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Chapter 3: You're My Princess

It was a good thing Tamaki had caught Haruhi before she fainted completely on the ground, or else the magnificent dress she was wearing would have been ruined.

The two were now sitting in the black limousine in silence. Haruhi was a bit peeved.

Why does that number seem to follow me everywhere? she mentally grumbled. It all started with that stupid 8 million yen vase!

Though she tried to be angry, she didn't deny that she was a bit grateful for the expensive vase. If she hadn't accidentally knocked it over, she would of never been able to get to know the hosts of the Ouran Koukou Host Club. Though, she would never admit that out loud.

Tamaki was only silent because he was getting lost in his overactive imagination again. He was thinking of all the good things that would come out of having dinner with his beloved tonight, and he grinned with glee.

Then, all of a sudden, his mind started thinking of all the bad things that could happen tonight.

-Tamaki's Inner Mind Theatre-

"Haruhi, I can't keep this to myself any longer! I love you with all my heart! Let us go elope together to Fairyland!" Tamaki proclaimed, leaning in to kiss the love of his life on her delicate pink lips.

"What? Tamaki-senpai, you're such a pervert! Get away from me! I don't feel like that towards you! You're just my senpai, nothing more, nothing less! Get out of my life!" Haruhi shrieked, pushing him off of her.

"B-But…" Tamaki sniffled, feeling as if he was about to cry.

"But what? I don't see you as a lover to me, Tamaki-senpai! Go away!" The brunette yelled, stomping out of the restaurant, leaving onlookers to laugh at the crying blonde that was on the table for two.

~Back to the present~

"H-Haruhii! Noo~!" Tamaki wailed, reaching out in the air in front of him to an imaginary Haruhi.

"What are you doing, Tamaki-senpai?" an annoyed Haruhi asked. No doubt he was having one of his little fantasies again, she thought.

The blonde looked at her for a moment with small tears in his eyes before launching himself onto her, embracing her tightly.

"Haruhi! Don't leave me, please! I can't stand being hated by you! Please forgive me!" Tamaki wailed loudly into her soft brown hair.

"W-What are you talking about! I don't hate you! Where did you get that idea from?" she squeaked into his chest.

Tamaki sniffed. "You said you didn't feel the same way I do for you! I don't mind if you don't like me back, just please don't leave my side!" he said, wailing again.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" she exclaimed angrily. She tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge. He was still holding on to her tighter than ever before. "Get off of me!" she yelled. When Tamaki got off of her, she felt a bit cold, missing his warmth a little. She tried to fix the creases on her dress immediately.

"O-Oh. S-Sorry, Haruhi. I thought…" his voice drifted off. It seemed Tamaki finally realized that the brunette sitting in front of him was the real Haruhi.

"It's-…" she stopped talking, realizing that the limo had come to a halt. She looked at Tamaki, noticing that he seemed anxious and nervous. Is he nervous because it's his first time coming to a 'commoner' restaurant? she pondered.

Tamaki finally managed to look at her and cracked a nervous smile. He opened the car door for her to exit and stepped out after her. Tamaki noticed Haruhi looking at him with a curious gaze. He smiled once again and offered her his arm. When he saw that she was staring at him confused, he chuckled and responded to her silent question.

"Shall we, princess?" he asked, his arm still outstretched.

Haruhi blushed and looked around the front of the restaurant, realizing that there were many other people entering the place, arm-in-arm.

She looked back at her senpai and hesitantly took his arm through hers, making him smile with happiness.

The restaurant he had taken her to was Brasserie Du Vin, one of the most famous French 'commoner' restaurants. Even though it wasn't overly fancy, it was still a bit pricey, she noticed.

"Tamaki-senpai, you already paid 8 million yen for my dress. How can I let you pay for this expensive food?" she asked, intimidated of the cost of most of the food.

"Haruhi, I belong in the wealthiest family of Japan, so money isn't really a problem for me," he laughed. "Besides, I told you that no matter what, I was going to spoil you like a true princess tonight," he smiled, confident.

Haruhi tried to open her mouth to respond, but realized that nothing would change his mind now, seeing as how they were already here.

Tamaki walked up to the Maître d' behind the podium and said, "Suoh, table for two."

The Maître d' looked up immediately to see a handsome blonde man accompanying a beautiful brunette on his arm. He smiled.

"Right away, Suoh-sama," the Maître d' replied, bowing, before escorting the pair to their table with two menus in hand. He placed the two menus on either side of the table before bowing and leaving.

Tamaki quickly walked over to the right chair and slid it out for Haruhi, bowing. "Please, sit, princess," he said courteously.

Haruhi blinked for a second before slipping into the chair, with Tamaki pushing her seat closer to the table before he sat down in his own chair.


It took a while for them to decide on a dish, but with the help of their waiter's recommendation, they finally decided on what they wanted.

For the appetizer they chose the frog's legs to challenge themselves. Tamaki was the first to try one and his face turned into a grimace after swallowing a little bite. His face even turned a bit green, but he looked at Haruhi and forced a pained smile and a thumbs up. Just by looking at the blonde's face, Haruhi decided not to eat one.

For their main course, Haruhi chose the Pot au feu, a French beef stew with mixed vegetables, while Tamaki decided on Coq au vin, a French braise of chicken cooked with wine (Burgundy), lardons, and mushrooms.

Their dinner was not uncomfortably silent. It was a pleasant silence, both feeling warmth in their hearts at being able to eat with each other without any distractions from the other Hosts.

They had warmed up to each a lot more, both talking about their pasts, or what they intend to do later on in life. When Tamaki had added that he wanted a happy marriage and some kids, he was looking at Haruhi with eyes full of sweet love and passion for her, though, she didn't notice it at all.

When she was talking so confidently about her dream to become a lawyer like her mother, Tamaki couldn't help but admire her passion and hard-work to pursuing her dream. He wanted to be as strong as her, to be able to move on from not being able to see her mother anymore, but he knew that if his mother died, he would never be able to move on. Nothing would be able to repair his broken heart if he found out that his mother had died.

When that thought crossed his mind, Tamaki suddenly realized that that wasn't true. He knew something, or someone, that could help mend and heal his torn heart if his mother died.

And that was Haruhi.

As they were eating their crepes, Tamaki suddenly wanted nothing more than to pull Haruhi in his arms and confess his love for the beautiful brunette.

He swallowed the burning lump in his throat, nervous. Digging into his pocket for the black box, he opened his mouth to call her until…

Haruhi's phone rang.

Tamaki quickly shoved the black box back into his pocket before watching her take the phone out of her purse and answering.

"Hello? Hikaru?" Haruhi asked, surprised.

Tamaki's eyes widened.

"Oh… really? Wait, what? How-… Okay, yeah. But shouldn't Tamaki-senpai be informed about this? Oh, you're gonna call him after this? Alright," she answered into the mobile device, while looking at Tamaki, "I promise I'll be there soon," she said before hanging up.

"Tamaki-senpai?" she asked quickly. She needed to get to the Hitachiins' house now.

"Y-Yes?" he replied, his voice disappointed.

"I'm sorry about leaving you and not being able to finish the crepe, but Hikaru and Kaoru really need me right now, so I have to head over to their house," she said, bowing. "Hikaru told me he was going to call you after I finished talking to him," she added.

"R-Right…" he said, standing up. "You can go ahead and wait in the limo while I go up and pay," he told her.

"Actually, it's fine, Tamaki-senpai. Hikaru already sent for a car to come pick me up," she replied, before dashing out the door.

Tamaki sat back down in his chair, not believing what just happened. He crossed his arms on the table in front of him ducked his head between arms, covering his face like a miserable child.

His heart was starting to throb painfully, making his face clench up in pain.


Please don't leave me…

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