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I still remember the world

From the eyes of a child

Slowly those feelings

Were clouded by what I know now

-Evanescence, Field of Innocence

Chapter 1

Corrupted Innocence

Bulgaria, 1489

I plucked at the fresh herbs at the base of an old tree. Putting the herbs in a basket I had in hand, I hummed a little tune to myself.

"Well you look merry picking those herbs," came a familiar voice behind me.

I looked over my shoulder to see my best friend. Giving her a small but sweet smile, I stood up and smoothed out my old dress. "Dobur vecher, Katerina. I haven't seen you all day," my Bulgarian accent drawled out suspiciously. "Do not tell me that you were frolicking about with that man." I narrowed my eyes and frowned slightly.

Katerina frowned as well as she threw her hands in the air angrily. "I do not understand what is so bad about him! He is a good man, Mila. He loves me!"

I sighed, approaching her and putting my hands on her shoulders. "I know, I know. But the man has nothing to offer."

Katerina shrugged my hands off, seemingly more enraged. "You're my best friend, Mila! You're supposed to support me, not discourage my love for him! I thought you were different!"

I pulled her into a hug, not wanting my only friend to get any more upset with me. I wasn't very fond of other people. In fact, I preferred to be alone. Socialization wasn't my specialty. I was a quite gal who kept my distance from others. As a child I would watch the other children play, never joining them. "I just don't want to see you get hurt. I worry about you, my friend. I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

"Nothing will happen, Mila," Katerina promised. "I am happier than I ever have been. I see a future for me and Alistar."

I pulled back, giving Katerina a smile that was shy away from hesitant. "If you're happy, then I'm happy."

Katerina rolled her eyes, "you cannot live off of my happiness, Mila. You need to live your own life. Find a man to fancy, a very attractive man to fancy, that is." Katerina smirked impishly.

I scowled, "I do not need a man in my life to be happy. I am perfectly fine with how I live now."

This earned me a roll of the eyes from Katerina. "Don't be such a dolt. Your life is so boring," she dragged out. "Don't you want excitement? To experience the perils of love? You are the most beautiful woman in this village, Mila. You could get anything and anyone with your looks." She circled me, smiling wondrously all the while.

"Do not tempt me, Katerina," I warned. "And I am a modest woman."

She continued anyways, "do not be wooed by a gentile man. Those nobles are all so boring and hope to buy your affection. Find an adventurous man who fears naught. You will be nineteen years of age soon. You're not getting any younger."

I scowled, "you know that my brother would stone me if I even thought about marrying a peasant."

Katerina grinned widely, knowing that she had won. "I thought you were never going to get married. What happened to you objecting to the idea of romance?"

I glared, my amber eyes piercing hers. "It's not like I have a choice. Brother will force me to marry even if he must drag me to the ceremony by force. Besides, even if my brother does force marriage upon me soon, I will not love them. Therefore there shall be no romance." My face fell as I talked about my brother. "Besides, I've shamed him enough," I mumbled.

Katerina stopped her circling. She knew exactly how my brother was with me. "You are still trying to seek his approval? When are you going to give up and realize that it doesn't matter what he thinks?" she demanded in frustration. I knew she was just concerned for me.

"He is all I have left, Katerina," I whispered.

"You have me," she said softly. "He only causes you hurt."

"But he's right!" I raised my voice slightly. "I can never do anything right. I am such a disappointment… I might as well have been born an illegitimate child!" With that, I stormed off. My mood had suddenly gone south very quick. I did not want Katerina to try to convince me that I wasn't a failure when I knew I was. Neither did I want consoling.

I returned to the cabin to find that Vladmir, my brother, wasn't home. I guessed that he was in his workshop working. Vladmir was the blacksmith of the village. Despite being good at what he did, we were still very poor. The fact that my father was an alcoholic didn't help our money problems.


I jumped in surprise, spinning around instantly. My brother's tall and muscular frame stood in the doorway. I must have looked like a dolt just standing there like that. "Y-yes?"

"Did you do as I asked you to?"

I simply nodded, handing him the basket.

"Go make yourself useful. Our drunkard of a father is causing problems at the tavern again," his tone clearly showed spite. "Make sure that he gets home without causing any more trouble. Don't screw up," he growled the last part.

I bit the side of my cheek and nodded, quickly scurrying past him.

I made my way to the tavern, trying to be as invisible as possible. This seemed to impossible, for many of the villagers still stared at me regardless. Most with pity, knowing that I was going to fetch her drunkard of a father, some with dreamy eyes- those were from the men of cause. Sometimes I felt as if they were openly undressing me with their eyes, especially the intoxicated men in the tavern. I always felt quite uncomfortable going there, and also embarrassed.

I entered the tavern with an expressionless face that betrayed how uncomfortable I felt when all of the men's eyes went to me. Woman did not come to the tavern. For us it was considered barbaric and un-lady like. Any who dared to hang out at the tavern would be considered a whore by the rest of the village woman, for it was improper to hang around so many men- though I viewed it more as society not allowing woman to be free spirited. Not that I cared, I wouldn't hang around the tavern even if it wasn't looked down upon. I preferred being alone, and the only company I enjoyed was Katerina's.

I spotted my father, Ivailo, arguing with the tavern owner, Jerome. He was demanding another drink, which Victor refused to give. I didn't blame him. My father was dangerously intoxicated and probably bit off more than he could chew. He was yelling curses and threats. And I knew that if I didn't bring him home know he probably would end up breaking something that we'd have to pay for later. Our family already had enough debts in needing to pay off; we didn't need my father adding more.

"Father," I tugged on his arm, "that's enough."

He turned his drunken anger towards me. "What'cha think ya' doin' hurr girl? Woman not suppose tah be here," he slurred horribly.

I scrunched my nose at the smell of his breath. "Sorry Jerome," I apologized quietly. "How much?"

Viktor shook his head, waving me off. "Don't worry about it tonight, Mila. You go through enough having to deal with this drunk kopele," he grumbled. "Hurry home now before it gets too dark. I don't want any of these drunken men to stumble out of the tavern and upon you."

I gave him one of my rare small smiles that I didn't show anyone besides Katerina. To the rest of the villagers I was a stoic and unhappy gal who didn't know joy. I wondered if my stoic expression was the reason why I never had friends as a child. It seems I came off wrong.

Tugging on my father's arm, I began to lead him out of the tavern- well, he stumbled.

The trip home was longer than necessary, due to the fact that my father had no sense of direction. Every time he was about to fall, I had to tug harshly on his tunic to keep him from landing face first in the dirt. When I wasn't able to catch him, I had to help him up- which was a lot easier said then done. My father was a big and burly man. Albeit I had inherited his tall stature, being 5'7", I was a skinny gal. His weight was overbearing. His cursing and complaining didn't ease my irritation. But I showed no signs of my frustrations, pursing my lips instead. I didn't say a word, just silently guided him. Eventually we did make it home though.

As soon as he stumbled into the house, he turned towards me. "Close… close the door, Mila."

I did what he told without question.

I turned back to him to receive a sudden slap to the face. I didn't show any surprise, but that didn't mean I wasn't scared. None of this was new. It was all part of my daily lives. When my father was drunk he always became aggressive. He directed his aggression towards me. Gracing me with pointless and countless beatings just to satisfy his thirst. I was like his punching bag.

"Blast it, child! Who do ya think you are! Waltzing in a tavern like a common whore!" he backhanded me on the right side of my cheek this time, sending me sprawling onto the floor. "You are just like yer mother. No better than a dog!"

Getting on my hands and knees, I tried to crawl away. But father dearest would have none of it. Grabbing my hair, he dragged me into his bedroom with me kicking and screaming all the way. My scalp burned as he threw me against the wall. I hit it with a loud thud as pain shot up my back.

"Trying tah escape so ya can sleep around more, ya filthy whore! No daughter of mine will lie around like a swine!" This time he punched me in my cheekbone. Grabbing my arm harshly, he threw me on his bed. His beatings continued more violently this time. I could feel a wet liquid beginning to exit my nose and my left eye started to feel hot and I began to feel disoriented. He must have given me a concussion from all the blows to the head. If past out I wouldn't have been surprised, it wouldn't be the first.

"So you like sleeping with men, eh?" my disoriented vision saw his hands go to his belt as he began to take it off. At first I believed he was going to whip me like he always did, but then he began to undress himself.

My pained boy ran cold with fear. "No…" I managed to mumble out, despite the fact that my tongue felt thick and heavy. I felt like I had too much ale, even though I hadn't even drunk. "What… are you…" I couldn't finish my sentence.

"Teaching ya a lesson," he slurred in a dangerously low voice. He sounded husky almost.

Albeit my father was abusive, he never attempted such sexual acts towards me. I had never been so scared before in my life. My father had created an illusion that I was a whore, even though I had never even slept with a man in my entire life. I held my virginity sacred, like a modest woman. "Don't…"

He climbed onto the bed and began tugging at my old dress. I never could afford to have a nice one.

I found the strength to fight and began struggling and screaming for my brother to no avail. I managed to scratch his face which was a big mistake. It only made him more aggressive and hungry for sexual pleasure. His tugs on my dress were rough as he began tearing it. I tried to pry his large hands off, but he easily over powered me.

I felt extremely exposed as he managed to get the top half of my dress off, exposing my bosoms. His eyes roamed over the top half of my body. "Now I can see why any man would pay for your body," he said in a low, husky voice.

As he got on top of me, I could feel his hardness against me. Bring his lips to mine he began to kiss me harshly. I almost threw up from the feeling of his rough and cracked lips against mine. I had always imagined my first kiss to be a good experience to remember. Never like this, never by my own flesh and blood.

He didn't even bother to undress me all the way (I was partially thankful for that) as he lifted up the bottom part of my dress and put his self in position. Without warning, he entered. A rippling pain shot through my body for he was rather large. I felt as if my insides were being torn apart. Just when I thought the pain couldn't get any worse, he began to thrust roughly inside me. Not even bothering to be gentle at all as he took my virginity.

I didn't scream, nor make any sounds. For the only sounds that were being made was the moan of pleasure coming from my… that… that horrible man. The only sign of my suffering was tears that trailed down my pained face. And slowly, I felt myself drifting off….

When I awoke I was on my back, my top half completely bare. I just lied there, feeling cold and empty. Not even the burning pain in my back and my lower area. Father had whipped my back with his belt as he attempted to keep me conscious. I felt icky with dried blood staining my back and in between my legs.

I felt so… impure… so dirty… I felt like a true whore. I had let him rape me, let him. I couldn't get him off me. I couldn't escape. He had taken the one thing that I held sacred. The one thing that I told myself that I wouldn't give to any man. Yet it had been taken away from me so easily. I couldn't even cry. I was so pathetic.

I don't know how long I lay there, staring at nothingness with a blank expression. Not even moving a muscle. The pain became dull, and I became numb. I wish that he had killed me afterwards so I wouldn't have to bear such shame. It was incest… it was taboo…

"Mila…?" came a familiar voice in disbelief. I didn't even bother to turn my head as I heard the person run across the room and onto the bed, shaking my shoulders. "Mila! Oh god, please tell me your alive!"

Slowly I blinked, not even bothering to look at her. I couldn't… I couldn't look at my best friend… I couldn't bare the shame of it. "Go away," I whispered; my voice came out raspy from lack of use. "Don't look at me… just… go."

"No, no, Mila, no…" her voice began to tremble.

I began to sit up, slowly. The pain returned at the sudden movement, but I didn't even bother showing it. My glassy eyes looked at Katerina whose own eyes were glazed with unshed tears. Her bottom lip began to tremble.

"Mila," she pulled me into her chest as she held on tightly. Katerina's body began to shake as she began crying hysterics. "I'm… I'm so sorry. If I was there…" she trailed off, her sobs overtaking anything she had to say. For awhile we stayed like that, with her holding me like a child. When her hysterics turned to sniffles, she pulled me back to look at me.

I wiped her tears. "Ne plachi, Katerina," I said softly.

"How can I not? I never imagined he would… would do this to you!"

Of course she knew who did it. Who else in the village would have done such a thing? I wonder what my brother would have done if he was the one to find me instead? It didn't matter now. He could never know, ever. He would probably be so ashamed of me.

Katerina helped me bathe myself, for I struggled to. My legs felt like jelly and my arms felt heavy. I felt so useless.

"Do you want me to stay over?" Katerina asked me softly as we sat on my bed. I was clean, but I still felt so dirty, like nothing had changed at all.

I shook my head, refusing to speak. I hadn't said a thing for hours.

She looked a little hesitant, like she had something to say.

"What?" my tone came out meanly.

She smiled, looking past the way I had spoken to her, "Nothing. Just rest, okay?" she motioned to rub my arm in a comforting way, but I flinched back. Katerina understood though, and did not take offense. "Goodnight, Mila." She soon left me alone.

So I was wondering whether this should be rated M or not. Does the rape scene count as a lemon or not? I don't want to be reported or anything.


Dobur vecher- good evening

Kopele- bastard

Ne plachi- don't cry