A/N: Trying out a really weird crossover idea here. Sailor Cosmos is my favorite scout and form of Sailor Moon. She is a wonderful person and has a scarred soul. She is very mature having lived in a long struggle against Chaos but wishes she could return to how things were when she was happy. She is a fallen queen with nothing left but the hope and courage she gained during a visit to her past. This courage is what helped her to defeat Chaos, but what did she do afterwards?

To Gain what is Lost


She'd found the courage to lose everything and the courage to save everything that had been lost. However, that didn't change the fact that she had lost everything she'd once held dear to her heart. At one time, she'd had a family. Her husband and daughter had both been lost to Chaos. She'd once had numerous friends who were as dear as family. They, too, had been lost to Chaos. In her despair she'd traveled back in time to help herself in the past. While she'd succeeded in that, it didn't change her future. Her timeline was an alternate from the one she'd helped make for her younger counterpart. However, in understanding the strength she'd once had and forgotten, she gained back her own strength. That is how she defeated Chaos in her time.

The former queen sat on a grassy hill in the once glorious kingdom of Crystal Tokyo. While some survivors had started to rebuild the kingdom with help from Cosmos, the ones who were dearest were to remain as they were: stars in the distant night sky. With most of the kingdom destroyed and Chaos gone, Cosmos had resigned from her title as queen and decided to become an everyday citizen. Though, the people believed in her and unofficially gave her a leadership position. Life had been this way for about 3 or 4 years, since the end of Chaos. Now, Chaos would return someday, as all starseeds do, but it would be a while and Chaos might not even be aware of its identity when it did come back.

"Cosmos, we just finished rebuilding the eastern sector earlier today." A man with black hair and an impressive mustache informed her. She nodded in acknowledgement of his statement and stood up, brushing the grass and specks of dirt from the skirt she wore. It was a knee-length skirt, a soft pink color, with lace details at the bottom edges. Her shirt was white, sleeveless and form-fitting.

"Good to hear, Kota. How go repairs in the southern sector?" She smiled at him with her purest smile, causing the man to hesitate due to distraction.

"Oh, we've just finished the library construction. Unfortunately, all the books and computers were destroyed in the war with Chaos. We should be able to have our historians and writers restock the library with knowledge in a few years' time." Kota told her this with much pride.

"Thank you for the update, Kota." She nodded toward him respectfully, her long white hair following her movements despite being tied up in heart-shaped pigtails. She looked ahead at the city being constructed. The palace used to be at the center of it all. But where it once stood was just a crumbled ruin. She'd decided that the rest of the city would be rebuilt first and wouldn't allow the survivors to spare a thought on rebuilding a palace for a queen who had failed the kingdom. In all honesty, she wasn't even sure what she wanted to do with her life now. She'd defeated her strongest enemy, learned enough lessons for as many lifetimes as she could imagine and had none of her family or closest friends to share it with. She had made friends of those who still lived in Crystal Tokyo but her heart was still broken. She felt emptiness like a big black hole. The black hole would devour any attempt she made at filling it.

Kota had gone toward his own home at some point while she'd quietly contemplated her state of being. That's just it; she just was, now. She felt that her reason for living had passed with her heart. She did care about the people left but knew that they could manage without her as they had when she left to go to the past.

She kept walking to her own humble abode as her mind raced. She entered the house and walked straight to the bedroom through the doorway right adjacent from the entry. Her dwelling was small but she was fine with that since she was only one person. She wasted no time in getting under the covers and hugging her pillow in an attempt to sleep. She closed her eyes and again saw that horrific day. The day that Chaos had destroyed her home and those dearest to her heart.


Once the nightmare had run its course, as it did every night, she feared her subconscious would show it to her again. But instead, her mind was filled with images of a city. This city was not from the 30th century but looked like one in the 21st century. She remembered that time fondly in her childhood memories. However, it didn't look like Japan. The streets were busy like Tokyo, but the street signs were all written in English—and they were everywhere. Was this… America? She took a few steps forward, not sure if she was having an out of body experience or if someone would see her.

She was in her Cosmos uniform, staff in hand. Something urgent was going on somewhere nearby, for she heard sirens echoing between the tall buildings as they do. A few people ran up to her, one holding out a hand. This man was tall, blond and built like a tank. His muscled physique was only emphasized by the uniform he wore. The top he was blue until it reached to about the bottom of his sternum; below the blue were vertical alternating red and white stripes. He wore a dark brown belt that held up dark blue pants. A circular shield was strapped around his left forearm. It had a large white star in the middle surrounded by a blue circle. From there, three more circles circled the star, getting progressively larger up to the edge of the shield. The order of the color was red, white and then red again.

A mask, attached to his top like a hood on a jacket, was pulled down as he looked at her. His mouth moved, but no words came out. Whatever he'd said, it seemed important, so she took his gloved hand and tried to speak.

"Let's go." Those words escaped her lips. She'd heard her own words as the rest of this world had become muffled.

"Yes, Usagi, let's go." The blond man replied. His voice was deep, filled with confidence.


It was then that Usagi woke. Her white hair was a mess and she put her right palm to her forehead, wondering what that had been about. Where was that? Who was that man? Why was she there? She wondered all these things at a breakneck pace until she heard his voice echoing in her thoughts. He'd used her name. She hadn't heard anyone call her that since everyone had died. Most people just called her Cosmos now because her blonde hair had permanently turned white after becoming Sailor Cosmos. She was a different person now, at least, to them she was. But to this mystery man she would be… herself?

End Prologue

A/N: So what did y'all think of my newest crossover idea? It just came to me a little while back and I wasn't really sure if I wanted to go anywhere with it but I decided to treat this as a sort of pilot. And I'm up late anyway, because I have rude neighbors drinking and shouting in the courtyard outside my window for the second night in a row. Let me know what you all think; I'd love to know if this could go somewhere.