Lessons in Love.

Why is this girl starting a new story you may ask? Well I was hit with the idea bug and I just had to get it out :L so that is why, but don't worry I'll update my other stories soon :)

Okay so basically in this story Beck and Jade are still broken up, they get a new substitute teacher and there is some forbidden love going on ;) that's all you're getting :L so I hope you enjoy and review :)

" Hey guys" Tori said cheerily as she made her way over to the gangs table at lunch " Did you hear about Mr. Miller?" Mr. Miller was the gangs theater history teacher for the last two years, he was a well liked teacher in the school and he was even up a the top with Sikowitz.

" About the accident?" Robbie asked sipping his bottled water. By this stage both Cat and Jade had taken their places at the table. Jade making sure to be sitting as far away from Beck as possible.

" What accident?" Beck replied obviously intrigued as to what could have happened to their teacher.

" He fell off the catwalk in the blackbox theater, I hear he's pretty banged up, won't be back for awhile" Andre piped in explaining the tragic story . The others visibly winced imagining the pain their teacher must be in.

" That's so sad!" Cat said looking distraught, however two seconds later she went back to her usual happy self " anybody want candy?" Cat said pulling licorice out of her bra.

Jade rolled her eyes " No Cat, nobody would like candy that's been stuffed down you're bra"

" Phooey!" Cat pouted. Jade received disapproving looks from the rest of table for upsetting the redhead but each looked away once receiving one of her famous glares.

" Anyways" Tori continued " Well since Mr. Miller won't be back for awhile, Helen hired a substitute, Mr. Evans -"

" You're point" Jade said bluntly interrupting Tori.

" I was getting to it" Tori replied with narrowed eyes.

" Well hurry up then" Jade told her harshly.

" I would if you would stop interrupting me" Tori retorted.

" Look Tori, just continue" Beck said trying to diffuse the oncoming argument between the two girls, which only earned himself another glare from Jade. Things between the pair were still tense despite the fact it now had been just over 6 months since they split. They were still in the midst of trying to get comfortable around each other as friends and even though Beck tried, Jade didn't seem one bit interested in reciprocating his quest for friendship

" Well like I was saying, Mr. Evans, Trina had him this morning and she said that he is totally hot!" Tori exclaimed happily.

" That's it?" Andre asked slightly confused. All this hype because her maniac sister thinks the guy is good looking, he was gonna be their teacher after all.

" Yes! I just thought that it should be acknowledged" Tori pouted not understanding why everyone else was not interested.

" Well have you seen him?" Cat asked trying to lighten the mood.

" No but -"

" So you have no idea what he looks like?" Beck asked.

" Yeah well – shutup!" Tori frowned.

" And we all know Tori hasn't got the best taste in guys" Jade smirked as the bell went off.

" Guess we'll find out now." Cat giggled as they got up to go to class.

Once the gang were finished rummaging through their lockers for books they walked to their next class – theater history, where Tori's 'dream teacher' would be. As they went inside the classroom the guys took their assigned seats and opened their books. It was then they noticed the three girls standing in awe at the door, they were taken aback by Tori, Cat and Jade's chorused " Oh My God".

Beck looked up and spotted what the girls where staring at – Mr. Evans.

" Tori you were right, he is pretty" Cat giggled excitedly as she ran off to her seat.

" See Jade! Am I right or am I right?" Tori grinned proudly.

" Damn" Jade muttered eyeing up their new teacher " This is the only time I've ever been happy I sit in the front row" Jade smirked as she took off towards to the top of the classroom.

Mr. Evans could only be defined as lush! He was tall – maybe 5'11? roughly around 22, he had bright blue eyes, shaggy brown hair that fell over his face perfectly and of course a jaw-dropping body to match.

" Hello class, I'm Mr. Chad Evans, I will be filling in for Mr. Miller for the next few months" Mr. Evans said introducing himself. " I'm very happy to be here and I hope you are as excited as I am about diving into theater's past" He grinned showing off his pearly white teeth.

" Oh trust me, I'm definitely excited" Jade smirked teasingly causing gasps and laughter to erupt in the class. None of the gang failed to spot the red that made it's way to their teachers cheeks and even though Mr. Evans didn't seem to be to phased by Jade's comment Beck couldn't help but roll his eyes, clearly annoyed (or jealous) by his ex's antics.

" Ahh" The teacher smiled knowingly picking up a sheet of paper " You must be Jade West"

" In the flesh" Jade said crossing her legs, a playful smirk etched on her features.

" I've heard quite a bit about you" He told her, it was true, when meeting with the other teacher's in the staff lounge Mr. Evans had been warned of a Jade West. Most teacher's told him to watch out for her wild temper and foul mouth although one teacher did say she was a smashing actress, but then again that fellow teacher didn't even have shoes on his feet!

" All bad I hope" Jade countered raising her eyebrows mischievously. Mr. Evans was surprised by this girl, she clearly a very intriguing person but then he remembered one of the more important pieces of information he had gotten about Ms. West.

" Actually, I need to speak with you after class if you wouldn't mind staying behind" He told her.

" Not at all" Jade replied leaning happily back against her chair.

" So you wanted to talk to me" Jade said making her way up to Mr. Evans desk once her classmates filed out of the room.

" Ahh Jade, yes" Mr. Evans smiled " as you know I'm taking over for Mr. Miller for awhile so I took my time in getting to know my students and well It came to my attention that you are failing this class?"

" I know" Jade said nonchalantly sitting on the desk in front of Mr. Evans table. Jade didn't really care that her highest grade in this class so far was a D, it was a pointless class and it didn't worry her.

" Jade if you don't get you're grades up you'll end up repeating this class" Mr. Evans told her. It took everything in Jade not to get too distracted just looking at him, 'god he was hot!' but hearing the word repeat was enough to make her listen.

" What! I am not repeating this horrible class!" Jade exclaimed horrified .

" Theater history is an amazing class, and as an aspiring actress an important thing to know" Mr. Evans explained to his outraged student.

" Well anyway, what do you expect me to do? Just magically become good at the most boring subject on earth?" Jade huffed at him. This was not going well, This was Jade's least favorite subject and she was not going to be repeating it.

" I know it will take time Jade" The teacher replied slightly amused by the loud girl " I think we should get you a tutor"

" A tutor?" Jade questioned. She was trying to be calm about this, after all as much as she didn't want to spend time with some idiot doing theater history, she really couldn't afford to repeat this crappy class next semester. " Who?"

" Well the top student in this class at the moment is a boy named Robbie Shap -"

" NO!" Jade yelled interrupting her teacher " Robbie Shapiro is not going to be my tutor! Not that geek"

" Jade, calm down" Mr. Evans said trying to relax the worked-up brunette.

" No, not Robbie!" Jade yelled once again. As much as Jade didn't want to fail this class she refused to spend her own time with that nerd and his annoying puppet! It was not going to happen.

" Okay, okay fine .. not Mr. Shapiro, Look for the moment I'll tutor you myself as you're grades need vast improvement and I'll keep looking for an eligible student to take over" Mr. Evans negotiated. Now that did not seem like a bad situation to Jade at all, spending her free time with the irresistible looking teacher in front of her.

" Deal" Jade smirked.

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