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Max's POV

So a recap of this totally screwed up day.

Our plane crashed

We landed on a Couples cruise ship

Dr. God was here

So now that you're all caught up lets thought you into the mixing bowl of my life.

"I'm not freaking staying here one more minute. Come on guys," I turn to jump into the air when my wonderful life brings itself up again. Max, aren't you missing something. You had got to be kidding me, I think you myself or the voice still not really sure. What you didn't miss me, very well then think of the bigger picture Max. I swear Jeb I'm not in the mood for it

Max you can't leave Star, Kate, Ratchet, and Holden.

Freakity chickity dude. Don't you just hate it when someone is right and you're not? Exactly what I thought.

"Fine what do you want Gunther-Hagen.," I say with my don't-even-try-to-pull-anything look.

"I want you all to stay and enjoy yourself you know there is an amusement park on here consisting of many rides. There are also water slides which I'm sure your friends would all enjoy," dang it I think to myself I know I can only stand the bambi eyes for so long.

"Max please"

"Please Max"

Those cursed watery eyes, shmuck shmuck shmuchk, oh well.

"Fine I say," trying to stomp off.

"Max your rooms are on the other side of the ship." Oh so he had this planed huh.

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