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I was bored. I wanted to write. This is what I came up with

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My name is Naraku. Naraku Oonigumo. Do you know what that means? Well, neither do I. But I know it's something evil. Why? Because I'm evil. KUKUKUKUKU! That's right. I've got my own evil laugh. Don't you? Well, too bad. My evil laugh is one of the best evil laughs ever. It sticks to you until the day you die. It sticks to you in your nightmares. Once you hear it once, you will never be able to keep it out of your head. Yes, that's how evil my laugh is. It's so evil that it stalks you. It's probably watching you right now. Yup, I can see it, looking at you through your window.

Well, this will be my diary. Yes, I know what you're thinking. An evil mastermind with a diary? Let me tell you something—diaries are evil. Yes, they are. So if you keep one, you can pat yourself on the back. But don't be too smug. My diary's eviler. HA!

This will be a record of my success, the heart of my entire existence. This will be what you fan girls will fight over because you love my evilness so much. This is awesomeness in progress. But it's a dark sort of awesomeness.

Why don't we start with my day today? I've done a lot of evil things today. For a start, I ripped off the head of Kagura's favourite teddy bear. It was a really cute one too, with big brown eyes and little ears. But I had to do it. The wentch refused to watch Inuyasha and his gang. She told me I was obsessing over that miko girl in their group. I guess I am. Why? Because it sounds evil. And because I love her hair. It's almost as shiny as mine, or even Sesshomaru's.

It was midday when I started realizing just how dull my life had become. So I played catch with Kanna. I ended up breaking her mirror with the ball, so we bought a new ordinary one from the corner store (the store around the corner, duh). But we won't tell anyone else that…I'm much more frightening when people think that I have a little girl with a magical mirror under my control.

This diary is already making me feel eviler. It's an amazing feeling, really.

Moving on, after a quick trip to the store, I decided I would wash my hair. It's an amazingly difficult task, considering that first I have to steal the miko girl's shampoo bottle. It makes my hair smell good. So, off I went. It would've been easier if Kagura came along, but she absolutely refused. I have decided that I will not pay her this week. How that for evil? KUKUKU!

I managed to get the shampoo bottle from the miko after killing yet another village and dodging several of Inuyasha's wind scars. Honestly, that guy gets angry so easily. Especially after I told him that his hair will never be as shiny as Sesshomaru's. That seemed to have ticked him off. But I was just being honest. That will be the last time I ever try to do something good.

After a long two hours of bathing in a cold river (that's right- COLD, like me) I went home to cuddle with my overstuffed couch and slept. Ah, I love my life, and all the evilness that comes along with it.

:) :)

So, how's that for evil? KUKUKU!

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