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Sorry! It's been a while, hasn't it! Well, happy start of the school year, and to celebrate, how about we pop open a bottle of Inuyasha's diary? Yayyyyy!

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Dear book thing that I'm forced to write in,

I am Inuyasha, not that it's any of your business.

Kagome calls you a diary. I call you wimpy and for the weak. But NO, Kagome never listens to me. Just like that time I told her that it wasn't a good idea to go pee behind that bush. And now she has a poison ivy rash. Great. She's a stubborn mule that can shoot pretty pink arrows. And she just happens to be my best friend. Yay. Aren't I just soooo lucky?

Maybe I wouldn't hate you if you looked manlier. Like if you had a picture of superman on the cover, or maybe a picture of Taylor Swift (what can I say? She has a pretty voice). But what do I get? A diary with a picture of Hello Kitty kissing a gerbil. Why the hell is that cat kissing a rat anyways? And what kind of message does that send out to kids? That you should set up your cat and your pet gerbil on a blind date? Yeah, that'll go well. The gerbil will end up pretty blind once the cat tears it to pieces. And what happens then? That's right- the kid's dreams are crushed and he's scarred for life. No wonder Souta's so deranged. I mean, who fights fake people in a magic box when you can go out and do it in real life? Because a cat scarfed down your pet gerbil, that's why.

Alright, so since I'm already doing this, I guess that I should write down some meaningful stuff. Kagome said that it would help my 'state of mind', whatever that is. Anyways, here I go…

One; I secretly wish that I had a purple wig. I like purple hair. In a way, I guess I'm jealous of Naraku and his purple tinted hair. But don't worry, one day, it will be mine, for I will kill him.

Two; I'm kind of happy that I'm not with Kikyou. Not that she's a bad person, she's great. It's just that she never liked chicken. Kagome loves chicken. She puts extra pieces into my ramen. I think we all know who wins.

Three; I love cats. I know that I'm a dog and all, but hey, I think that by the end of the series, we all learn that not everyone is as they seem. I'm not just a dirty half-breed who's so handsome that you all melt when you see me, Sesshomaru's not just a block of ice, Miroku's not just a guy I don't want to talk about and Kagome's not just a powerless little girl. Not that she looks like…okay, maybe a little…dammit, if she reads this, I'm dead.

Three; I'm a vampire. Shocker, I know, but really, where do you think all that blood from the demons we kill goes? I mean, Japan would've been flooded if we hadn't been cleaning after ourselves. Oh, and guess what else? Yeah, Kagome's a vampire too. Well, she is now. He he he.

Four; I wish I was Rin. I will not elaborate on this little fact, as I think I've already given too much away…feh.

Five; Kagome's mom takes me to a psychologist every other Sunday. They give me free ramen, so I'm okay with it. I just don't understand why…okay maybe I need it…a bit…

Six; I like interior designing. I designed Kaede's hut. A fireplace in the middle, three wooden walls, a zebra print feature wall made of real zebra skin and hardwood floors (Walnut and cherry). Simple, sophisticated, stylish and very modern. C'est magnefique!

And…okay, monk, I know you're reading over my back. If you don't stop now, you won't live to see another day. That's right, be afraid. Be very afraid and run. Why are you not running, you stupid fake monk? Oh I'm going to get you! Just you wait, you stupid, ugly, crappy, not-so-smart, butt groping, monkey looking, fat, disgusting, pig! *Runs after Miroku screaming out profanities*

Inuyasha was unable to finish his diary entry

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Okay, not the best chapter, but I tried…

Happy school, guys! The good old days start all over again, the sleeping on the crowded bus, the being called on in class when you have no idea which class you're in, let alone what the teacher just said and the long speeches on the importance of finishing homework on time.

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