at the hip to add more reach and force to the second punch he followed up with. He then bent his knees and shot up to slam a strong uppercut to the chin of the chinese style dressed Requip mage. The Titania of Fairy Tail was then nailed in the stomach as Naruto leaped up after her and slammed an upward kick and then a second time with a second kick. He then clasped his hands above his head and charged them with lightning and slammed them down on her sending her rocketing to the ground. He then fell after her and crashed a fist into the ground since she managed to roll to the side and avoid it.

Erza ran towards her lance and removed it from the earth before throwing it at Naruto. Naruto's eyes narrowed as he caught the sharp object, but was in shock when he saw Erza leap at it and kick it forcing his grip to loosen and cause it to stab through to the shoulder. Naruto winced as the object pierced his flesh and Erza grinned slightly at that before letting loose numerous volts of electricity into Naruto's system.

Naruto growled as he managed to yank the weapon out of his body, but though he was fueled with the lightning, at the same time she had managed to confuse his nervous system from the overload as his bio-electric signatures were all over the place and he could no longer try to move his right hand without not doing that action. He tried to focus on moving his left leg, but his right hand moved instead. His head movement switched to him wiggling his tongue inside his mouth. Naruto's blue eyes widened as Erza's foot found itself in his face and he was sent rolling on the ground.

Naruto slammed into a tree and the bark cracked from the force. He then gritted his teeth when he saw Erza about to score what she would believe to be a decisive blow. Naruto snarled like the dragon that was his adoptive mother before releasing a burst of lightning from his body, forcing his nervous system back into place and also damaging Erza with electric current.

Erza flew through the air and was suddenly met with numerous thunderclaps. She didn't even manage to register what happened until her body met the ground only to be further damaged as she was hurled through two trees and then grabbed by the back of her head, stopping her midair movement, before being slammed harshly into the ground. Face first.

Everyone watching winced at that.

"Damn, they're really going at it." Gray commented.

"GO OTOU-SAN!" Wendy cheered for her father figure.

Naruto continued to slam Erza's face into the dirt before he dragged her through it, carving a small circular trench before throwing her back into the centre of the training field. As she fell to the earth, she clenched her eyes preparing to meet the ground. However, a thunderclap meeting her ears along with the sound of crackling lightning, told her that Naruto was not yet. He stood below her, waiting for her to reach the right level of altitude and finally, she reached it.

Naruto dropped on all-fours before balancing on his left hand and leg and removed his right arm and leg from the ground, lashing out with upward movements with both limbs. The assaulting fist and foot, charged with lightning dragon slayer magic, slammed into Erza's armoured form. Despite her armour giving her defense against Naruto's attack, it still hurt.

"I'M NOT DONE YET!" Naruto yelled as he leaped after Erza's airborne form. He smirked as he remembered a move from his time in the shinobi world. He performed Kagebuyo, the Shadow of the Dancing Leaf and hovered beneath Erza's form, acting as if he were her shadow.

"Time to end this." He whispered in her ear. His hot breath tickled her inner ear, but the odd form of pleasure was replaced with pain as Naruto slammed her foot into her ribs as he twisted. Lightning sparked with the strike and Naruto twisted once more to slam his lightning charged fist into her face. He then twisted again, this time striking with an elbow to the chest. He continued with the rotational movements, striking with fist and elbow before he found himself and Erza only a few feet above the ground.

"AND FOR THE FINISHING TOUCH..." He roared as he twisted once more and raised his leg high into the air. Erza was now only three feet above the ground and Naruto brought his leg down with swift and powerful force. "LIGHTNING DRAGON'S LIGER BOMB BARRAGE!" With an epic explosion of lightning and magic, Erza met the ground harshly and was electrocuted at the same as Naruto's lightning encase leg met her stomach.

Erza screamed loudly from the attack's results and she kept screaming until she couldn't scream anymore as she fell into unconsciousness. Naruto rose to his feet and smirked as he raised the unconscious Erza, picking her up bridal style. He used his abilities to remove any residual charge from her.

"You really have gotten better Erza-chan. Well done, but you still owe me that date." He whispered softly to the unconscious girl's form before pecking her on the cheek.

Meanwhile, everyone was in shock as they Naruto climb out of the resulting crater of his attack with Erza in his arms. The crater was ten feet deep and four feet in diameter.

'He got really strong.' Was the unanimous thought amongst them all as they gaped at the large crater. The fight was over and Makarov laughed once he got over his shock.

"What a way to have a welcome back party, eh? Winner of this battle is Naruto Uzumaki!"

There was a loud cheer and everyone sped back to the guild to drink to their heart's content to celebrate Naruto's return and his win and for the females, to gossip about what Naruto and Erza may do for their date.

{Later that Night}

Currently standing outside Fairy Hills stood Naruto and Erza. Naruto was wearing a gray dress suit and Erza was wearing a dark blue dress with high heels. After waking up, Naruto told her he would pick her up at seven and carried the Titania of Fairy Tail out as she clung to his arm like glue. They went out for dinner in a rather fancy restaurant that doubled as a ballroom dance floor. The lack of a ceiling aided in showing the moonlight and stars in all their glory. They ate and talked for quite a lengthy bit of time before moving on to dance in the moon light which oddly acted like a spotlight, focusing only the two Fairy Tail mages. Afterwards, they left and had a lovely walk alongside the river that flowed through Magnolia.

"I really had fun tonight, Erza-chan. Let's do this again sometime" Naruto said taking hold of her head, framing the sides of her face as he did so.

"Yeah this is the first ime in years that I felt this happy. Thank you for the wonderful time, Naruto-kun" Replied a blushing Erza who quickly gave him a peck on the cheek and ran inside.

"Haha she's always been shy." Naruto said hanging his jacket on his arm as he started to walk away.

{Forest Path to Naruto's House}

Walking into an opening in the woods, Naruto stopped as he looked up at the moon.

"You know it's not nice to follow people." Naruto said as someone stepped out from behind the trees.

"It's been a long time, Lightning Dragon." Said Hikaru as he looked at Naruto. Hikaru was wearing a white coat with the number 10 on it along with jeans and a black dress shirt.

"So you're the new Wizard Saint Hikaru." Naruto said turning around. "What do you want this time?" He asked.

"To see how strong you are, but I will not be fighting this time. I think it's better if an old foe of yours did it." Hikaru said as he raised both his arms. Magic circulated around the young man's body and Naruto shifted into a defensive stance on instinct.

"What do you mean by old foe?" Naruto asked as blue lighting danced around his form.

"You should feel lucky you're the third person see my true magic." Hikaru said as he started to glow.

"True magic?" Naruto asked himself.

"Time-Space Magic: Worldly Summoning!" Hikaru said as a spell seal showed up on the ground. Suddenly a coffin-like box shot from the ground and opened up in front of Naruto. Naruto's eyes when widened as he saw what was inside.

"N-no way!" Naruto said takeing a step back. Inside the box stood a man wearing old red armour with long jet black hair and a big fan on his back. He slowly opened his eyes to show he had red eyes with three adjoining tomoe within each crimson iris.

"Madara Uchiha!" Naruto said in fear.

"Hmmm where am I? Last I knew, I was sealed by that Kyuubi brat" Madara said to himself.

"You're in my world Lord Madara in Earthland. A world that has no ninja." Hikaru said as he flew into the air.

"Who are you and why am I and the Kyuubi here?" Madara asked looking at the boy.

"My name is Hikaru Stormrider and I summon you here to give you a second go at fighting Naruto. If you win I will send you back to your world, but if you lose, you die for the third time...so no holding back if you please." Hikaru replied as he flew away.

"Let's see what you can do, Dragon Slayer." He muttered with one last glance back at the blonde shinobi-mage.

Madara and Naruto stared at one another before Madara sighed, the wind blowing gently through the air.

"I expected this to be over with when you stopped me, Kyuubi brat."

"Same here."

"So before we begin our battle, explain this world. Where is this?"

"Seeing as how I will stop you once again, I guess I can humour you and answer your question, Madara." Naruto spoke. He glanced up at the moon, "Earthland, an alternate world amongst the many worlds that comprise the universe. This world does not run on the energy of chakra, but instead has something called magic. People use magic in the same manner as people use jutsu in our world, however I honestly find our world to be much more versatile and stronger than this magical realm."

"I concur with you on that note, Kyuubi. This energy in the atmosphere, it is much more dilute that chakra...but I would think it would be a good substitute for chakra in case mine does not call forth in our battle." Madara drew his fan from his back and sighed once more as his form seemed to age in the moonlight and he looked tired despite being an undead being.

"I must truly apologize for putting you through this once more, Kyuubi brat...but like all humans...I wish to be alive instead of dead."

"I apologize to you too Madara, for having to end you once more, despite my dislike of having to kill now. I've had enough death to last both lifetimes."

The two remained silent once more and the moon shone its silver light upon the two combatants. There was a gust of wind and then the two took off. The two clashed fists and feet against one another in beautiful dance of battle. Naruto's lightning coated claws clashed with Madara's battle fan and the Sharingan user could only raise an eyebrow at that.

"So this is the magic of which you spoke of?" Madara asked as the two remained locked in a stalemate. Naruto nodded.

"Dragon Slayer Magic. A type of magic known to slay powerful creatures known as dragons, yes they do exist." Naruto said causing the undead Uchiha to become shocked. Naruto saw his chance and rained down heavy punches to Madara's skull after deflecting the battle fan and making the raven haired man open to attack. Naruto then slamemd a fist against Madara's nose, cracking it audibly before twisting and slamming his elbow into Madara's stomach and then spun once more and slammed a roundhouse kick to the armoured man's ribs. Madara flew through the air only to crash into a tree however, Naruto's eyes widened when he saw Madara was replaced with a log.

"Chakra works for me here it seems. You're in trouble Kyuubi brat." Madara whispered as he appeared behind Naruto and slammed a kick to the spine. Naruto's body folded like paper as he was struck and Madara sent a powerful gust of wind after his opponent via the battle fan. He then nodded before flashing through handsigns and ending on the one for tiger.


The flames mixed with the wind, and intensified them causing them to burn much more violently and a massive explosion occured. Trees and dirt scattered through the area and Madara's Sharingan stared through watching for any sign of movement. His eyes narrowed when he saw a beam of lightning burst through the smoke cloud and he raised his battle fan, blocking it easily. He then sent back a gust of wind to blow back the smoke, but his eyes widened when he saw there was no one in the crater that his fire jutsu caused.

Instead there was nothing and his only warning was a thunderclap. His Sharingan eyes shifted ever so slightly and he could only stare in amazement when he saw lightning burst forth from Naruto's jaws.

"LIGHTNING DRAGON'S ROAR!" The beam of blue lightning crashed into Madara and sent him skidding backwards as the Uchiha matriarch had managed to block it with his battle fan. Madara and Naruto then nodded to one another.

"You've improved, Kyuubi brat."

"You're as amazing in battle as always, Uchiha."

The two then ran towards each other and reared back their fists. Their right fists clashed before they spun and had their legs smash into each other when they performed a synchronized roundhouse kick. Madara then retracted his leg and went in for a punch which Naruto dodged. Naruto raised his lightning coated arms and blocked the powerful swings from Madara's fan.

Madara went in for a horizontal slice before spinning on his heel and going in with the flat side of the fan. He then reversed his spin when Naruto deflected it and aimed for a downward vertical strike that resulted in the ground caving in on itself from the force as Naruto went into a backhand spring to avoid the strike. Madara then used the momentum from his swing and flung himself over the battle fan and formed handsigns once more.

"Fire Style: Fire Dragon Bomb Jutsu!" A giant orange fire dragon burst forth from Madara's lips, but Naruto quickly coated his hands with lightning and slashed through the fiery entity with a cry of, "Lightning Dragon's Voltage Claws!"

"Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" Madara sent forth a string of small fire balls, but as Naruto was about to dodge them, he was caught off guard when the flames dissipated to reveal them as shuriken that were connected to near invisible strands of wire, the moonlight shining off the wires being the only way for Naruto to identify where they were. Naruto avoided the barrage of coordinated strikes from the shuriken, but Naruto quickly grew irritated from the attacks and quickly punched the ground.

"Lightning Dragon's Dynamo!" A pulse of lightning raced through the air and connected with each of the ten shuriken and traveled along the length of the metal wires. Madara saw this and began to spasm as the electricity coursed through his body and electrocuted him. Madara then began to smoke and burn, but being undead meant he was immortal and wouldn't die...although the attacks still hurt so Madara was extremely pissed off.

He leaped at Naruto and flipped, slamming an axe kick into the ground. Naruto avoided it by jumping back, but he continued to jump back as Madara's momentum was carried on into the elder Uchiha performing three more axe kicks, each one leaving a crater in its wake. However, Naruto raised his arms in a cross position to block the last axe kick and repelled the armoured shinobi.

Madara and Naruto then jumped apart and then ran towards each other. Madara was met with a fist to the face, but he countered by powering through and slamming a kick to Naruto's diaphragm knocking the wind out of the blonde's lungs as a result. Madara then crashed a series of punches to the stomach before slamming an uppercut to the blonde's chin. Naruto's head snapped upwards, but he was sent rolling on the ground when Madara channeled chakra into his fist and plowed into his chest. The bones creaked and blood flew from Naruto's lips.

Naruto coughed as he rose to his feet, but he quickly went into a backward roll to get to his feet when Madara came down upon his with battle fan once again in hand. However, Madara stabbed the fan into the ground and used it as a pivot and allowed himself to use it as a way to hold himself in the air and unleash a barrage of kicks the Naruto's body. However, Naruto raised his arms and blocked the kicks before grabbing Madara's legs and swung the older shinobi over his head and into the ground numerous times.

Madara was then thrown high into the air and Naruto leaped after him and unleashed a powerful combo of punches, kicks and lightning attacks that would have killed a lesser man. In the end, Naruto slammed an axe kick to Madara's chest, shattering the chest armour from the force before raising his arms above his head and taking a deep breath at the same time. Lightning swirled to life in his hands and jaws, the lightning in his hands forming into a halberd and the lightning in his maw condensing into an orb.

"LIGHTNING DRAGON'S ROAR!" He sent forth the beam of lightning before throwing the halberd. "LIGHTNING DRAGON'S HEAVENWARD HALBERD!"

The two lightning attacks then mixed with one another as they sped towards the grounded Madara, who now lay in a crater. Naruto then grinned widely as he saw the attacks finally mix and form the end result he had trained to create while he was away from Fairy Tail. The massive blade of lightning fell from the sky like a divine force.

"LIGHTNING DRAGON SLAYER SECRET ART: AURORA FORCE!" The sapphire bolt of lightning morphed into the image of a blue lightning dragon before slamming into Madara with enough force to cause widespread destruction. Trees were uproots or shattered and the ground was torn asunder. In the end, there was a large smoke cloud and the edges of the resulting crater was singed from the intensity of the lightning attack. Naruto panted lightly as he landed on his feet and narrowed his sapphire eyes. He'd fought Madara before in the war and though he was confident in having put down Madara with his attack...

'I can't help, but think that this isn't over.' He thought.

"You are strong Kyuubi brat, however our battle has revealed to me that you have lost your ability to wield chakra and the power of the bijuu you once had...is not as powerful as it once was. Either that or you have truly lost it as I cannot sense it within you." Madara spoke from within the smoke cloud. His Sharingan eyes then glowed with power, piercing through the cloud and suddenly crimson became violet.

Naruto noticed this and cursed. "Kuso."

"Without chakra, Naruto Uzumaki...you are nothing and you lack the strength to defeat me. It is time I show you why." A flash of dark blue light then filled the air and the smoke cloud dispersed revealing the giant skeletal, two-headed, four-armed avatar of chakra of the storm god. The mighty jutsu of the Sharingan...the mighty Susano'o.

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