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Max's POV

"Yeah, and so Max and Dylan are supposed to, like, go to Germany and have kids together," I heard Gazzy say.

"What?" Fang said his voice icy.

"Gazzy!" I yelled. So not only did Gazzy spill the beans, I'm on an airplane going to Paris, with the person who tried to kill me not even a year ago, the person that betrayed me was always trying to get me to love him or go out I don't know but he wanted the person who tried to kill me who was my clone with him when he had a tantrum about me having Ari my little brother with us after he tried to kill Fang so now he's dead and let's just hope the same thing happens with my clone over there.

"I don't see what the problem is," says Dylan I'm still not sure if I like him or not yet all I know is he was dumped into Max's mutant Freak protection services.

Fang turns his head towards Dylan while shooting a death glare at him, if looks could kill this problem would be over with, "My problem," Fang begins skeptically, "is that some crazy wackjob-"

"It's not your problem anymore Fang, you left us remember, and you even had the nerve to replace us with your 'gang', which includes Max's clone or arch enemy, and the rest of them" Angel points back with her thumb, "can't even FLY!" Angel Finishes screaming hm.

"Yah what she says apparently she can read my mind," Gazzy says in my voice.

"Gazzy!" I scream, incase your new to our adventures we're mutant freaks trying to save the world from some freaks trying to explode the world, and we have a few extraordinary talents.

Caouse breaks out let's just say mutant freaks locked in a cage for the beginning of their lives and a bunch of other people in a plane does not go well.

"Is this plane flammable," Iggy shouts out above the caouse.

"No dip Sherlock," Fang says.

I turn around and see Iggy's seat on fire. I guess Fang was too late on his answer, just another reason to hate him.

The next turn of events is a blur. The fire alarm goes off and water starts spraying everywhere. So picture a small private plane crowded with wet, angry mutants.

"God Iggy" I yell I mean what the hell was he thinking!

Gazzy leans over and high fives Iggy, "nice one!"

"So do I have to remind you that our wings are now wet meaning we cannot fly and were flying over the Atlantic Ocean, This is just Fun with a capital F-U-N!" I scream that seemed to get their attention I mean nothing like facing immediate death to snap you into your senses.

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