A Hawks Despair

Danica, the beautiful hawk lady, Flies with grace and hope, Over a field of the burned only to leave a single daisy, While her brother lay dead on the top of a slope.

While the enemy prince who may have well been the killer still holds the life her brother once had, She has the choice to end the helpless creature's life, Instead she doesn't find the rage and replaces it with sadness.

Zane, the last prince to inherit the throne speaks of a peace that only he knows of but doesn't remember, Challenges her guards at the ministry grounds, He plans to end the war and be a mentor, His only hope is to save those of whom he still holds from a frown.

Zane holds her tightly while planting a gossamer kiss, Zane, who has just named her as his wife, He hopes that his people will agree and follow in a state of no war but bliss, He hopes his people, his wife, and family will not enter a world of strife.

Two figures move as if in an elegant dance, One avian one serpent, both trying to kill one another, Zane's startling stance, The assassin so much more prepped with armor.

Charis, Zane's mother, staggers and falls at the same time Danica loses consciousness; Just moments before she had heard an arrow gently stroking the air as it hurdled toward them, Zane looks down with a face of bleakness, She goes out with the picture of his eyes looking into hers, what now look like blood pools just seconds ago looked like beautiful gems.

The queen of both kingdoms stands proudly before her people happy to have those of which she didn't lose, She has a mother, a mate, a step-sister whom she adores, and a best friend who rules her army, Two nations who no one thought could get along fused, And now thanks to their brave leaders can chatter alongside on another carefree.