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A noise stirred Cynthia awake. She blinked a few times as a bright light stung her eye. A couple more blink later and she grew accustomed to it, finding that it was still dark and that the light had been coming from the laptop on her desk. Scanning the room she found Red wide awake sitting with his back to her at the end of her bed. She then remembered what a wonderful night, last night had been. But something was wrong now. He was fully clothed and he was trying to put on his leg. She quickly scanned the room again and noticed a packed rucksack near the door. What was he doing? Was he leaving? He turned and around and saw her awake.

"Hey." He spoke softly and smiled lovingly at her. She was still tired and very confused but she pulled herself up to his eye level.

"What's going on?" Nervousness and fear in her tone. Red moved closer towards her and tried to reassure her. But it was obvious that he had to tell her what was going on.

"I have two things to do." Red paused.

"Please Red. Tell me." After a deep breath and another pause, Red told her.

"I never said sorry…" he couldn't go on so reached down his shirt and pulled out his silver chain. Cynthia looked at the chain and then at the laptop puting two and two together.

"So where are they?"

"Azalea Town."

"You know it wasn't your fault Red." He blanked her and Cynthia knew she wasn't going to be able to change his mind.

"All right. What's the second thing that you need to do?" she continued.

"I need to pick up a couple things from my cave." He said quietly. Cynthia nodded and then got out of bed. Red gave her a quizzical look as she got dressed.

"I can help you carry your things back from the cave." She lied; the truth was she wanted to be there for Red when he faced Leaf's parents, just in case he needed any support. Fortunately for her, he seemed to buy her lie.

"But… it's only a couple of things." Confusion spread across his face.

"I insist." She said firmly as she finished getting ready. Red shook his head and chuckled before leaning in and kissing her on the forehead causing Cynthia to blush. She still couldn't believe that the two of them were now a proper couple.

"All right." He said and he took her hand, grabbed his Pokéballs of the desk, picked up his rucksack from the floor and led her out to the front garden. Once outside he called forth the mighty black lizard who smiled and chuckled mischievously once he saw them holding hands. Red shook his head in annoyance causing C to let out another chuckle before he leant down for the two of them to get on. He helped her on before getting on behind her; he patted the great Charizard and spoke to him in his special way.

With a beat of his wings and swish of his tail, C took off and gained in altitude. Cynthia had never felt acceleration like this; the wind rushed against her face causing her long hair flow behind her (she smiled to herself at this, perhaps it wasn't the best idea for Red to sit behind her) as excitement flowed through her. It wasn't long before they reached the clouds at which point C started to level off. Their placed slowed as soared through the clouds; Cynthia couldn't stop herself from letting go of C and reaching out to feel the wispy clouds that surrounded them. She turned to look at Red who was trying to look through her hair that fluttered behind her; she knew that the C was not taxing himself and that they could go much faster. Red must have told C to take it slow to try to impress her.

"It worked." She called out.


"I'm impressed, this is awesome." Through her hair she could make out that red was beaming, she smiled herself before returning her grip on C. They continued their serene journey, stopping on deserted islands that Red had discovered through his travels for food and water. At the end of the day they took refuge on a particularly picturesque island.

"How did you find this place?" Cynthia asked stunned at the beauty of the island.

"Got lost." Red chuckled back.

It was late on their second day of travel when they arrived in Azalea Town, with C landing in front of house on the outskirts of the small sleepy town.

"This the place?" Cynthia asked Red.

"Yeah." He replied as he recalled C. His voice was faint and he shook a little as he made his way forward. He stopped short of the door and looked down at the ground, his shaking becoming more prominent.

"Hey." Cynthia held his arm. "I'm here for you." He turned towards her and looked her in her eyes. The deep brown with a tint of red met the grey. It calmed him down and stopped his shaking. He took a deep breath, took a step forward and rang the bell. A few seconds later a woman in her late forties or early fifties with amber eyes answered the door.

"Mrs Green…" Red began but he was cut of as she hugged him unexpectedly.

"Red" she muttered.

Mrs Green led them inside where they met her husband. He seemed similar in age, with a bushy white moustache and dazzling emerald eyes. They were led into the living room where Mrs Green served them tea. They sat in silence, Cynthia knew that Red was trying to say something but was trying to find the right words to say. Finally he spoke up.


"We know son." Mr Green spoke up. "It wasn't your fault. You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened. As for what you've done to yourself all these years, she wouldn't want you to have done that. She would want you to move on and live your life for the two of you." Red nodded and sipped his tea. Mr Green quickly changed the subject onto what Cynthia had been up to recently and her hopes for the upcoming tournament, which they talked about for the remainder of their visit. Just before they were about to leave Red stopped and took of his silver chain handing it to Mrs Green. Tears formed in her eyes as she gratefully took it embracing Red as she did so. He nodded and smiled at them one final time before making his exit.

"You Ok?" Cynthia asked him as the two walked over to the Pokémon centre where they would stay the night. He nodded remaining silent throughout.

They woke early the next morning to avoid unwanted attention. Red called C out and the three of them made their way to Mt Silver and to that familiar cave where he had spent four years of his life. Once there he called out all of his team. Bob pushed aside the boulder that blocked the entrance. They all entered the room; it was exactly how they left it. Vee collected her book collection from the makeshift bookshelf while Lucy and Red picked up a familiar red jacket and cap. And with that they left. As they walked out Red nodded to Mewtwo. The Psychic's eyes shone blue as he destroyed the cave making sure that everything was buried underneath a pile of stone and rubble with Bob placing the finishing touches as rolled the boulder on top.

"So what now?" Cynthia asked. Red tilted his head and half smiled at Cynthia.

"Firstly, this bracelet." He paused to point at his old bracelet on his left wrist. "It should belong to a girl." He took it off and threw it to Cynthia. She caught it then gaped at Red, she understood the significance of what she had just been given. She embraced him hard, so hard that they fell down into the snow.

"Sorry." She said sheepishly as she helped him up and waited for him to catch his breath back.

"Secondly…" he panted grinning at her. Pikka held up the faded red cap which he took.

"I have a title to defend." He said as put on the cap.


Fireworks went of signifying the last match of the day. The knockout stages of the Pokémon World Tournament had begun.

"Welcome back ladies and gentlemen as we are about to begin the final match of the first day of knock out competition. As always you are here with me Rick Joss alongside Hall of Famer, Larry 'The King' Jawler. And how good is it to be back King?"

"Boy you said it RJ. I thought I'd never see the day when the PWT would return. The greatest show on Earth is back on!" Cynthia smiled in the stands as she heard the two voices over the announcer. The two still had great chemistry together and it felt like only yesterday that she had heard them commentate on the last PWT. She had watched the first few matches today as her first match would not be until tomorrow (the champions and members of the regional Elite Fours had been granted direct entry to the knock out stages rather than having to qualify).

"Fancy meeting you here?" She turned as she heard a cocky voice.

"So you qualified then?" she asked the man with spiky brown hair and electric blue eyes.

"Course I did. Topped my group and only had one of my Pokémon knocked out." He said with a lot pride and swagger. Cynthia shook her head and chucked.

"You didn't answer my question." He continued.

"Same reason you're here Blue."

"Hmph. I gotta admit that qualifier looked good." Cynthia smiled to herself, if only Blue knew.

"That last match was an absolute slobberknoccker!" They heard RJ's voice over the announcer.

"Right you are and this should be a treat as well!"

"It involves one of the favourites. And here he comes! Drake of the Hoen Elite Four!" Drake walked out to Metallica's The Memory Remains. He was a measure of focus and calm; he seemed oblivious to screams and shouts that accompanied his entrance.

"Now our next competitor is a relative newcomer. He came through the qualifiers but apart from that we literally have no more information for you ladies and gentlemen."

"It is very strange RJ. Some say that he's goes by the name of Shadow while others say it's Ghost, all we know is that he's going up one of the greats. And I don't fancy his chances!"

"There is no doubt about it. We are expecting Drake with her years of experience to make it through today and all the way up to the quarters and maybe further." A massive roar was heard followed by a stream of flame behind the stadium. Suddenly the lights went out leaving the place in pitch black.

"What the Fuck?" Cynthia heard Blue say beside her. The crowd murmured in confusion, not sure what was happening.

"We do apologise ladies and gentlemen, we appear to be having some technical difficulties." RJ said over the announcer. Cynthia looked on with mild amusement; she didn't think he would do something so dramatic.

'We had to do something special.' She heard a familiar voice in her head.

Quite orchestral music started to play[1] adding an eerie feel to the atmosphere. No one but Cynthia now had any clue what was going on. Until a tune was heard. Most of the audience didn't recognise it but a few members did.

"No way!" Blue gasped beside her.

"It…It can't be!" RJ stuttered. Suddenly red lights turned on, revealing a man with a prosthetic leg and black cloak adorned around him. The man bowed his head and took of the cloak revealing a tattered red jacket. In his right hand was a cap; as old and as tattered as the jacket. As the music ended he put the cap on and raised his head. There was a dead silence as the crowd could not believe their eyes.

"It's Red! It's Red! It's Red!" RJ screamed over the announcer causing the crowd to go into frenzy.

Through the madness that ensued Red looked up searching for something. Cynthia waved and the deep brown eyes with a tint of red locked on. They gazed into each other, connected, despite what was going on around them. Red then titled his head and half smiled at Cynthia, re-positioning his cap, grabbed a Pokéball and turned his attention to the battle at hand.

[1]Listen too DJFishHead- Trainer Red Epic Orchestral Remix (PM me if you want the link)

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