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- The Battosai never existed and Kenshin is still training his swordsmanship.

- Megumi's family is still alive

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Two years after the revolutionary wars and the Meiji Government took over, a law was passed. "Every child under eighteen years of age is hereby required to attend educational establishments and better further the growing economy of the Meiji Era. Failure to comply with these rules will result in imprisonment of the guardian and child, resistance of this law is punishable by death. "

Soon children and adolescents were incorporated into school systems and the movement for education began. After twelve successful years the Meiji Government's various educational laws formed Japan into a prosperous nation filled with brilliant minds and rich economy.

A great sword master Kamiya, KoshijirĊ from the revolutionary war, returned and built Kamiya Gakkou as the first school in Tokyo, enabling the resident children to be educated without having to travel away to another city. The school was funded by government grants and attracted teachers from all over to run the from all over Tokyo came here to be educated by the capable staff in studies of math, science, writing, reading, history, and medicine. Over the ten years that the school has ran, it has trained great doctors, scientists, authors, and even some teachers becoming one of the most well-known schools in all of Japan. Koshijiro passed away on the tenth year of his creation's running, leaving behind his daughter Kamiya, Kaoru, and adoptive son Myojin, Yahiko to inherit the title to Kamiya Gakkou.

"Class we have a new student." Said the teacher as a red-haired boy walked up to the desk and turned to peer out at the students. "This is Himura, Kenshin. He is a student from Chiba, Mr. Himura, would you like to say anything to your new classmates?

The boy shook his head and the teacher nodded. "Well then, go take the empty seat right over there." The teacher pointed to the seat and the boy nodded and walked timidly over there to the seat and sat down.

"Class, read section nine of the history book," the teacher demanded as the students turned the pages to begin their lesson.
A young man in the back of the class room with spiky brown hair and a white karate uniform glanced down at his book and with a lazy expression. Sighing, he opened it and flipped to the respective page. As soon as his eyes catch a glimpse of the text's title, his pulse quickens and his body stiffens. Glaring down at the book he grit his teeth and closed his eyes, shrouding his vision in the haze of darkness. Once his thoughts cleared and he was able to let out a slow sigh, only to open them again and the rage boil within as he read the title once more.

Sekihotai: The False Army.

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