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The Desk

Takeru walked through the Shiba house and could hear the voices of Ryunosuke, Chiaki, Mako and yet, he had a hard time remembering Kotoha's voice. "Lord-Sama" she always called him. Mako would be so bold as to call him Takeru, but Kotoha had the innocence that touched his heart. It has been months, no a year since they had all gone back to their normal lives. He heard Mako had returned from Hawaii, but he had not seen her, maybe one day. Ryunosuke had been busy with his Kabuki dancing and he gets a note from him now and then. Chiaki stops in when he is home from college, but he has been busy with his exams. Takeru smiled as he thought of Genta in Paris. He finally got his 3-star rating, once he let Daigouyou do the pressing of sushi!

It was just he and Jii. Jii was busy learning guitar, English and cooking. Takeru considered going on a trip to the US, but to go alone, he thought not. His English had improved and he studied Jii's books without him knowing it. It was actually fun to learn. Takeru left the practice yard and went into the house. He sat at the desk and thought he would write a note to Kotoha in English! Takeru took out pen and paper and had to remember to go left to right and across the paper, and then start again underneath.

Takeru told her that he missed all of them and thought of them often. He told her of Jii's studies, he forgot to say Jii was learning English. He told her that Jii was learning to cook and he was too, actually he was a better cook then Mako. "That should make her smile," he thought. He closed the note and told her how much he missed her honesty and her smile. He signed it only with a T. He put it in an envelope and wrote to My Yellow on the front. He would have to get the address and mail it. He then placed the Shiba crest on the back and slipped the envelope in the cubby hole in the desk.

...Meanwhile in the U.S., Emily and Mia were shopping. They had remained close since the defeat of Master Xandred, and they often did things. Mia was now seeing Antonio and Emily was so happy as the two of them were perfect for each other. Emily had just gotten her own apartment so the girls were furniture shopping at a second-hand store.

"Mia look here." Emily ran her hand over the smooth wood of an ornate wooden desk. It had oriental detail and was finely crafted. "Isn't it wonderful." She could not take her eyes off of it.

"You have a good eye for furniture." The salesman told her. "There were only two made. We were lucky to have it, as the other is still in Japan." Emily felt so drawn to the desk, it held her attention and she just had to have it. She looked at the tag, $1500, she could never afford it. It was way more than she could spend as her budget was not that big and she had many things left to get. It was a luxury that would have to wait. The salesmen watched as the pretty blonde with the sparkling eyes and smile that out shown the sun was deciding. He knew she liked the desk, no loved the desk, and he also knew that she could not afford it. It always happened; someone who would take the best care of a piece like this was the ones who didn't have the cash.

"As much as I would love to have this desk, it is out of my price range. I am so sorry." She added the last part more for herself, then the salesman.

"Of the price, what is the amount you could afford?" He asked her, he was thinking of a plan.

"I could go $500." She told him. He smiled at her and asked her to wait a moment while he spoke to another customer. When he returned he had a calendar with him.

"I see how much you like this desk and I know what it is like to not be able to get it. So.. I could let you have the desk for the $500 and if you would work for me a few hours a day. I find you very refreshing and you would bring a breath of air to my customers."

Emily was shocked. She thought about it and readily agreed. The desk would be hers and she would be able to work the rest of it off. She and Mia left the store and the desk would be delivered in a few days.

The desk arrived as planned and Emily was thrilled. She could not understand how a desk could mean so much to her, but it was hers now and she loved it. She spent two hours a day during the week at the store for a month and that would pay it off. She got the polish out and sat down to investigate the desk. The phone rang, and it was Mia.

"Is the desk there?"

"IT IS!" Emily said breathlessly into the phone. "It is the most beautiful thing."

"Terrific. Oh, Guess what? I talked to Jayden a couple of days ago."

"That is wonderful, how is he?" Emily asked. She was sad to say that she had not kept in touch.

"He is great and guess what? He is learning to cook!"

"No!" Emily laughed. She could just picture him cooking. "Is he really that bored?" She asked her friend whose cooking was a disaster.

"Probably. He says he misses all of us. Well, I really wanted to just find out if the desk arrived. We'll get together later in the week and I'll see how it looks in your place. See ya." Emily smiled and hung up the phone. She grabbed the cloths and started working on the desk.

She worked for about an hour and the desk shined. So then Emily started investigating all the drawers and all. Then she opened a cubby hole and slipped her hand in. She pulled out an envelope. "What? I wonder who left this here and how long it has been in the desk." She said out loud to no one except herself.

It was a red envelope and she looked at the front, it was addressed to "My Yellow." Em gasped, she turned it over, and there was the Shiba seal! How fun, Jayden slipped a note in there after Mia told him I bought the desk. How sweet! She thought as she carefully opened the note.

Emily read the letter and she laughed at the part of his learning to cook. Yet it seemed a bit formal and didn't sound like the way Jayden would write. Yet he told her about Ji and him learning so many things. He went on and wrote about all things and some thoughts he had. The letter was not short; it was three or so pages. She loved it and at the end he signed it with a single J.

Emily laid the note down and had dinner. She went to work at the local music store where she taught students to play the flute. Tonight was her night off from the furniture store and so after the last student she went home to slip into bed. She fell fast asleep and she woke up about an hour later, almost as if someone was calling her. Emily got out of bed, poured a glass of milk and grabbed a couple of cookies. She sat down at the desk and set out to answer the note. Once she started writing, she just kept writing. She told him about the desk and how she got it and how there were only two desks made. She told him she was looking forward to tasting some of his cooking and she hoped it was better then you know who's (a certain pink) she added. She told him about her teaching the children the flute and that she was sitting at her desk right now writing to him drinking milk and eating cookies. She ended the letter by asking him to say hello to Ji. She signed it Forever Yellow. She placed the note in a soft yellow envelope and put My Red on the front. She then put the letter in the cubby hole and would mail it on her way to work.

Yawing and stretching, she glanced at the clock and it was 4 am. She had sat and wrote all this time. She shuffled back to bed and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Takeru went to the desk as he had forgotten about his note to Kotoha. He opened the cubby hole and he looked and his eyes widened in surprise. Instead of his envelope, he pulled a soft yellow envelope from the slot. He gave a short gasp and dropped it on the desk. He backed away and wondered what was going on. He walked back to the desk and looked at the envelope. There was written, My Red. Curiosity got the better of him and he picked up the letter once more. He caught the scent of fresh flowers; he smiled and opened it up. He read the note and laughed about the desk. He had thought that Kotoha liked Mako's cooking, but apparently not. He could picture her teaching children to play the flute; she would be so good with them. Takeru walked around the house reading the letter over and over. She told him so many things, things he never knew. Hopes and dreams she had. She had answered him in English and he had not realized she knew the language so well. The wording was a bit different then he would have expected from Kotoha, but then sometimes people wrote differently then they spoke. It was nice and he felt drawn to the desk to answer.

Takeru sat at the desk, in front of him laid the yellow-flower scented note. He had a hundred things to say, but yet he could put nothing down on the paper. He had hid his feelings for so long and it was hard to open up. He remembered the times of Kotoha looking at him for guidance, acceptance and she seemed so young, yet when he read the letter over he thought she sounded older. He took up the pen and said hello. Then, the words just poured out. He told her that he knew she was doing wonderful at teaching. She had patience and the skill of the flute. He told her that he had heard her play many times, yet had never told her how wonderful it was. The music lightened his burden and lifted his spirit. He told her of Jii's latest culinary try - meatloaf! He told her that it wiggled and Jii had put some sort of mashed potato in the middle. He said he was sure he had food poisoning from it. As Takeru was signing the note Jii came in. So he added a PS at the bottom, Jii just came in, he says to tell you hello and that he misses your smiling face.

He slid the letter into the envelope and sat tapping the envelope on the smooth desk top. Strange, he put his first note in there and never posted it. Then it was gone and in its place was a note from Kotoha. 'It is odd, but I am going to put it in there again and see what happens.'Takeru went to train in the yard, but the letter kept coming to his mind. She said she had a desk and there were only two made...he ran back to the desk and took out the note, good it was still there. He took it out and said, My Favorite Yellow, Please tell me about your desk. Describe it to me. Once again, he slipped it back into the cubby hole. He sat there for a long time, every few minutes he checked to see if it was still there. He told himself, 'Don't be silly, it is going nowhere, the first was just a strange happening.'He then rose from the chair and went to get ready for dinner, he hoped there was no more meatloaf.

When will Takeru and Emily realize that it is not Kotoha and Jayden they are writing to? What will happen when they DO find out?