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Chapter One

It all started in eighth grade. My gram had told me that I had a twin. She said that my parents gave him up for adoption for reasons. I didn't ask what that reasons were, but she told me that one of them was so he could find a good family that can support him. After she told me that I spent time wondering what he was like. It wasn't until when my gram died that I finally met him and his family. They arrived to the funeral and saw me. His name's Scott Pickett and he had always known about me since he was old enough to know. His parents have kept in contact with my parents until they died.

At first I thought I was going to be alone since I had no other relatives and I didn't knew that Scott was my twin, but when they came to the funeral his parents told me that I would be staying with them. I nodded silently since I was shy. They knew that and helped me settle in.

Now here's where the story begins. It was a week until school starts. Scott had gone and shown me around with permission from the school. Principal Brenigan had agreed since he was a jock. That week Scott's friends had come over. I had stayed in my room since I wasn't ready to meet them. Then I heard my door opening. I looked up and saw a blonde hair girl. She smiled stupidly and apologized. She closed the door and ran downstairs. I went up to my door, opened it slightly and listened in.

"Scott why didn't you tell us you had a girl upstairs?" She asked.

"Scott please tell me you're not cheating on me?" Another asked.

"Mo you know I would never do that." Scott said. "Guess I should go and get her."

With that I decided to exit the room. I saw him coming up the steps and asked me if I could go downstairs. In odder my head and followed him. To the steps. Before we went downstairs I told him that if at school we can act like we weren't related. He understood that I hated attention and nodded his head. He had told me that he was known to be popular in school and I groaned. He had asked me why I did that and I told him. With that we walked down the stairs. When we arrived to the living room I saw a blonde hair who's hair is spiked with blue eyes. I stared at him until Scott spoke up.

"Guys this is my twin, Olivia," he said, "and Olivia the blonde guy is my best friend Ray, the blonde girl is Jules the redhead girl is Patty—"

"Ray's girlfriend." She said interrupting Scott.

I saw Ray rolling his eyes and mouthed 'No she's not' as Scott ignored her. "And lastly this is my girlfriend Mohini, but we call her Mo."

"Nice to meet you." Mo said extending her hand.

I shook it and nodded my head. She looked at Scott confused and he said that I'm shy. He also told them that at school we should act like they don't know about me because I hate attention. They nodded their heads and I sat down in between Scott and Ray. Patty looked ready to rip my head off, but I paid no attention to it. After a while I got bored and got up. Scott looked at me confused and I just whispered to him that I heading to the music room. He nodded his head and went back to talking to the others. Mo looked at me confused, but said nothing. I made my way to the music room and grabbed Scott's guitar. I strummed a few notes and began singing softly. I stopped abruptly when I heard someone. I turned around and saw that is was Mo.

She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and she said that I was good. I shook my head and started protesting. She stopped me and reassured me that I was good. I asked her not to tell anyone and she agreed.

Soon it was the first day of school. Scott asked me if I wanted a ride and I said that Mo was coming to pick me up with her dad. During the week before school began Mo and I became the closest of friends. She had taken me to her house and her father accepted me as her friend when I helped Mo with some math work from this program she goes to during the summer. Scott nodded his head and left. A minute later I heard a car horn. I said goodbye to my new parents and left. I entered the car and said good morning to Mr. Banjaree. With that he drove off to school. Before we got out he reminded Mo to ask the teachers about extra credit. She rolled her eyes and nodded her head. He stopped her and asked if she was wearing lipstick and my stomach dropped thinking she was going to get caught. She denied it and he believed her.

With that we got out of the car and I made my way to the main office. There I got my schedule, locker number and combination and homeroom number. I arrived to homeroom and saw that Mo was in it and so was Ray and Scott. The teacher sat me down next to Ray. As soon as I sat down the guy in front of me began flirting with me.

A month passed by and I began getting used to the school. Ray and Scott had to keep up pretenses about being complete jerks even though they're not. Mo was almost caught by her father about the lipstick, but she denied it once again. She ditched a class and got detention and I got detention too for reading in the janitors closet honestly he only cares about the sports of the school. How do I know? He sent all the other clubs to the basement. Then a new girl came. And it all happened during the assembly in the gym. Principal Brenigan was talking about how we should speak up and be ourselves or something like that when she stood up and began shouting my clothes my choice and things like that.

Principal Brenigan got mad and I smiled. Soon enough it was after school and I had to go to detention. I walked to the basement and went to the detention room. I saw a lemonade machine there and grabbed one. Soon enough Mo entered and so did the new girl and then a guy with long brunette hair and a redhead guy. The teacher came in and gave us cloths. She told us to start cleaning and then someone flushed the toilet. I made a face and she got mad. She left the room and we looked at each other. Stella, the new girl, said that she couldn't make us clean and Mo and I said that we should just get this done. We all began cleaning aside from the brunette guy. He began making a beat and the others joined in. Then I began singing a song that just came to me called 'Turn Up the Music'.

Soon enough I was moving around the room without a care in the world.

When we finished we noticed the teacher. We began making excuses and headed back to our seats. She shushed us and began thinking. She came up to me and I gulped nervously.

"Olivia you have such a beautiful voice." She said and I smiled weakly.

Then she began talking about how we should make a band and how it was fate. We began protesting and soon we walked out of the room. We went to Dante's to get some lunch and began chatting about what just happened. Then Stella said that we should try to form a band. Wen, the redhead, Charlie, the brunette, Mo and I began disagreeing. Charlie flipped a coin. Head we try tails we bail. It was heads. We all agreed and then laughed. When we exited Dante's we went our separate ways. Mo came with me back home. When we arrived I saw Ray's car in the driveway. Which meant he was here. We entered the house and greeted them. Scott asked me how detention went. I told him about me and Mo being in a band and they nodded their heads. He asked who else was in it and I looked at Mo. She nodded her head and I told them. Ray and Scott exchanged glances and I knew that both our bands were going to have differences since Stella, Wen and Charlie don't get along with Scott and Ray.

I went up to my room with Mo trailing behind me. We did our homework and then stopped when we heard music. I looked at Mo and she said that Scott and the rest of Ray's band were probably here to practice. I smiled wickedly and looked at her. She raised an eyebrow and I mouthed 'follow me.' She did just thy and we stopped in front of the music room. I placed my ear and so did Mo. Soon enough we heard Ray singing and Scott playing. When they finished we rushed to the kitchen. I told Mo to act as if we came down here to get a snack. She nodded her head and we began looking around. Soon enough we heard Scott and Ray coming in. Scott asked what we were doing and I told him that we came down for a snack. He nodded his head not suspecting a thing and went up to Mo. I made a face and faked gag. Ray chuckled and I left the room. I went to the backyard and began thinking of a song. Then my phone beeped. I took it out and saw that Stella had texted me.

To: Olivia

From: Stella

Hey meet us at the school. Ms. Reznick is able to let us have a practice to see if we form the band.

To: Stella

From: Olivia

On my way. And I'll text Mo and meet up with her before going.

To: Olivia

From: Stella

See ya then.

To: Stella

From: Olivia


With that I went back inside. I saw Ray in the living room and raised an eyebrow. He said that they're still in the kitchen. I nodded my head and went that way. I entered and saw them kissing deeply. I cleared my throat and they didn't look up. With that I exited the kitchen and went to the stairs. I made a noise that sounded like I fell and screamed. I laid down on the floor so they would think I actually fell. Ray came first and I just shook my head. A minute later Scott and Mo came. Scott rushed to me and asked if I was okay. I nodded my head. He faced Ray and asked him how come he didn't help me out.

"Scott," I said, " I faked this."

He looked taken back. "Why?"

"Because you wouldn't stop sucking on your girlfriend's face and I really need to tell her something."

"Next time don't do something like this." He said. "You seriously almost gave me a heart attack."

"Sorry." I said. Then I looked at Mo. "Stella texted me and said to meet them and the others at the school for the thing that we talked about before."

"Aright," she said, "let me get my bag and we'll go."

I nodded my head and with that she went upstairs. A minute later she came down and I told Scott that we'll be back later. He told us to be careful. Mo went up to and gave him a kiss. I rolled my eyes and looked at Ray. He nodded his head and grabbed Scott by the collar and dragged him to who knows where.

When Mo and I arrived the others were at their instruments. After a few minutes Stella began fussing. I looked at the others alarmed. I knew that we weren't doing so well and then it all came down. Mo said that it wasn't working and Charlie agreed. They began getting their stuff and were ready to leave. I looked at Wen and he began playing some notes. Then the lyrics that I was thinking of before began playing in my head. Soon enough I began singing. I went up to Mo as I began to sing the first notes. The title just came to my head. It's called 'Somebody'.

With that we finished and smiled. Stella asked me if I just came up with that and I smiled. It's the truth though. As soon as I began singing the rest of the lyrics just came to me. With that we agreed that we made an awesome band. We group hugged and then went our separate ways. As Mo and I went back to my house she asked me how I came up with the song. I told her that I was thinking of the lyrics before, but that when I began singing the rest just came to me. She told me that I should write it down soon before I forget. I agreed and told her that I have the one we sang before written down. She smiled and soon enough we were outside my house. I unlocked the door and we went in. It was oddly quiet and I looked at Mo.

She shrugged her shoulders and put her bag on the sofa. We began looking around and soon we were in the backyard. We saw Ray and Scott laying down on the beach chairs sleeping. I got an idea and told Mo to follow me. He looked at me confused and I gave her a bucket. I went to the pool and filled mine up. She did just that and followed me. I motioned to the buckets and the guys and she smirked. Usually I wouldn't do this but I guess it's time to stop being shy and closed up. I lifted up my bucket and Mo followed. I mouthed to the count of three and she nodded her head. I counted and soon enough we dropped the water in the buckets on them. Mo wet Scott and I dumped water on Ray. They stood up and Mo and I made a mad dash to distance ourselves from them. They looked around and saw us and put two and two together. They yelled at us that they were going to get us and I told Mo to run to my room.

With that we made a mad dash to my room. Once there I locked the door. Soon enough there was pounding on my door. After a few minutes it grew quiet. I looked at Mo and she shrugged her shoulders. She looked at my alarm clock and told me that she had to get home before her father flipped. I nodded my head and we walked out. She got her things and I walked her to the door. As we got there Scott and Ray jumped out of nowhere and hugged us with their still wet clothes. I yelped and so did Mo. I told Scott to let Mo go because she had to get home. He obliged and I said goodbye to her. When the door closed I realized that Ray still hadn't let me go. I looked at him and instantly went shy.

"R-Ray," I stuttered, "can y-you l-let me go? P-please?"

With that he let me go and I dashed to my room. I closed the door and went to change. When dinner time came Scott's parents asked me if anything new happened. I told them everything and they smiled. When dinner was over I went to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I went to sleep wondering what things would happen to the band.

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