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Chapter 2

Namikawa Mariko

I sat there, holding Hikari in my walking from the church. Eli hurried up and silently put his arm around me. I had gotten under heavy fire from both my father and the rest of the congregation due to premarital sex, and Eli knew it. But he also knew I didn't care. I felt another put a hand on my shoulder. I sent a watery smile to both of my comforters, "Thanks Eli, Ryuk."

"Welcome! Can I have an apple?" I laughed and pulled an apple from my satchel and tossed it to him, "Now it's my time to thank you!" he said enthusiastically. I smiled again. Eli laughed and twirled my around.

"Want me to strap him in for you?" Eli asked I nodded and blinked thankfully as he strapped Hikari into my back carrier thing, "How are you holding up?" He asked.

"It's a bit of a shock to learn how... twisted Kira was," I responded, biting a lip.

"Eh, Light started out with good intentions, but power twists people. Light was no exception," Ryuk put in with his mouth full.

"I guess," I shrugged, "But people now are taught that all criminals are evil and should be killed from a young age. Kira was my God. We had been told to believe this since... birth," I said sighing.

"Yeah. It's way more so here in Japan, but America was like that too. I guess it's just because Japan was most heavily targeted." Eli said, running a hand through his gingery hair, "You did say he lived in Japan, right?"

"Yeah, Kanto region." Eli laughed at Ryuk's answer, "What's so funny?"

"It's just so odd to talk to someone who was actually there!" I mean it was 700 years ago! And you still remember it perfectly! So cool,"

"Yeah well, it's not so odd for a shinigami," Ryuk shrugged modestly.

"That makes it even cooler! An inhuman, hardly humanoid creature beginning the most widely practice religion in the world? It should be a movie!"

"You only say that 'cause you're an actor," I said, kissing him. When I pulled away, Eli laughed.

"Maybe true, but you would like it, wouldn't you Mariko?"

"I'd like anything starring you," I purred. Eli rolled his eyes.

"Look, even Hikari thinks you're not worth listening to! He's fallen asleep!" Of course, Eli was right and I lightly punched him in the arm. He had the decency to pretend it hurt.

"Okay, lovebirds. Kira thinks you're both ridiculous! That's why he's having me watch you two! He went for the other person involved with this,"

"Wait... there's another person to help?"

"Yeah, didn't I tell you?"

"You forgot to mention that detail," Eli and I said in unison. We looked at each other in surprise and laughed.

"Yeah! Errr... I think her name's Kasuke... Yeah, Kasuke Katsue!"

"Kasuke Katsue? She must be taking it hard, she's one of the most devout Followers I know!"

"Yeah, she is apparently. But her reaction wasn't quite so violent as throwing a flowerpot and screaming monster."

"Shut up..." I blushed, Eli laughed

"Or punching,"

"Errr..." Eli coughed, I laughed.

Now, Ryuk laughed, "Ah, It's okay guys. Lot's a people react that way, sides, it's not like you actually hurt me."

"So, what did she do?"

"Well, Light says that she nearly fell out of a tree. And absolutely refuses to believe what he's saying. Even when seeing Misami Shirami's name in the front of her Death Note. Or at least, she's still refusing to admit she believes it. She was crying when he found her, so she's sleeping off her fit right now."

"So wait, she has Kira's old Death Note?" I exclaimed.


"But we only got A's!"

"Remember, her name was Misa. And hey, she's the only of the Friends who you might meet sooner or later. She and Light are still together. Apparently, after he died, Light realized that he actually loved her. Go figure." Ryuk did his strange 'hyuk hyuk hyuk,' laugh.

"Hey look snow!" I said happily, "Finally it feels like Great Sacrifice!" I turned the baby carrier so it was on my chest and kissed the top of Hikari's head, "Hikari's first Sacrifice Day!" Eli nodded, grinning.


"Dudes, I thought you'd given up being Followers!"

"Well, it's still a day to be celebrated! The end of a tyranny!" I said.

"And the beginning of the worship of said tyranny," Ryuk said snidely.

"True," Eli said, "But still. It makes me remember that all evil things come to an end somehow. Even this,"

"Spoken like and actor. Can I have another apple?"

"Sure," I said an tossed him one.

"Ahhh, home!" Eli shouted and unlocked the door to his house, smiling. I leaned my head on his arm (he was too tall and I too short for my head to be comfortable on his shoulder when standing) and walked into the living room. I unstrapped Hikari from the carrier and wrapped him in a blanket before sitting in a rocker. Ryuk and Eli followed me in and each took a chair.

"So, Ryuk, what were the Friends like?"

"Well, A or Misa was a bit of a ditz, but she was a great model and a fairly good actress. She was totally driven by her love for Light, despite the fact he was only using her. She really came through for Light when it came to catching H, or Higuchi. Light and Misa had forgotten completely about being the first and second Kiras and were actually assisting L at that point and Misa was instrumental in catching Higuchi," Taking a bite of his apple, Ryuk continued, "Higuchi was a money driven, sexist, bastard. He was not only killing criminals but the leaders of his companies competition too. He didn't ever meet Light and Light only ever saw him in person the night he killed him.' Ryuk sighed, thinking, "Then there was K, or Takada Kyomi. She... was a news caster also driven by lust for light. She was actually killed by light using the Death Note," Ryuk shook his head, "Finaly there was T, or Mikami Teru. He was insane. I guess he had a strange lust for justice and that lead to a devotion to Kira. He didn't meet Light in person (they had exchanged only letters and phone calls) until Light died. Light was actually killed by me, after being shot my police. But he was asking for it, insulting the dead police chief who was also his father," Ryuk rolled his eyes, "Well, anyway, Mikami hung himself two weeks later in prison." Ryuk began to laugh, "I know it's strange, but I had never had so much fun in my entire life. Honestly, I miss those six years. The competition wasn't as good when L died, but it was a good run." I smiled sadly and gave Ryuk a hug, who solidified just enough to let me do it. Eli swiftly joined in, and finally, Ryuk wrapped his long arms around us. We were a strange group, but at that moment we were only inseparable by Hikari's cries. He needed a diaper change.

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