Stranger Than Wishing!

Release me! For I'm locked up tight.

Set me free! Change your life.

Switch point of view, without notice.

Walk in the shoes, of someone's focus.

Through the reflection in the mirror, in the eyes of someone else's.

One of the most bazaar ways for Tatewaki, to take in and accept Ranma's cruse!

[AN: AN at end. Do not own anything, that obviously does not belong to me.]

Chapter One: Accidental Wish!

That night Tatewaki, walked into the nearest restaurant, to get out of the rain. He simply sat down at one of the tables, when a waiter came by to take his order. The waiter placed a tea kettle on the table, along with a tea cup. After the waiter had left, Tatewaki, poured the hot water from the kettle, into his cup, just when he saw hand there, which had held a tea bag in it.

Tatewaki, slowly glanced up at a women, who was in the other chair, on the other side. Tatewaki, blinked a few times, as he studied the women in front of him. She was a tall Japanese women, who had long black hair and green eyes; yet the time, the shades from her sun-glasses covered them up, along with a gem under the corner of her left eye.

"Who art thou, may I ask?"

She simply sat back, as she groaned annoyed, aside. "Who is anyone anymore, right?"

"Some indicator wouldst be nice; perhaps a name or something?" Tatewaki, gripped, in a low bitter tone.

She turned left, back to Tatewaki. "I don't have one. Didn't for a long time now."

Tatewaki, held back surprised. "Huh?" (She doesn't have a name?) "Then what shall I call thee then?"

The women, turned her head aside, in thought. "Umm.." After that, she simply removed her sunglasses, and placed them on the table."How about Nozomi?"

Tatewaki, reflected on the name, rather pretty oddly. "Nozomi?"

Nozomi, nodded answering him.

Tatewaki, shook out of it, before he sent out a questioning narrow."What do you want with me?"

"The lady, leaned on the table, as she scuffed aside. "Huh? I donno, you tell me."

"How'd you find me?"

She handed him a forwarded look, as he pointed to herself. "You're the one that found me."

"I found you?" Tatewaki, questioned back, at a loss. "I don't ever recall looking for you?" Tatewaki, looked back and forth, before he laid eyes on the women again. "How'd you get here?"

Nozomi, simply tossed him another annoyed look. "The same way you did."

"I had not seen you come in," Tatewaki, clearly put, looking at the door, the was in front of them. "Where'd ye come from?"

Nozomi, pointed to the kettle, hinting out a intent look, filled with expression. "You're the one that poured me."

"I poured you?" Tatewaki, inquired completely lost.

Nozomi, simply she sat back in her chair, as she let out a sigh, "It's about time I got out of that Kettle; who knows long how it's been since I've been wished in there."


Nozomi, held out her arms, before him, as she gave him an irritated stare. "I'm a genie."

Tatewaki, blinked still at a lost. "A genie?"

"I use to be human, until one day I feel into this spring, called spring of drowned genie, and now here I am?" Nozomi, pointed to the gem , by her eye. "Apparently now whoever pours me, get's to wish whatever they want?"

"Wish for whatever they- they want?" Tatewaki, stumbled along.

Nozomi, leaned over again, as she leaned against her head against her hand, as she let out sigh. "Unfortunately, now that you found me, I'm stuck with you, until you've made all your wishes."

Tatewaki, eyed her in surprised disbelief. "What on earth did I do, to for ye to pick me?"

She eyed him, before she rolled her eyes in irritation. "You poured me, remember?"

Tatewaki, blinked astounded, as he rendered there speechless. "I- I get a wish?"

Nozomi, nodded with a small grin.

"How many do I get?" Tatewaki, asked in curiosity.

"Has many as you want."

Tatewaki's eyes broaden. "As many as I want?"

"Settle down little man, my limits at four," Nozomi, sent him a look of warning. "Don't go beyond overbroad."

"I only get four!" Tatewaki, protested.

"Do you want the wishes or not?" the genie, nailed down impatiently.

"Of course I do," Tatewaki, snapped back.

Nozomi, handed him a impatient look. "Well then, let's get this done and over with."

Tatewaki, started thinking among the past wishes he made, in some way to make them better. "Umm.. what do I wish for?"

Nozomi, started listing down things, as she tossed him exasperated looks. "Huh.. brains, talent, skill, good will, good judgment.

Tatewaki, snapped back. "I already have all of that."

Nozomi, simply rolled her eyes, annoyed and sarcastic."Oh please, you're no different from the rest of them. The only thing you you're filled with is stupidity. It's not just you. It's all of you. Everybody. Mankind. Everyone I have ever come into contact with, without fail; always asking for the wrong things. It's like I'm Pavlov, and you're my dog. I ring the bell, you grab the bone, and you chew it down like there was no tomorrow; without a second thought."

"Thou art wrong. I Tatewaki Kuno, shall prove it."

"I'll like to see you try," Nozomi, started. Then she added. "Have you decided yet champ?"

Tatewaki, simply bit his lip. "Umm.."

Nozomi, rolled her eyes once again, in more impatiens, aggregated. "Oh come on, I don't got all day."

Tatewaki, nodded in agreement to his first wish. "All right, I'm ready. If there's anything I wish for, is to defeat Ranma Saotome."

The genie, shook her head she rolled her eyes.

"What?" Tatewaki, started. "Thou art should'st be proud, once I get rid of him."

"Why? What's wrong with him?" Nozomi, asked in wonderment.

Tatewaki, closed his eyes for a minute, before he looked back up at her. "Ranma Saotome, is my nemesis"

"The goddess of divine retribution and vengeance?" Nozomi, taunted in sarcasm, with a frown across her face.

"What, no!" Tatewaki, scowled feeling insulted. "That foul sorcerer is my arch nemesis. Dear ye to make a mockery of me. Don't ye understand?"

"So, now he's a goddess of divine retribution, who practices magic," Nozomi, nodded along in scorned curiosity. "Interesting." Then she added. "So, what are you going to tell me next, that he's a genie too or something?"

"Not at all! Don't ye get it, you despicable women. "Not only is he already engaged to Akane, but he is also keeping the Pigtailed one hidden away from me, as an enslaved hostage."

"Oh, so now he's now an enslaver goddess of divine retribution, who practices magic and kidnapping; okay, I hear you," Nozomi, said, as she continued to tantalize the kid.

"Wouldst ye stop bringing that up, and grant my wish already!" Tatewaki, snapped, getting worked up.

The genie, stood there in thought for a minute, before she finally answered back. "That's it."

Tatewaki, blinked. "That's it?"

"It's done." She handed him a look. "You're next wish?"

"My next wish, is to date with Akane Tendo and the Pigtailed girl!"

Nozomi, raised her eyes in thought, as she held out a breath. (No different from the rest of them.) "So typical." She simply shook her head, before she closed her eyes a second time."Done." Then she eyed him, in another way." So, who is this Akane Tendo and Pigtailed girl, exactly?"

"Why, they're the two loves of my life!" Tatewaki, focused in.

Nozomi, handed a look in disbelief. "If they're the loves of your life, why are you wishing to date them?"

"Thou hast idea not of what it is like," Tatewaki, lowered his head. "It's all that certin's fault, if it wasn't for him, I- I-"

At last Nozomi, filled in from him. "Would have to wish to date them."

"Exactly," Tatewaki, finished out. "Why- why that tyrant; he never listens," Tatewaki, looked up at his genie. "Not to a single word I say. How, I wish Ranma Saotome, couldst walk in my shoes, just for him to see what I see; maybe it'll teach that miscreant a lesson or two."

Nozomi "Done."

Tatewaki, then studied Nozomi, rather oddly. "Done?"

Nozomi and Tatewaki, exchanged looks with each other, when Tatewaki's eyes, widen; when just realized what he said. "What the hell did you just do?

Nozomi, rolled her heads towards him in more annoyance. "Because you asked for it."

"I hath not wished for that."

"You said I wish."

"Thou acknowledge damn well, that's not what I meant; take it back."

Her eyes, expressed widely out to Tatewaki, as she folded her arms."I can't." Then she handed him a look, trying to hand him a suggestion. "You could always use that last wish of yours, to undo the last wish you made."

Tatewaki, stared at her an anger. "I Tatewaki Kuno, am not going to waste my last wish on that."

Nozomi, looked at one of the waiters coming to the table, the back to Tatewaki. "Well, you might want to think about it, but for now you're dinners coming."

Tatewaki, scowled piercing daggers, at the genie in front of him, as he ignored her last statement. "Since you butchered the intent of that wish, so completely, I Tatewaki Kuno, am going to make a wish so perfect, so unbreakable, so you can't back-plot me again. Furthermore-"

Tatewaki, didn't see him, but the waiter who was now, at the table, just as Tatewaki, stood up.

"-another things is, I think you've got a really horrible attitude. I guess that comes from being locked up in a tea kettle for so long. We're not all that stupid. We're all not Pavlov's dog, I think there's another possibility here, and that truth off the matter of the fact is that you're just a bitch."

The genie, simply pointed behind Tatewaki. Tatewaki, slowly turned to see the waiter, holding his tray, a bit scared. Tatewaki, turned back around, to see that the women was gone. Tatewaki, quickly looked back at the shaking man, back to table, back to the man again. Tatewaki, feeling stupid, pulled the tray out of the waiters hand. "Just give me the tray."

The waiter pointed to the tray. "But I need that ba-"

Tatewaki, turned to him one last time, before he glanced back at the waiter. "Go!"

"Uh-uh, yes," After that waiter, took off.

Once Tatewaki, was sure he was gone, he looked back and forth, in very which "Genie?"


Tatewaki, lowered his brow, before he growled under his breath. "Nozomi, or whatever the hell your name is, I know you're there, so come on out..wherever you are.

The genie, popped back in the her chair. "Yes."

Tatewaki, snapped right at her. "What the hell was that all about. How dear you do that to me back there."

"Look kid, you gonna make your last wish, or what? What are you waiting for, us to sit around here all day? I want to get out of here before the apocalypse comes, okay."

"That is no reason for you, to bash on my other wish."

"Then you should be more careful about what you say?" She simply turned away.

"I say I deserve to at least think about it, first."

Nozomi, turned back to him as she raised her brow. "Ah, now you're using your brain." She shrugged as she threw a signal toward him."Or you could just give up your last wish, that way I can leave for good."

"Look, when my last wish, comes to me, I'll let ye know, okay; it's not as if you can go anywhere far?"

"Then I'm gone," With that she disappeared again, leaving Tatewaki, stunned. "How did she do that?" (There's gotta be some kind of magic behind it.. I mean she is a genie after all.)