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After School

When I got home from school, I heard moaning coming from my sister's room and I found my parents and sister in bed. Dad had his cock in Nessie's face and my mom had her fingers in Ness's Pussy. I had to felling to start touching myself so I striped of my tube top, bra, boy shorts and thong. And walked over to my mother's pussy and I started licking her wet pussy. All of the sudden, Dad had his cock near my entrance, Nessie was putting her fingers up my pussy and my mother was sucking on my nipples.

Daddy put his cock into my entrance and I moaned in pleasure. His thrusts were heavenly. Nessie started licking my mother's pussy and she screamed "I'm Cumming, my little whores!" And she cumed all over my little sister's face. My dad was next he cumed inside of me and I smiled as I remembered this morning's sexapaied. My Sister and I came at the same. "Fuck!" We screamed at the same time. We heard a car pull up. I looked out the window and realized it was Edward. We all got dressed quickly and ran downstairs. I answered the door, looking surprised to see Edward. "Ready for our fuck?" He asked. I nodded and Ran to get my iPhone.