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Max's POV

Soo turns out this freaky boat that we just 'happened to land on' has high security so you know what that means. No I guess you don't. So right now all of us except Fang have gone through those security things you got to go through then after that we all have to have pat downs. One word: Gross.


"Sir Can you please take your shoes off and empty your pockets."

"What the HELL," Fang says pulling out a kitchen knife."

"Sir I'm afraid we're going to have to do a-


"Fang try not to kill anyone we don't need you in jail," I say to Fang who is now chasing Iggy in circles."

"I IDIDNT DO IT! Don't kill me."

"Sir I'm afraid I need you to stop being an idiot." The security man says, well he sure looks like he was born from a tomato today. Great her comes a girl in a mini skirt (jean), a tub top (hot pink), and high pumps (also pepto bismul pink). Then her hair is pulled back in a pony tail with a little poof in the front and a pink bow in the back.

"OH Em Gies I Can't believe I'm likkkke so meeting Fang, I mean we should so like get married and have a family," the pink thing says. Then runs up to him and starts squeezing him.

Fang's POV

This Barbie thingy comes running at me and hugging me so what do I naturally do I freeze like a brick wall, I still don't get why I'm mister emotionless.

"Look Fangy I'm squeezing you tighter than your jeans it's a miracle." Then she suddenly drops and yells "bye Fangy! Update the blogs soon!" ahh a blog fan, I look over at Max to find her scowling and Dylan by her side almost smiling.

After that crazy fang girl thing, and Nudge going crazy over the rooms; I decided that I wanted to take a shower so what am I doing now I'm in the shower.

"FANG ERASERS!" Yelled Max, from outside my room. I get out of the shower dripping wet to find only towels great. It's now that I remember I gave Nudge my clothes to do the laundry. So a special talent I learned from Max, I made a rash disition; I grabbed the towel threw it around me and ran into my room and cautiously looked into the hallway, Great its croweded time to turn on my invisibleness. I carefully start walking next to the wall when something or should I say someone runs into me.

"Oh my God I didn't mean to," then the barbie from before looks up, "Fangy I knew you'd come looking for me, but why Fangy-poo are you in a towel."

"First off leave me the hell alone." I say running away, trying to find Max.

"But we could be Fang and Lucy and have our kids named; Renesme, and Liam!

"No thanks" I say

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This is from Anya; sorry to anyone who doesn't like twilight but I liked the books I didn't see the movies I was told they weren't good. AND GO ONE DERECTION!- Jojo likes one Direction