A Summer to Remember

Author's Note

Hey guys I'm finally back with a story from one of my favorite Disney channel movies, Lemonade Mouth! I know I talked about many Lemonade Mouth stories when the movie first came out and I still plan on doing them I just lost my inspiration for awhile but I'm back with a new idea and I hope you all love it!


I don't own anything accept the plot and any character you don't know, if I did you know there would be a Lemonade Mouth 2 and lots of Rayella in it

Back Story

I thought I'd start with a back story catching everyone up on what has happened since Rising Star (in my story at least)

A year has passed since Stella Yamada came and started a revolution at Mesa High and started Lemonade Mouth. Lemonade Mouth continued sellout performances throughout the summer and some weekends during the school year with the agreement to their parents that grades came first. Since Wen and Olivia went public on The Music Scene they have been sickeningly cute. Also the little kitten Wen gave her, named Lemon, is doing just fine. Sydney proved herself to be a very good stepmom to Wen and Georgie and loved and accepted Olivia. Charlie and Tommy broke the news to their parents, that Tommy wasn't perfect and that Charlie wasn't Tommy. Their parents finally understood that they had two sons that they loved for who they were. Scott and Mo were going strong and Baba finally approved so they didn't have to sneak around anymore. He was impressed that she made Scott work so hard to regain her trust. About one or two weeks after Rising Star, Ray forgave Scott; they've been friends since first grade so we all knew it wouldn't last. Mudslide Crush broke up but Ray continued to write music in his spare time. Ray also began to accept his best friend's new band and tried to be nicer to them except for oneā€¦ Stella Yamada, proud of her revolution enjoyed seeing all of her friends so happy. Since the talk they had when she picked her up from the holding cell, Stella and her mom became closer. Stella still got detention every once in awhile, usually Brenigan was breaking up a fight between her and Ray. Those two were always going at it. Scott's older sister, Dana was very protective of Scott and Ray. She and Mo grew close over the year.