"Hey Tris, you seem...like I'm the last person you want to see" His smile faded a little, sensing my initial coldness towards him. He took a step back, his arms falling to his sides, and looked at me, either letting me leave or explain to him what was wrong.

With that, my feelings of coldness eased, and I let my face relax into a warmer and more comforting form. I rubbed my hands over my eyes and let my tense shoulders relax. I didn't want to feel comfortable around him, but I couldn't help it. That's just how he made me feel.

"I'm sorry, Tobias, I've just got a lot on my mind right now" I looked at him, and his eyes noticeably lit up slightly, losing the hurt that was blinding him just a little. But he still seemed concerned, obviously looking through my fa├žade. "Anything I can help you with? I mean, me and Uriah are cool now, well, it's not like we have to hide being friends, so you don't have to feel scared about asking for help or talking to me" He said to me, taking a step closer.

I turned away and put my back to the wall, letting it take the weight of myself and all the burdens that I had to carry for the moment. I put my face in my hands and grumbled into them. When I stood up straight again, Tobias was still looking at me, his concern ever more present. He took to leaning his back against the wall opposite me, but still close to me as the corridor was quite narrow.

"Tobias, I don't know what to do. As soon as you left the training room, Uriah told me basically he couldn't trust me and now he doesn't want to speak to me. Like, I thought it was going to be okay, you know? You guys seemed to make up, so I thought he wouldn't have minded. I just don't know what to do. I was on my way to go talk to him now, try and explain things to him properly" OK, I know I sounded whiny, but it still felt good to get it off of my chest, and it felt even better that I was able to say it to Tobias.

Tobias scratched the back of his head, thinking. His forehead was slightly scrunched up, his eyebrows lowered. An indicator that he really was trying to think of the right thing to say. He sighed and looked back up to me, a small smile on his face.

"Oh, Tris. Look, he's going to feel threatened. That much is obvious, I mean, why wouldn't he? You didn't tell him about us being friends, and so he's going to jump to conclusions that me and you are secretly meeting up and making out in the training room or something. And sure, me and you know that's not true, and so does he deep down, but that's how you would think, isn't it? I mean, how would you feel if you found out he was being all buddy with a really hot girl? Exactly. Just give him some time to think, don't go rushing to him, because it will make you seem guilty, and that's just going to set off alarm bells. Just...leave him be for a little while, okay?" And that was the end of the longest monologue I have ever heard Tobias speak.

I wanted to contradict him, find just a little flaw in what he just said, but I couldn't. Of course Uriah would think like that, it's what we would all think. And running to him now really wouldn't help. He wants space, so I will give it to him. I at least owe him that.

"So what do I do now?" I asked him, my mind suddenly empty, the weight of it all suddenly lifted slightly. He clasped his hands together in front of him, and moved over to lean against the wall beside me. He bumped shoulders with me and I bumped him back.

"How about we go for a walk?" And with that, he stood up straight and offered me his arm, a silly grin on his face. I tried to keep my composure, but I couldn't. I giggled and took his arm, letting him take me to wherever it is he wanted to walk.

We walked almost silently, with just the occasional comment. It wasn't a bad silence, just a welcomed one. The sort of silence that two good friends could be in and feel comfortable. No one else was out, probably in their rooms getting cleaned in preparation for dinner, or relaxing after a hard day. I wondered what Uriah was doing, what he was thinking. I could imagine him on his own in his room, lying on his back, his arms crossed over his eyes. He did that when we was thinking. He said it was to block out all the light, to only see what he was thinking and nothing else. He sometimes even fell asleep like that.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't even realise where we were walking, until Tobias nudged me to climb up the ladder to get onto the roof. I raised my eyebrows at him, but didn't ask questions. I took the rings and climbed up and up until I felt the cold air on my face.

It had seemed like years ago since I had been outside, but it probably hadn't been that long. Probably since the picnic we had a while ago. Once I was completely outside, I walked around the roof, looking up at the sky. The sun was in the midst of setting, so the sky was a vast range of orange, pink and blue.

"Pretty, isn't it?" Said Tobias from beside me. I looked over to him, but he wasn't looking at the sky; he was looking at me. I smiled and he smiled back. But then I remembered Uriah, and took a step back, but not enough to hurt his feelings. He, though, was distracted by a sound in the distance. It took me a while to understand what it was, but then I saw it in the distance: the train.

"I thought you might want to take a break from the centre, clear your mind a bit" He took a step back to, facing the tracks. He looked at me, and I nodded. He smiled and prepared himself for the run up. I followed suit. We jumped off the roof onto the side of the tracks, and started jogging beside them, in the direction the train was going in.

I always enjoyed this part, the thrill of the upcoming jump, the thought of whether I would make it or not. My mind flitted back to when Uriah, Will and Christina, and myself all ran along here, all preparing to jump on. I remembered how Uriah's arms formed a protective barrier around me once we were on the train. It was a good feeling.

As the train passed us, Tobias jumped on, well, more like stepped on from the way it looked. I took in a deep breath and jumped onto the train. I stumbled slightly, but managed to keep on my feet. I looked around, grinning from my achievement. I heard Tobias laugh, and I whirled round to face him. He was leaning against the wall of the cart, shaking his head, clapping. He laughed and came over to me, sitting down. He hung his legs out of the cart, and I joined him, a sudden surge of courage running through me.

And we both sat there, the wind beating against our faces, watching the world pass by around us. Everything seemed to be going around so quickly, but for me, it seemed to have stopped. I felt happy, truly happy, but I also felt free. And I liked that feeling.