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So what part of facing immediate death makes you what to do your hair? That the same question I ask as we are falling fast into the Atlantic Ocean wale nudge does her hair! I mean really?

"If I am going to die then I want to look good!" Nudge yells "do you have any fashion sense Max?"

"Apparently I don't," I yell back. God if only my wings were dry! "Thank you ever so much O smart one!" I yell at Iggy.

"Max help," I hear my baby Angel scream. Oh god.

"Apparently this plane is flammable!" says the flock idiot Iggy. Ha and it even works from now on he's known as II.

"No kidding," Fang says between his clenched teeth.

I look out the window, and I know we don't have much time because the water is fast approaching. I got to get the flock out of here. And maybe if we have time Fangs gang. Think Max, think. Angel screams get louder and louder. I look around the destroyed plane for anything of use. We could fly out the emergency exit if our wings weren't wet. Wet. Dry. Hair dryer.

"Nudge," I scream, "give me the hair dryer!"

"But," she says.

"NOW!" I shriek. I'm really getting annoyed.

"Fine, but you didn't have to yell." She says as she hands me the hair dryer. I guess I did. I look around for an outlet. There. I start to plug it in and the lights go out. The power too. Great our one chance at survival, gone. At least the sprinklers stopped.

Nudge sees me hopelessly scowling and cursing. "Max, it's also battery powered." She points to a small red button on the other side of the handle. "I didn't see that. Thanks Nudge." She gives me a smile, well the kind of smile you can make when you are about to die. I press the little button, and it turns on. I don't waste any time and start to dry my wings. I quickly finish.

"Nudge come here." I yell over the noise. She crawls over the cords and rubble toward me.

"MAX!" Angel screams as I begin to dry Nudge's wings.

"Hold still!" I hear Dylan say to Angel. Then he grabs her by the arm and pulls her up, she was stuck under some burnt odd things that I have no freaking idea what they were before II lit them on fire.

"Thanks," she says with her angelic smile.

I'm relieved but oddly, a bit jealous. I threw it out of my mind, because the last thing I need is to feel jealous and have a voice in my head. While I was thinking that, I finished Nudges wings and moved on to; Gazzy. After Gazzy I dried everyone else's wings I should be like supper Girl I already have the ability to fly and got to save the world so why not. When I got to Angel I found that she was pretty beaten up.

"We don't have much time, everyone prepare to jump and fly!" I scream.

"Some of us don't have wings!" yells Star. Well you just can't please everyone, can you?

"Well," then I had a crazy idea. I ran over to the other side of the plane and looked out the window and saw a ship coming and opened the emergency exit. I pick the star fish Holden and threw him out the opening. Splat he goes on the ship.

"Everyone out NOW!" I shout. I pick up Angel and jump. I feel myself falling then snap out my wings. My wings snap back a bit which causes me a lot of pain. Note to self: No sudden unfurling. I land and cripple on the ground. I look up and see everyone else fall after me. The mush of Holden broke everyone's fall. I get up as everyone else does. Everyone seems fine except Angel.

I look up and see something that I wish I didn't. Why him? Here?

"Welcome," says Dr. Gunther-Hagen. Well now this wasn't expected was it? I turn around and I see more emotion on Fang than I have ever seen, Let's just say a red now almost purple faced Fang standing next to a smug looking Dylan is one funny picture.

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