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Third person POV!


2 weeks had passed since the fight between Tamaki, Kyoya and Haruhi. Tamaki and Kyoya continued to interact with each other normally. Niether of them had wanted Haruhi to stop talking to them. BUT, they still had a dislike for each other.

Somewhere in Paris...I think...

"You look lovely today as always my dear Renge. You are the sunshine to my every morning." A voice came from the t.v screen where a dark blonde haired girl sat pressing buttons on a game control.
"You too Miyabi" The girl seemed entranced as she continued pressing buttons.

"Miss Renge, time for supper." A maid came into the darkened room and poked her head in.

"I DON'T WANT NO DAMN FOOD! I AM SOCIALIZING WITH MIYABI! DO NOT DISTURB ME AGAIN!" the poor maid barely dodged a vase that was thrown her way before bowing and rushing back to the kitchen.

Next Morning...

"Renge, I know you just love those visual novel games, but you should focus on a suitor and making new friends." Renge's father spoke as he took out a picture from his coat.

"Now I would want you to-"

"Oh my god! He is real!" Renge fangirled and ripped the picture of the Ootori family from her father's hands and focused on one particular person.

"Dad, which school does he attend?!" Renge exclaimed happily as she raced around her room to pack her belongings.

Her Father just stared at her with his mouth open and told her to check the back of the photo.

"Dad, I'm going to Ouran!" Renge soon got on the private jet, leaving her father to stair after her with his mouth open.

"May God have mercy on your soul, Kyoya Ootori." Renge's father managed to get out, while still staring after the small jet.

Ouran Acadamy

"Senpai, let me go!" Haruhi struggled out of Tamaki's grip.

"But Haruhi! You are adorable!" Tamaki snuggled into Haruhi's abdomen.

"Let me go you PERVERT!" Haruhi kicked him in the knee.

Tamaki howled in pain as he let go of Haruhi, and of course Haruhi scampered away before she got captured again by Tamaki.

"Princess! Please! Let me show you my love. LET ME LOVE YOU!" Tamaki limped toward Haruhi.

"Cut it out!"

"Not until you confess that you're falling for me!"



"Go away!"


And that continued throughout most of the have an hour they were there.


"Oh! I knew you were real!" A girl with dark blonde hair flung herself at Kyoya.

Kyoya stood there like a statue and just stared at the girl.

"Excuse me, miss, but I don't know you." He smoothly stated as he pushed up his glasses.

"Of course you do silly! I'm your fiance!" The girl seemed glued to Kyoya, still wrapped around him.

"WHAT?! o_O " The hosts were all staring at them with open mouths.

"Check. It. Out..." Kaoru linked arms with his twin.

"Stone hearted, stick-up-his-ass Kyoya has a fiance." Hikaru finished for his twin.

"She is obviously mistaken." Kyoya ignored Hikaru's statement.

"Of course not! I know all about you! About how you act all manly but you are really soft and like to plant flowers and cute kittens and how you are really sweet even though you don't like to show it..." The dark blonde haired girl continued on and on.

The hosts all laughed.

"Yeah that obviously is not him!" The twins wiped tears from their eyes, then they burst out laughing again.

The shadow king's eyebrow twitched.

"She is confusing me with a fictional character named Miyabi, from a roleplaying video game." he responded and tried to unglue himself from the girl.

In the background where Mori and Hunni were sitting, Hunni finally spoke.

"How do you think Kyoya knows a lot about Roleplaying games?"

"Mmm." Mori shrugged.

At that point, all the hosts were staring at Hunni.

"You know, he has a point." Haruhi looked at Kyoya.

"How do you know about all those video games?" Tamaki asked Kyoya as he started smirking.

There was a pause...

"Don't tell us you-" Hikaru and Kaoru began.

"I simply do research on the host club's customers, since they are all females they all play rp games. One being more popular than most." he said in a monotone voice.


That's the shadow king's most darkest secret...he loved RP video games, both girl and guy games alike. That and he was an alcoholic and crack addict.

Of course the forever observant Haruhi did not buy it, but decided not to say anything.

"But your resemblance!" The girl whined and reluctantly let go of him.

"Although similar, I am not who you think I am." The shadow king wrote down something in his notebook.

"What's your name?" Haruhi asked in a kind tone. The girl was nearly in tears, but looked at Haruhi.

"I-I-It's Renge." Renge had wide eyes and stared at her in a strange way.

"Well, Renge. We welcome you to Ouran!" Haruhi hugged the girl to comfort her from Kyoya's harshness. The girl blushed as she timidly hugged her back.

The others did not notice their exchange, they were busy with their dance plans.

"You want to help out?" Haruhi held onto Renge's hand, Renge looked at thier hands and looked at Haruhi's smiling face.

"Sure!" Renge smiled too and followed her toward the rest of the hosts.

'Finally! A girl friend, companion, for Haruhi! She'll be more feminine for sure!'

'hmm...they might get too cozy...'

'I have tons of ideas for this host club! They'll never know what hit them!'

All these thoughts swirled from the hosts. Their fun (or torture) will soon begin!



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Third person point of view. Authors Note at bottom :S

...*hides behind bed*...


It was a lovely day after school hours in Ouran's beautiful garden...






"Its so boring in here boss..." Hikaru started

"and its a nice day outside." Kaoru finished for his devil twin.

"Yes, even I don't want to be in this room..." Kyoya stated to the twins' surprise. The reason was that he'd been stressed out enough at home and to come and deal with Tamaki's usual bullshit was getting to him...

He needed to...relax...if you catch my drift.

And by that I mean that he is going to hide himself somewhere in a dark corner and take out his magic dust that takes away all his problems.

"Alright...whatever...I don't really care." Tamaki was in his emo corner growing mushrooms because Haruhi was giving all her attention to Renge who seemed pleased...WAY too pleased with the attention she was receiving.

"C'mon boss, we need to plan what the host club's next event will be!" The twin's dragged him from his corner.

"OOOOH! I KNOW! WE SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE!" Renge blurted out while letting go of Haruhi's hair. Haruhi was relieved and scooted away before Renge could remember she was braiding her hair.





"..hmm..mm...No Cake.."

"That would increase us financially..."

"Great! What do you think Haruhi?!" Renge turned around with a happy smile on her face and looked at Haruhi.

"Sure, Shadow King seems to agree." Haruhi pushed her hair over her shoulder as Renge stared at her with wide eyes.

"Its settled. The preparations will begin immediantly!" Renge bounced happily away chatting on her cellphone.

Haruhi sighed.

"I have a feeling I might regret this." She got up and followed after Renge, she tended to go overboard.

A few hours later!

"No! THAT'S NOT HOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO ACT! YOU'RE A FEARFUL MIDGET WITH A HUGE BODYGUARD!" Renge was shouting into a megaphone. As if her tone of voice wasn't loud enough already.

"TAKASHI!" Hunni began to wail and rub his eye as he teared up.

"SHE CALLED ME A MIDGET!" Hunni was then picked up by Mori and taken inside the host club.

Everything was not going as Renge had hoped. She still had faith that Haruhi would pull through.

Renge moved her camera crew to zoom in on Haruhi as she ran followed by two rough looking dudes.

"Where do you think you're going pretty lady?"

"She a big breasted one, ain't she?"

One of the two laughed as Haruhi was pinned to the wall of the school.

"CUT! That's enough! Now on to the next scene!" Renge said as she was relieved Haruhi did an amazing job.

Haruhi wasn't acting, she was TERRIFIED.

"Nah uh...you hired and payed us, so now we are going to finish what we're being payed to do." The brown haired one licked his lips as he threw Haruhi's jacket on the floor.

The black haired one started kissing her neck. Haruhi fought back but was overcome by their strength.

"STOP! I DID NOT PAY YOU TO DO THIS! I PAYED YOU TO ACT!" Renge turned to the film crew but they were nowhere to be found. She tried to pull the two men from Haruhi but was thrown to the ground.


With one swift and graceful kick Tamaki knocked both of the two "actors" to the floor.

"Now listen here you dirty scums, stay away from this girl or you'll face consequences with me." Tamaki looked terrifying, but the two men didn't show any fear.

"What ye' gon' do 'bout it blondie?"

Apparently that was the wrong question to ask, the men soon found themselves eating dirt. Each with bloody and bruised faces.

The cowards ran away as Tamaki turned to see if Haruhi was alright.

Haruhi was running toward the maze of roses. (A/N: I just added the maze because it would make this more interesting.)

"HARUHI!" Both Tamaki and Renge ran after her.





The host club were looking throughout the school's garden for their host king and the only 2 females of the club.

"We'll search for them in a while, I'm pretty sure Tamaki and the others are alright." Kyoya said as he pushed up his glasses.

He, along with the remaining four hosts retreated back to the host club. There they would wait until the opening of the host club, which was in two hours.

'Where could that moron be?' Kyoya thought as he clenched his fist in anger.

He didn't want Tamaki to have the upper hand in fixing his relationship with Haruhi.

'Damn him, if it weren't for Renge's carelessness I would've been with haruhi this moment' Kyoya was trembling in anger as he snapped his pen in two.

"What do you think is going on with Kyoya?" Hikaru asked his twin.

Kaoru shrugged as he too stared ar the shadow king letting off waves of anger.

"Um...guys, its best to leave him alone." Hunni said as clung onto Mori's back shaking in fear.

Both the twins scrambled backward as Kyoya turned to glare at them.

"So, do you intend to stay there gawking at me or set up before the club opens?" Kyoya said calmly yet threatenly.


So yeah...

Attack of the Lady Manager Part 3

Third Person P.O.V

"Haruhi? Where are you?" Tamaki's voice rang out through the labyrinth that was Ouran's rose garden.

Haruhi was sitting on the floor of one of the hidden rooms of the rose maze.

She was absolutely terrified and in shock. She cringed, she still felt the man's hands roaming her skin. Haruhi rocked back and forth, holding her head in her hands.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki's voice rang out softly this time. He immediately turned in the direction he heard whimpering.

He turned on his heel and parted open the green curtain-like vines that blocked the entrance to a small room. (Of course the walls were green hedges and rose bushes and the ceiling was made up of vines.)

There he found Haruhi; curled up in a ball on the floor.

"Oh Haruhi," Tamaki crouched down near her and held her wrists in his hands. "What did they do to you my sweet angel?" he brought her in for a hug.

"G-GET AA-WAY FR-FROM ME!" she shouted as she beat Tamaki with her fists.

Tamaki just sat there, letting her hit him for a moment. Then he wrapped his arms around her very tightly as she pushed and hit and tried to escape. Soon, though, she quieted down and broke down in sobs.

She clenched her hands and grabbed fistfuls of Tamaki's shirt as she pressed her face against his chest.

"I was...was...s-so...scared." she managed between muffled sobs.

Tamaki rested his cheek on Haruhi's head as he softly petted her hair with one hand and brought her closer to him with the other.

"Shhh..." he soothingly whispered in her ear, "it's okay now, you're with me. Nothing is going to hurt you my darling."

He rocked both of them back and forth for a while as Haruhi relaxed.

They seem so...so...



They seem like they belong together, if one is hurt it hurts the other...

Renge was peeking into the room. She had heard Haruhi's shouts and came running to help her.

What she found was the scene she was witnessing right now.

She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek.

You're in good hands Haruhi...

She chuckled a bit thinking over her silly crush on Haruhi.

And that is all that it will ever be.

She let go of the vines and turned to go.

As she walked away she talked to herself.

"Now that I know Haruhi is alright I can tell the other hosts." she smiled as she remembered Haruhi's peaceful face as she lay in Tamaki's arms.

"Yeah, she's fine." Renge smiled as she made her way to music room number 3.

Tamaki hummed a bit as he lay against one of the columns in the little dome shaped space with Haruhi laying on his chest.

She wasn't protesting being near him like she usually would.

After a few moments of humming, Tamaki began to sing softly;

"My sweet sunshine

My shining star

Oh how I adore you

And how you smile

For there is not

Anyone else

Who's love burns as hot

As my love does

A flower so bright

A flower so sweet

Nothing compares

Nothing can be beat

By the sound of your voice

The twinkle in your laugh

And the soft sighs

That echo through the night

I will be here

I will be with you

I will always be near

If you want me to

For the only time I will disappear

Is when my heart is broken

And you're no longer here"

He ended with humming a few more times before there was silence.

"Tamaki that was really pretty; I've never heard it before." Haruhi spoke softly not wanting to break the magic of the moment.

Tamaki shrugged a bit.

"It was a melody that has been stuck in my head for a while. I just added a few words to it." He smiled down at Haruhi.

She was slowly recovering from her shocked state.

"Well, it was beautiful." she smiled as she closed her eyes, she was emotionally drained and physically exhausted.

Tamaki layed there against the column for a moment as he felt Haruhi's breathing become slow.

"I'm such and idiot...an idiot in love." He mumbled to himself as he sighed.

He didn't want go back to the other hosts, but Haruhi needed to be comfortable.

Tamaki sighed once again as he got up carrying Haruhi bridal style. Her head was tucked under his chin as she clung to him.

Kyoya was pissed...

"Well where have you two been?" He asked in an icy tone.

Tamaki wasn't acting like himself, which bothered the shadow king very much.

He was calm, cool, and content.

Which is why he had the shadow king squinting his eyes in a death glare.

"If you were head of the Otori company, you'd cause it to shut down since you can't mind your own damn business." Tamaki responded angrily as he layed Haruhi down on a couch.

Kyoya's eye twitched, it was a low blow for him.

Tamaki smirked as he saw Kyoya's jaw clench. The shadow king turned around to face the rest of the hosts, including Renge who was as wide eyed as the rest.

"We'll be postponing the meeting. I think its best we all go home." and with that he turned to retrieve his belongings and walked out of the room.

No one said anything as they watched him leave.

"Well we think we'll leave as well." The twins rubbed the back of their heads as they too left the room.

"Takashi and I need to check in at the doujo ^_^ so we're leaving too! Bye!" Huni waved as he was carried out by Mori.

It was just Renge, Tamaki and Haruhi.

"Well, I guess I should leave to." she smiled warmly as she left.

Tamaki stared at Haruhi, she was still sleeping.

"Well its up to me to take you home, my princess."

He carried her bridal style again as he made his way to the limo waiting him.

It was a short drive and once Tamaki had retrieved the keys to Haruhi's house from her bag, he tucked her into bed.

"Sleep well, princess Haruhi." He bent down and kissed her cheek and then her forehead.

And with that he left. Leaving only a note and the rest of Haruhi's things on her night stand.

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