Eric held Ariel's hands. "Ariel I'm so excited you picked me we're gonna have a fantastic life together. Here's to the new princess!" Eric cheered holding Ariel's arm up. The kingdom cheered but not with too much enthusiasm.

"No! I was gonna say Eric, your very nice and funny and I'm sure you'll find true love. But not with me. To be honest I did think it was you that's probably how it was origanlly written but that's not how it happened." Ariel explained.

She turned to Aladdin."When you guys came in everything was...well, All Mixed Up."

"But I'm glad it happened that way and You showed me where I really belong. With you." Ariel said walking over to Aladdin.

"I love you Aladdin." Ariel said as Aladdin wrapped his arms around her.

"I love you too." Aladdin said as they both leaned in for a kiss.

"Aww." The crowd said.

"What!? Hey! Your MY kingdom how come you're on their side?!" Eric complained.

"Oh shut up! You're ruining the moment!" Genie shot back as Ariel and Aladdin finally kissed.

The crowd cheered.

"We did it!" Naveen cried as him and Flynn hugged.

"I promised myself I wouldn't cry!" Genie said trying to fight back tears of joy. But they won and Genie blubbered like a baby and blew his nose on Carpet.

After Ariel and Aladdin broke the kiss everyone came in for a huge group hug.

"Well we did it!" Flynn said excitedly.

"Now we're one big happy family. We can go on millions of adventures and we can do anything now!" Rapunzel said.

"Guys! It doesn't matter where we are, as long as we're together." Aladdin said putting his arm around Ariel.

Right there and then a magic orb formed. When it disappeared Jiminy was there.

"Hi Jiminy!" Everyone said.

Jiminy looked sort of nervous. "Hi guys." He said softly.

"Why so glum chum? Ariel and Aladdin are finally together!" Flynn said with jazz hands to try to cheer him up

"That's the problem." Jiminy explained.

Everyone's face expression dropped.

"What?" Ariel asked.

"Well now that all 3 movies are finished I'm afraid I'm gonna have to separate you guys." Jiminy explained.

"Your all needed back in your own movies or else the whole disney universe will be out of balance. If I could keep you guys together I would but I can't. Also I'm retiring." Jiminy said.

"Alright, we understand." Tiana sighed.

"Wait you're retiring? How old are-" Naveen started but Tiana cover his mouth.

"That's rude!" She hissed to him.

Naveen kept quiet after that.

Everyone had to say good bye.

"Bye Naveen, I know it's only been like a few months but I feel like I've known you so much longer!" Flynn said sounding a little shakey.

"Are you crying?" Naveen asked.

Flynn looked embarrassed as he tried to hide the tears wanting to come out. "Uh no I'm just sweating through my eyes." (From Phineas and Ferb!)

All the girls came together and hugged too.

"This stinks! I just got my voice back and now we have to say goodbye!" Ariel said.

"I know right?" Rapunzel agreed.

So everyone said their goodbyes and all that was left was Ariel and Aladdin.

Ariel ran into Aladdin's arms. "I'm gonna miss you so much." She whispered trying to fight back tears.

"I'm gonna miss you too." Aladdin said back and once again they kissed.

"Geez, they were only a couple for 5 minutes and they're acting like they were together for years." Flynn complained. Although he got elbowed again.

Three portals showed up. One leading to New Orleans, Another to Rapunzel and Flynn's kingdom, and the final one to Agrahbah. (There already in Ariel's world so she's already home.)

Tiana and Naveen were the first to go. They stepped inside their portal and waved from the other side. Everyone waved back teary-eyed The portal vanished and Tiana and Naveen were gone forever. But they were where they belonged.

Next Flynn and Rapunzel said their final goodbyes and stepped into their own portal.

"Bye guys." They said.

Ariel and Aladdin waved from the other side as the portal disappeared. Ariel hid her head in Aladdin's vest to hide her crying.

"Please don't go. We're finally together and now we have to be separated." Ariel pleaded.

"I'll never forget you Ariel." He whispered in her ear.

Jiminy shed a tear and he tapped on Aladdin's shoulder.

"Aladdin? I've been looking for someone to take over my spot and I think you're just the man to do it. You're smart, clever, fair and you know when you have to do the right thing. Here take this." Jiminy explained handing him a remote.

"What is this?" Aladdin asked.

"You have any access to any world at any time." Jiminy explained some more.

Ariel look up. "So we can be together?" She asked excitedly.

"No I'm afraid not. Aladdin you can only use this in times of real need. And here's the manual incase of any questions." Jiminy said handing him a book.

"Thank you." Aladdin said.

"Alrighty then I should be going too bye guys!" Jiminy said then left.

Genie, Abu and Carpet had already stepped into the portal.

Ariel and Aladdin hugged one last time. Then as Aladdin stepped away their hands slid down from the other person's shoulders to their hands.

Aladdin smiled at Ariel and she smiled back. He took one last step backwards letting his and Ariel's hands drift away from each other and he was inside the portal.

"I love you!" Ariel called.

"I love you too!" Aladdin replied from the other side as he began to vanish so it had sort of an echo-y effect.

Ariel looked around. The only one who was still there was her dad.

"Daddy, let's go home." Ariel said.

"Alright." King Triton agreed and he gave Ariel her fins and they swam home.

On their way home they bumped into Flounder.

"Hey there you are Ariel! What did I miss?" Flounder asked.

Ariel looked at him and smiled. Oh you missed so much! Ariel thought back on all the amazing times with her new friends.

Back with Aladdin...

In the time Ariel swam home Aladdin was able to get back to his home and shoo Sadira out of there (She moved in remember chapter 4?) and now him and Genie were talking.

"That had to be the craziest adventure of my life!" Aladdin said.

"See Al? You did get a happily ever after! " Genie said."Too bad no one was able to turn this into a story and put it someplace where other people can read it." Genie thought out loud.

"Yeah." Aladdin agreed.

"It would have been a great story even though all the movies were a little mixed up." Genie sighed

Aladdin looked at him instead of the amazing view from his window. "A little?" He asked teasingly.

"Ok fine then All Mixed Up." Genie said joining him on the ledge.

"Yeah...All Mixed Up." Aladdin said.


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