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Wishing Fun

It was a very windy day, unfortunately, but Sev was a boy on a mission, having been sent by his mother to one of Diagon's roadside cart to pick up some supplies for her while she went to the post office to drop off a particularly large, dangerous package that needed special shipping. Feeling very grownup as he waited for his turn, the coins clutched in his fist an awful lot of money from his perspective, Sev did his best to appear cool and collected as he looked over the wares when he reached the front, selecting the correct bunches of herbs before handing over the correct change. That the vendor insisted on counting it twice to make sure he had given the right amount was insulting, but Sev just glared at him in true Slytherin fashion and then headed off with his bag full, nearly at the post office door when a particularly violent gust of wind hit him full in the face.

Staggering back a couple steps Sev was embarrassed at his stumble, then fiercely annoyed as he reached up instinctively to poke at his eye, feeling that something was now there that shouldn't be. The stupid wind had blown something into his eye and he could already feel a tear forming as his body instinctively tried to wash out the foreign object.

"You shouldn't poke at your eye, Sev. It's not good for it."

Keeping his now irritated eye closed for the moment, Sev looked over towards the person had spoken, that much more mortified when he confirmed that yes, that was indeed Rosie standing before him, her little brother's hand clutched in hers as both Weasleys regarded him with curious looks on their faces.

"Oh. Do you have something in your eye?" Rosie asked him, Sev not surprised that she'd figured it out so quickly. She was the smartest girl in their class after all. It was just one of the many things he fancied about her.

And seeing no point in ling about the predicament he'd found himself Sev nodded and then asked her what she and her brother were up to, informing her that he'd been on an errand for his mother so that she'd know how grownup he was despite the whole eye thing.

"Visit owls." Hugo informed him with a wide grin.

"Mum's visiting with a friend down that way. Hugo wanted to see the owls at the post office so I offered to take him." Rosie was sounding pretty proud of herself too before she pointed in the direction of Sev's bad eye. "Do you want me to try and get it out?"

Surprised, Sev blinked and then asked if she really thought she could.

"Course I can. Maybe." Biting down on her bottom lip Rosie told her brother not to go anywhere and then suddenly she was very much in Sev's personal space, the boy feeling his cheeks and ears heat up over how close she was to him, their chest nearly pressed together as she leaned it to get a look at his eye. She smelled so good too, like strawberries.

"Hold still."

"Okay." He was pretty much frozen in place at the moment anyway.

Very carefully Rosie reached out, Sev feeling the tug on his eye lashes and then she was pulling back, letting whatever it was that had gotten in his eye fall from her fingers, though one of his lashes clung to her finger stubbornly.

Rosie grinned at that, and then held the finger in question up to Sev's lips. "You need to blow it off and make a wish."


"My grandpa says that's what you're supposed to do when you lose an eyelash accidentally. If it flies off right away instead of sticking your wish will come true."

Studying her skeptically it was on the tip of Sev's tongue to tell her that she was being silly again, but the last time he'd done that she'd gotten really mad, and she had helped him. It wasn't her fault her Muggle grandparents kept filling her head with their nonsense. So instead Sev decided that he would do as he was told, though it really was silly to think that wishing on an eyelash of all things would work.

"Don't tell me what it is, either. It won't work if you do."

Since he didn't care Sev nodded and then mentally wished that when he grew up he'd be the most famous Potion Master ever. And Rosie would be married to him and they'd live in a house made of chocolate. He wasn't sure how that would work, exactly, but oh well, it was fun to think about even if the first two parts of the wish were the ones that would definitely happen.

Blowing hard Sev sent the eyelash into the wind, grinning back at Rosie when she smiled widely at him while Hugo clapped in congratulations.


With a sigh James considered moving so that he would be more in his father's line of vision so that he could see just how bored James was and remember that he should be taking him out to get ice cream as opposed to standing around talking to the Minister of Magic. Not that James had anything against Mr. Shacklebolt, he thought the old bloke was actually pretty sick and he'd been in both wars and everything, but they were talking about something 'official' which was why James was currently stuck standing by the fountain by himself. He'd been banished to the other side of the room, almost, even though he could have kept whatever they were talking about a secret. He could have.

Annoyed that they hadn't been willing to take his word for it James whirled around to scowl at the fountain, his eyes, as always, caught on the sight of all the coins that were currently just lying around under the water. When he'd been a little kid he'd thrown coins into the fountain too, but now he couldn't help but think about how much candy he could buy if he scooped up a handful of the shiny pieces of metal. It would be so easy after all, and it was just lying there, practically asking to be picked up and used. It wasn't like the fountain could buy anything with the knuts or sickles. There was probably even a galleon or two in there.

"Don't even think about it."

Tensing up, he knew that voice, James pretended not to know he was being spoken to as he continued to drag his fingers through the water as he considered the money in front of him. Which was hard to do, James mentally cursed, since the jerk was so tall and had moved to stand beside him.

Not known for his patience, it was the redhead in him, James broke in under a minute, the boy cranking his head back as far as it would go so that he could look Wren in the eye. "What do you want?"

"To prevent your father from the embarrassment of learning his son's a thief."

"I am not!"

"Oh? So you weren't thinking about helping yourself to the money in the fountain?"

"That's not stealing. People threw that money away!"

Smirking, Wren shook his head, his long white braid swaying with the action. "They didn't throw it away, that money is compensation for the wishes they all made before the tossed the coins in."

James had no idea what 'compensation' meant, but he could guess since he had been invited, as a kid, to throw a coin or two in the well and make a wish. He hadn't done that in forever though, since he was saving up his money for a Quidditch jersey he really wanted. Or trying to. He kept forgetting, and buying candy with his allowance instead.

"Only little kids wish on fountains."

"Really? Well you look pretty little to me."

"That's cause you're so tall!" Wren was the tallest person James knew besides Hagrid and Grawp and they both had giant blood. And Wren couldn't have giant's blood, James figured, cause he was so thin and pretty looking. He looked more like a Veela than a giant.

Making a considering sound Wren reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a handful of coins, sorting through them until he had two knuts, the rest going back into his pocket. Keeping one of the coins for himself Wren held the other out to James, who stared back at his suspiciously. Unlike his brother Al James didn't take things from strangers. He'd been around his Uncle George's shop enough times to know better.

"So you can wish to get taller, Shortie."

Catching the coin when it was tossed at him, James scowled. "I'm not short! I'm big! For my age."

"Then I'll wish that you get taller…so that I don't have to keep straining my neck looking down at you." And so saying Wren tossed his knut into the water.

"Ha, shows what you know. If you say it outloud it doesn't come true." James sent the man his smuggest look.

But instead of looking upset to have a child question his intelligence, Wren just grinned back at him. "Then I guess you'll be short forever."

Jaw dropping James watched the jerk WINK at him and then stroll away with an absent wave before joining the throngs of people milling around the Ministry. Short? He was going to be this size forever? No Way! That so wasn't going to happen, James thought fiercely, and just to make sure James used the knut the idiot had given him to wish he was taller than Wren when he grew up.

It would serve the prat right if it came true.


Louis was very depressed, which, given that it was his birthday, was even more terribly unfair. Very soon his cousins and friends would be arriving for what would have been the greatest birthday party ever, but it wasn't because the one person he wanted mostest to come wasn't going to be there. Rory's parents wouldn't let him come. Both papa and maman had tried to talk to them about letting Rory come, they'd said that Gabrielle could come too if they were worried about Rory being there, and Scorpius Malfoy was even coming because he was friends with Al. But still…no. Louis officially hated his future in-laws with a passion he normally reserved for people who got his clothes dirty or made fun of his stuffed animals.

And if the love of his life wasn't going to be at his birthday, Louis saw no point in living.

"Seriously? You're still moping? That's just sad."

Looking over in the direction of his sister, Louis gave Domi a dark look. "If Christopher didn't come to your birthday you'd be sad too."

Making a dismissive sound Domi rolled her eyes as she stated that Christopher would never, ever, miss her birthday. Less it was on a full moon, and then he'd make it up to her later cause he was the best boyfriend ever.

Miserable as he was, Louis took a moment to pity the boy Domi was determined to marry someday. If his sister got her way, and she normally did, Christopher was in for a long life of doing what she said. Though the boy did seem pretty tough, though that might just be all the wicked scars he had. As it was Christopher was coming to his party too because Domi had told him he had to invite him or she'd never play tea party with him again.

"Come on downstairs, already. People are starting to show up. Now."

Heaving a sigh as loud as he could, which was pretty loud if he did say so himself, Louis forced himself to put his teddy bear back on his bed before sliding off of it, dragging his feet all the way down the stairs to find that his cousins Fred and Roxy had been dropped off early because Uncle George was experimenting with weird stuff again, and Aunt Angelina had wanted them out of the house when that happened.

"Wotcher, Louis. Happy Birthday!" Roxanne grinned and waved at him, before asking why he looked so depressed. It was his birthday after all, and he wasn't supposed to get depressed about that till he was at least thirty.

Domi spoke before Louis could. "Rory can't come."

"Oh yeah, we heard about that." Roxy grinned and winked, before elbowing her brother in the side. "Didn't we, Freddy?"

"That's true. We did know." Grinning too Fred went over to retrieve a bag he'd brought with him, and then walking back over to Louis Fred held it out to him. "As a matter of fact, the most beautiful girl in the world showed up at the shop a couple of days ago to see me and ask that I give that to you. She said thanks and everything!"

"He tried to get her to kiss him as a bribe. She threatened to punch him." Roxy snickered in Domi's direction.

Eyes wide Louis reached into the bag and pulled out a box wrapped in paper that was his favoritest color ever. And the card was pretty too, but best of all was the fact that it said it was from Rory.

His high, piercing shriek of happiness had most of the people in the room wincing.

Eager to see what Rory had gotten him Louis sat down on the floor and very carefully undid the purple paper and then set it aside, opening up the box to find that inside was a purple teddy bear with a white belly and Louis's name spelled out in pretty writing on it.

Clutching the bear to his chest Louis beamed and decided then and there that when it was time for him to blow out his candles and make a wish, he was going to wish that Rory could come to his next birthday, and that he saw him soon.

"This is the best day ever!"


Having forgone their tent for the time being, the weather was perfect after all, Albus and Gellert lay snug in their sleeping bags on the grass while staring up at the sky as they waited for the first star to show up in the looming darkness. They were going to have a competition to see who could spot the most meteors when the shower started, but that wouldn't be until after midnight, which Albus's parents were convinced they wouldn't be able to stay up for. But they were determined, and had had naps earlier to help keep them up too.

"We should get some rest now and set an alarm for later." Being realistic, Gellert knew it would be hard for their young bodies to stay awake as long as they needed to, especially since Albus's mother had nixed the idea of them getting very caffeinated. She'd also been rather surprised he knew that certain beverage could keep a person up, which just went to show that his parents weren't the only ones who continuously underestimated them.

"We can have a nap after the first star shows up."

Turning his head to the side so that he was facing Albus, Gellert asked the redhead what was so important about the first star. It was just another luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity, and it wouldn't be doing anything particularly interesting since there was very little chance it would fall.

"It's not just an old star, Gellert. It's the first star. The wishing star."

"The wishing star?"

"Yes. The first star has the power to grant a wish if you wish hard enough. I always wish on them if I'm still awake to do it. Didn't your mum or dad ever tell you about wishing on stars?"

They might have, Gellert silently acknowledged, but that didn't mean a heck of a lot since he regularly tuned them out when they talked about things that made no sense or weren't real like the tooth fairy or why he shouldn't tell people how stupid they were compared to him. And the idea of wishing on a star sounded very childish and silly to him, especially since this was just a regular bit of space matter they were talking about.

But Albus did like childish stuff sometimes, even though the other boy was basically as smart as him and knew that most of the nonsense adults told kids was exactly that. Albus liked make believe for reasons Gellert had never really gotten, but had learned to accept since it made Albus happy.

"Is this from a Disney movie or a Muggle storybook?" Both of those things seemed to make Albus very irrational and prone to fits of fancy. And as the son of a Muggleborn Albus unfortunately had access to both those things in bulk. The only Disney movie Albus had gotten him to watch with any real mention of a star was the one where the stupid firefly had somehow mistaken a star for another firefly. Though that movie had made his curious about Voodoo, which was a subject Gellert planned to look into as soon as he could save up his allowance to buy some books on the subject.

"Well there are Disney movies and storybooks by Muggles that talk about first stars. There's even a song. 'When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, when you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true.'"

Gellert liked the sound of Albus singing, even if his bestest friend wasn't the best singer in the world.

"Though that's not what you say when the star comes out. When that happens you have to say 'starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight'. And then in your head you think your wish, though don't say it outloud cause then it won't come true."


"I know it's silly and kiddish, but are kids, Gellert. And every little bit helps, right?"

"Not always."


Even though he couldn't see Albus's eyes Gellert knew he was being given the puppy dog look that tended to wrap him around the redhead's finger in spite of himself. And even without being able to see them Gellert found himself sighing and agreeing to Albus's useless request.


And when the first star appeared in the sky Albus reached out and grabbed Gellert's hand, the boy faithfully reciting the lame rhyme Albus had taught him.

Albus wished that they'd be together forever.

Gellert wished that Albus would stop making him do childish things for the rest of their lives together.