Lessons in Love.

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Jade quickly pulled her black tank over her head trying to look anywhere but at Mr. Evans, She had just done IT with her teacher! She didn't really know what to think of all this anymore, but she did know that she definitely liked him more now .. which was a major problem. She grabbed her bag, getting up from the desk she was now sitting on. How they had managed to get from the door to his desk she was still a bit hazy on. She stood for a second unsure of if she should say something or not as he fixed his belt around his waist.

He looked up at the young girl, who still wasn't quite looking at him directly and suddenly started to feel more for her than he imagined he would, He had went home yesterday after their near kiss and she was all he thought about, but he decided that he shouldn't risk anything .. for both their sakes, But when he called her into his class to sort things out and she looked up at him with those bright, blue eyes … it all seemed to fly out the window.

" Jade" Mr. Evans sighed " I -"

" Look I know what you're going to say so you really don't have to. I get that, that really shouldn't have happened and that nothing more will because we can't and it's not right, and you're just going to say all this crap in trying to let me down gently but it's okay you don't have to, I get it" Jade rambled. She was nervous and confused. This was her teacher, things like this were only supposed to happen in the scripts that she read. It wasn't supposed to happen her. A part of her was really beginning to regret this now, this was the first time she ever slept with somebody who wasn't Beck and it overwhelmed her to say the least.

" Actually, Jade, I was going to say that .. despite all of my better judgment and everything I know … I like you, I really like you .. and I know I shouldn't cause this goes against everything that's 'right' but .. I don't want to not see you. I tried to do the right thing but for me .. this feels right" He replied softly. He took her hand in his and squeezed it softly looking at her torn facial expression for a response.

She looked at him, really looked at him. Was this what she wanted? She did like him there was no doubt about that, but there would be major repercussions if this ever came out? He probably would be arrested or something? This was totally crazy .. but maybe it was time she let herself be happy again? She wanted this .. to see if this would go somewhere.

" So we're going to do this?" She asked hesitantly, despite the slight smile that flickered onto her face.

" Yeah" He smiled softly, leaning down to kiss her.

It was 10 minutes before the bell when Jade finally left Mr. Evans office. They talked for a little bit before she left about how they had to keep their relationship a secret while they figured all this out and how it would be weird for her to keep calling him Mr. Evans when they're together so outside school she'll call him by his first name – Chad. All in all Jade couldn't help the content feeling she felt as she strolled to her locker to get her books for her next class. There was only a few people around when she got there but she knew it would be flooded with people within a few minutes. She quickly fixed her hair in the mirror knowing it was a bit ruffled from .. early activities. Before she even noticed, the gang was grouped around her locker.

" Hey I thought you said you'd come back to lunch?" Beck said coolly wrapping his arms around the school bag he had in front of him. Beck was really trying with Jade. Beside the fact she used to be his girlfriend she also use to be his best friend, and he missed her. He knew he hurt her and that she hadn't quite forgiven him but he didn't want to lose her, not completely anyways.

" Oh ya, sorry I got caught up" She replied. The gang eyed her suspiciously and she knew why, she had apologized. Jade never apologized and now she was saying sorry for something as unimportant as missing lunch.

" What's it to you anyway!?" Jade snapped knowing they would suspect something if she started acting weird. They all seemed to chill again when the narky comment left her mouth.

" We're going to Nozu after school? You wanna come?" Andre asked casually, dismissing her previous question.

" I have plans" Jade replied closing her locker door. She was hoping they wouldn't ask what, because even though the got on her nerve, a lot!, they were her friends and she didn't want to lie to them.

" What plans!?" Cat giggled happily.

" Tutoring session" Jade replied quickly. She knew she probably should have said something totally unrelated to Mr. Evans, after all, her plans after school were with him!

" Well let us know if you change your mind" Tori smiled as her and Andre took off toward their math class.

" You coming Jadey?" Cat smiled as the rest of her friends started off towards their tech class.

" I'll catch up" Jade said distantly as she watched them walk off. She noticed a certain ex of hers turn and glance back at her as they continued walking.

Once by herself Jade sighed and leaned back against her locker looking over the silhouette of the tanned boy who once occupied her heart. They had been broken up for over 6 months already but she couldn't help feeling weird knowing she was now dating someone who wasn't him. But she deserved this right? She deserved to see if she's happy with someone else. He had gone on dates since they broke heck he even trashed talked her to get onto Tori Vega's lips .. and let's not discuss the rumor of him locking lips with Trina Vega. But she had slept with someone else .. and she didn't think he had. Beck had been Jade's first and only and vice-versa .. well up until today.

Jade shook her head of those thoughts as the bell rang bringing her back to reality. Beck and her were finished, now it's time for her to be happy again. And she was even more sure of this when her phone beeped with a new message.

From: Chad; Pick you up at 8 x

She read the message and smiled subconsciously as she made her way to class.

Jade pulled her black leather Jacket tightly around her waist. She was wearing a black dress over sheer black tights and her infamous combat boots, deciding she wanted to look nice as its their first 'date' type thing. She had driven to the Java Lava a block away from Hollywood Arts and left her car there. They decided to meet in the parking lot at Hollywood Arts because if he came to her house it would be way to suspicious, She didn't bring her car to the school because if they came back to late the parking lot might already be locked.

She waited a few minutes before seeing the silver car she was expecting pull in. Her heart raced a little and she couldn't help but admit that she was sorta excited. All her doubts from that afternoon were long gone. When it came down to it, she liked him, he liked her and she wanted this.

" Hey" Jade smiled lightly, opening the door and getting into the passenger seat of his car.

" You look amazing" He smirked leaning in and kissing her.

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