A/N: Hi everyone! The idea of this couple has been inside my head for quite some time now and I've decided to try to make something of this "obsession". So I've let go of my usual HP ship (ADMM roxxxxx ^^) and begun to write down my annoyingly distracting ideas in the form of a story (which, I hope, this time, I'll be able to finish^^'). It's about Rubeus and Minerva, how they met, what has happened to them before they met (which will come and go as my fantasy and/or my Muse decides), how they came to be together, well, actually the way I imagined it could have been/be, so one way^^

This is AU and will begin pre-HP era but will continue during the second war with Voldie dearest, I still don't know how everything will come or how it will end but I hope whatever comes of this sudden inspiration will be not too bad and that you'll like it^^

Rating: T but may rise in later chapters.

Summary: A story of our favourite Transfiguration genius and her teddy bearish friend, with allusions to their childhood, their teenage years and their adult life… I really don't know what will come of it but hey! we'll see ^^

Disclaimer: As usual, if I owned HP, you wouldn't find this kind of story here, not from me, at least ^^ So, the characters all belong to JKR except a few extras like Nana and Thomas whom you'll soon meet ^^ The story's mine GNAP! ;)


The young girl was looking through the glass of the window. She seemed absent. Her head tilted on the side and her unseeing eyes, she looked as if the raindrops falling on the glass were the most interesting thing in the world.

As the auburn haired man looked around the room, his half-moon spectacles firmly perched on his aquiline nose, he could see the corpses and the blood, some of which covered the young girl. Far away, thunder rolled and the otherwise charcoal sky was lit up for a second, allowing the man to see the scene more clearly. Sighing deeply, he produced light with the tip of his magical wand. Obviously, the explosion had happened during a reunion of the clan. He could still see the decorations, the dishes, the white tablecloths. On the corpses of the children, the women, and the men, touched all alike by death and blood, he could see the tartans, emblems, jewelry, ribbons and other clothes of sort that they all were to this kind of event.

Lost in his morbid fascination of the victims, the wizard didn't see his companion approach him from behind.

"Al, I've informed the authorities, let's take the girl with us, she needs to rest and to see a Mediwitch, not the prodding questions of the Aurors and of the Ministry officials. Tomorrow, we'll discuss what will happen to her with the guys who take care of that kind of thing…"

"I'm her godfather, Abe, I'll make sure she's well cared for, but you're right, let's take the girl home."

The other man, knowing his brother actually wanted to take in the girl added nothing but a grim smile appeared on his face as he hoped (against everything his experience was telling him) Albus Dumbledore would take care of the 7 year-old daughter of his friend, Ewan McGonagall.

The wizard with the half-moon spectacle made his way to the girl and tenderly took her very small hand in his.

"Minerva, Little One, it's time to go"

"Go where? There's no one of the clan left. There's no one to… take care of … everything" she answered, her lovely teal eyes lowered.

"Little One, you need to see the Mediwitch, then to rest. I'm bringing you to Hogwarts, so you can do both of these things. Tomorrow, we'll see what will become of you."

"Will I stay with you?"

"I don't know, Little One, anyway, now is not the time to decide. As I said, you need to be checked out and put to bed."

She didn't answer but put both her arms around his neck, burying her face in his fluffy beard. Then, without a sound, the two of them vanished, leaving the wizard's companion alone in the room, waiting for the authorities to come.

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