Chapter Six: Last Wish! The Switch!

"We both have one last wish, and you know what we should both use it for."

"If I use this last wish, do I get the tea kettle at least?" Tatewaki, asked stupidly.

Ranma, scowled as he shouted. "No! We're going to fix this mess, and return it back to that restaurant."

"I'll just find it again."

"Really? The chances of you, finding this particular tea kettle again, is one to a million. Seeing as it looks like every other tea kettle, that's in there."

"There are other ways, you know," Tatewaki, added in.

Ranma, shook his head. "Ready?"

Tatewaki, nodded before he hollered out. "Genie!" Tatewaki, tried once more. "Genie!" Then this time, they both yelled out at the same time. "GENIE!"

Nozomi, suddenly appeared before them. "A moment of peace, is that too much to ask for."

Ranma, turned to Nozomi. "We'll like to make our last wish."

Nozomi, leaned back against the wall. "Then, just do it already."

Ranma, and Tatewaki, finally made their last wish, before they both turned to Nozomi.

Nozomi, finally nodded. "Done." After that she dissapred.

Ranma, and Tatewaki, exchanged looks, before they examined their own body.

"I'm- I'm back, I can't believe it, I'm back!"

Tatewaki, let out a breath as a stream of tears, fell from his eyes. "It's so good to be back!"

Ranma, re-turned, to where the genie was. "Hey, she disappeared. Where the hell did she go."

Tatewaki, glanced at the wall, to Ranma. "Magic."

They both let out smile, before they hesitantly hugged each other in more of a relief. They both let out a small blush, before they let go. Ranma, cleared his throat, aside. "Maybe we should-"

Tatewaki, let out a breath before he scuffed aside. "Right."

Ranma, and Tatewaki, started to walk to the store, talking about this and that.

"It feels kinda funny, returning back to normal, "Tatewaki, started up.

"Yeah, no kidding. It's about time we put this behind us. After this, I don't think I wanna hear the word 'wish' for week."

"Ah! That art right about that."

"Not to mention, once we get back, I get to see if you did anything weird to my body. Especially, with my other side and all."

"That makes the two of us," Tatewaki, agreed aside, then he shook his head. "I can't believe thou art the Pigtailed girl."

"Speaking of chasing-" Ranma, glanced at Tatewaki. "-you wanna race- Yoshiharu?"

Tatewaki, sent him a look. "You're on Katsu."

Tatewaki, Ranma, finally raced to the restaurant, when they finally returned the kettle. When they bumped into the same waiter again.

The waiter blinked, scared. (It's them again.) "Yeah- yeah, what do you want?"

Ranma, placed the tea kettle, on his try. "To get rid of this thing."

Waiter, blinked in shock, that they were, pulling him by his shirt to death. Tatewaki, looked over at Ranma. "Let's go, before I change my mind."

Ranma, scowled at Tatewaki. "Don't you even joke about that!"

The two, finally raced back home, when they went to show everyone else, that they've finally, returned back to normal.

The End!