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Chapter 2: A Shock of a Lifetime

Stella's POV

It was an hour or so before game night and no one was in sight. Yeah the whole early thing may be saying too much for the members of the band. But usually Mo and Olivia were there way before helping the set up process. It usually took awhile to get fully prepared. Having three guys in the band meant they were pigs. They loved their food so I always have to have my mom buy so much extra. Then the pool had to be ready. We'd go to the beach towel closet (yeah we had a beach towel closet in my family, weird I know) and pull tons of towels out. We'd overboard the amount of towels because well it was necessary. The pool toys lived in the outside shed. Everything but the noodles was allowed to come out. The noodles were hidden and locked in a safe place. That may seem completely overdramatic, but at last game night, Scott wacked Charlie in the face and gave him a bloody nose and then he fell into the water giving us bloody pool water and him banging into Wen's head giving him a lump the size of Jupiter (it was ginormous, seriously). So, end of the noodles. The board games were out. Well the two games that ended up being the favorites of all of us within the first game night, Quelf and Apples to Apples. The last thing left to do was find "the decks" of cards. You'd think 52 cards should be together in their box they came with. But no, not possible in the Yamada household. We have a totally of probably, well zero complete original decks. All of our decks are made up of 52 different cards from different sets. We always set up a couple of decks. Since there was six of us, we'd set up three decks so that pairs could us one each and no one was left out. Now that Beech was so called coming I had one extra set to set up but now there was seven, so one person would lonely play solitaire by themselves. I had about a quarter of the last deck and couldn't seem to find the rest. Mo and Olivia usually were the ones to help me make up these decks, since the cards were usually everywhere through the house, where the hell are they anyway? They are usually crazy early.

"Stella, going to be around a half hour late. Gran has Wen and I held captive for a bit. She told us we have to help her do a couple things around the house. Be there as soon as possible. ~Olivia." Great.

"Stella, Scott and I will be late. Can't really tell right now how late but Scott is trying to get Baba on his good side. Baba is holding on strong though. Why can't he just say fine, you can go out with him and I am fine with it? Oh yeah, he's Baba. Be there hopefully soon! Mo." Seriously? Couldn't you have done this so me other time? Only Charlie left, hopefully he is coming like NOW.
"Hey Stell, Tommy came home all of a sudden from school and the parents are freaking out. House is on lockdown for a bit till we know what is going on. Don't know much. Tell you guys when I get there. Charlie" Are you kidding me? Everyone is going to be late? That only leaves the pain in the ass, Beech. He better have been bluffing and not coming.

The one issue was that now I had so much to do by myself with no one to help me. My parents were out at the market getting the last food supplies that I forgot about and the twins always had to go too. They were usually there for the first hour of game night in case needed, but then would leave the hour later giving us the house to ourselves. But for now it was just me. Since everyone said they'd be late, that gave me some time and there is no way Beech was a person to be on time for anything in his life. I really needed to replace that lower E string on my guitar. I was so mad last night about having to let Beech come that when I was playing it snapped. The joys of playing guitar too roughly, a broken string. The cards could wait. I was going to bring down my guitar anyways so this is probably the best time to get switch that string anyways. Then I can get ready as well. But the guitar came first.

About ten minutes later Rays POV(driving to Stella's)

Why was I doing this? Oh yeah to get Scott back as a friend. Is this even the neighborhood that Yamada could actually live in? It is a really nice area of the town. There is no way. But I remember Scott saying something about doctor people, which meant that they probably made a lot of cash. Unless if they were crap doctors. Stopping in front of a sign outside a house, Yamada Household. So I guess she does. Holy crap, are you serious this is her house? It's HUGE and surprisingly AMAZING looking, lots of character. It seems as though no cars are here. Where the rest of those stupid Lemonheads? What is that?

He looked up and coming from an open window in the front of the house was the sound of a guitar. It wasn't just any sound though. It wasn't their music, but other than something beautiful. Must be Yamada. What is she playing though? I probably should go ring the bell so if she looks out the window she doesn't see me just standing there.

Stella's POV

There was always such an amazing feeling from playing something that wasn't Lemonade Mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love our music and everything and Rock n' Roll stuff but there was something that was great about playing this type of music. No one really knew she played it. She only did play it when she was alone. Ding ding ding dong, dong dong dong ding-dong, dong dong. Ugh that bell was so annoying. Wait, it was only like ten minutes after 5 o'clock. They can't be here already, plus the 'rents have their own keys. Walking downstairs realizing that she forgot to get ready yet, she went to the door. The band didn't care what she looked like, but she was in sweats. If it's a neighbor, they wouldn't care either, their family wasn't really close with many of them anyways. She looked in the peephole realizing it was none other than Beech. Crap, no backup, seriously? When she opened the door she was right, it was none other than the spiked blond head of the rival band Mudslide Crush. "Beech? Why are you here? I thought you said I want to go to be all buddy-buddy with Scott but not show till you knew Scott would be here."

"You know what Yamada? I don't care for your stupid sass. I am here for Scott. Where is he anyways?" He rudely just pushed his way into the front door.

"He and Mo are stuck at her house talking to her dad about them. Thought he would have told you that. Jeez, what a great friend," snickering "Plus you could have asked to be allowed in, not push your way rudely in."

"Whatever, and Scott isn't talking really yet. He's vague and says we're on a "trial period" right now."
"Fine, go sit there" pointing to the couch "I'll be right back. Don't touch anything but that couch. I have to finish getting everything ready." He walked over and sat pulling out a phone. "By the way, why are you here so early anyways?"

"First, I am not early, I am late. But earlier, than everyone else. Secondly, I hate being late to places."

"Yeah right, and not to burst your "I'm so cool" ego bubble, you are late. But yet early compared to everyone else." Walking away, I went upstairs to get changed and bring what I needed from upstairs down. I found my favorite black skinnies and a purple tank. I left the bathing suit for later on my bed and fixed my hair. Then I grabbed by electric and acoustic guitars and the stands and brought them down. I set them up where I usually do and walked away. Beech was paying no attention to anything. Then I went and grabbed my amp, plus the extras I had in case someone forgot one. Then I started the dreaded process of finding the other three-quarters of the last deck.

Ray's POV

Not to burst your 'I'm so cool' ego bubble? Was she seriously saying that to me? First off, I AM cool. I am the popular one of the school, awesome soccer player, and member of the way better band. So she must need to get her head examined. Second of all, I am not in an "ego bubble". So she must really need a head examination or something. I mean, yes, we get in yelling matches all the time and we get along at no level, so of course she would say that. Also by the fact that in the bit of a conversation with Scott, she was not really for this at all. Stella's bringing down the guitars' and placing them on their stands across the room from the couch he was on. He was secretly watching her whenever her back was turned away. She changed? Aren't they just hanging out so it doesn't matter what they were wearing. I mean yeah, she did look a tad grungy. So I guess that is why to change. Wait a sec, why do I even care. Why am I even bothering to think about Yamada. She's a pain. Stella finishes with the guitars and amps then goes and does something else. But I will have to say that those are some sweet guitars. They must have cost a crap load. Stella is now in search for the last three-quarters of the deck. What the hell is she doing? Looking for cards? It already looks like there are already a couple decks.

Stella's POV

Dang it. Why can't cards be in an easier place to find? This is going to drive my insane. I need to have all decks ready for later. Why is Beech staring at me right now? Like come on, you have a phone right in your hands use it! "What is wrong with you? Stop staring!"

"Huh, oh not to burst your bubble," mocking her, "I am not staring at you, you just look like a lunatic right now and I can't figure out why?"

"Okay, you don't need to mock me in your arrogant voice. I do NOT look like a lunatic. I am just a tad frantic. I need to finish getting ready. Mo and Olivia usually are here helping but they had "things" to do." Of course, they had "couple" things to do. Well except Charlie. But other than that it's all they think and talk about. I seem seriously pathetic and loserish right now. "But this always happens."

"What always happens? You looking as a lunatic?"

"No, I am frantic, not a lunatic. Looking for the rest of these cards. They end up everywhere throughout the house and I can't find the rest."

"Shouldn't a deck be together, 52 cards in a box or something?"

"Nah, not in this family. All decks are made up of 52 different cards from different decks."


"Why do you care?" Beech just shrugged. I kept going forgetting about it. But than I just felt like talking. I never really get the chance. "When I was in probably preschool, the teachers would have cards in the classroom incase we wanted to play like go fish or something. But the problem was that my class consisted of kids who were horribly behaved and would rather play 52 pick up. I was the weird kid who'd rather collect the cards than play with them. My mom told me that everyday when she'd empty out my bag I would have a couple different cards a day, never matching or anything. This happened everyday and by the end of pre-k, we had at least 6 decks of different cards. This happened every school year from as long as I remember. I would collect them. But the problem was the aftermath, now. There are so many cards around but the issue about them being a different deck is that you have to look through all the cards. I am still missing half of this deck and have turned over at least a hundred cards. Usually, this process goes so much faster. But they have bigger responsibilities with their love lives. Oy."

Ray's POV

Wow she talked a lot. But I just sat there and listened to her. She was so nice and seemed almost amazing when she wasn't yelling at you the entire time. Why'd I just say that? Crap. "Do you want help?" Why'd I just offer help? Probably just out of a guy instinct that she is going "frantic" according to her.

"Thanks, if you don't mind." I just nodded, and put my phone back in my pocket while standing up. "The cards that I have already are over on that table. They are sorted by the individual numbers, jack, king, ace, and queen. Oh and the cards can be seriously anywhere. Probably more likely in here though." I nodded and started to search. It was so quiet I felt that I could head a pin drop. Then I decided to start to hum something random. Yamada looked at me, and I stopped. Then she started to join in. We were laughing by the time we each found a couple cards each.

When I got to the table, she was already putting hers down. Of course she had cards from like ace to 7 but was standing by the kings. I had those types of cards so we were reaching over each other. Their hands touched for a couple seconds but they both quickly retreated from those spots. Her skin was so soft, jeez. She smells nice too, like lavender. Wait what am I saying? Crap. I should say something; it got way to quiet again. "So earlier," silence, "I heard you playing something from outside your house. What was it?"

"What? Why do you even care? You think our music is crap."

"That's not fair. I don't think its crap."

"Ha. Yeah right."

"I don't. It's not horrible. But I do know something. Whatever you were playing on your guitar was no Lemonade Mouth. It was peaceful and well actually, beautiful." She was just staring at me like I caught her or something. She looked worried or something. Did she not like anyone hearing her play something like that?

"Oh that, I was just…"


"Wait you know my name?"


"You called me Stella not Yamada"

"Of course I know your name Stella. How could anyone not? You know I am not as shallow as you think."

"Oh, yeah right Ray. Oh and you don't need to say anything. I know your name."

"Look Stella," it was weird calling her by her actual name not Yamada, "Why don't you want anyone to know you play what you were earlier? It was amazing."

She looked down for a second, but then slowly started to speak, "Look, the band thinks of me as rock. Stella, the electric guitarist. They know I play acoustic, but not that. Yeah, I play Lemonade Mouth music which isn't, but with that I add my flare, just like everyone else does. But I am not really known as Stella, liker of well I don't know. No one knows about that Stella, and that I love playing that music you heard as well. Not even my family. They think I am just this tough person. I have emotions too." Wow, she did have emotion, she was not just a yeller. I figured as much though.

"Well, I thought it was amazing." She looked at me and smiled. "And if you want I won't tell anyone about it either," then I quickly added, "I knew you had emotion in you. I knew there was no way you were that strong without emotion."

She blushed a little. "Thanks. I'll tell them sometime. It's just that I don't know how they'd take it."

"They'd probably be fine with it. They're your friends. They care about you and won't care that you are not just "Stella the electric guitarist". Plus I would think they'd notice that you are not just rock hard Stella, the one who lets no emotion surpass you."

"I let emotion through!"

"Not in front of them, or anyone. But you are loud and like to be heard."

"That I do."

Stella's POV

Okay so maybe Ray Beech wasn't as bad as I thought. He may be a egotistical person who thinks he is amazing. Fine he is sorta amazing, ONLY sorta though. I can't believe he heard me playing on my acoustic and thought it was beautiful and amazing. Or the fact that he said he wouldn't tell anyone. Shocking there. He smelt pretty good too. He didn't have that signature guy musk that is horribly unpleasant. He smelt nice. One thing I will admit and be fine with admitting is that his eyes are beautiful. They are like an icy blue but still really blue. There wasn't much talking after that since we still had about a quarter of that deck left to find, but lots of humming. For some reason not having everyone there yet was actually nice. It was actually nice talking to Ray. He was nothing that I expected. "You want to know something?" he looked up from what he was doing, "You aren't as big of an ass as I thought you were."

"Thanks. You know, I am really not that big of a jerk as everyone assumes or it comes across. I am actually nice and care."

I smiled, "I get that now." He smiled right back. Not an arrogant smile, but an actual smile. We finally finished, and collapsed on the couch.

"Will you play what you were playing earlier for me?"

"Sure." I got up and went to grab my acoustic. I sat down on the couch next to him and put one of my feet next to by thigh of my other leg. I started to play, and the music took over me. I closed my eyes for a second and kept playing. When I opened eyes, he was staring right at me. We were both brought out of the trance when we heard the doorbell, Ding ding ding-dong, dong dong dong ding-dong, dong dong. Jeez that doorbell is aggravating. I quickly put my guitar back, and entered the real world. Ray just pulled out his phone and acted like nothing happened. Whatever. I went to the door but when Ray's back was turned to me, I looked at him and realized something. I like Ray Beech. I quickly than came back to the real world and went and got the door.

Ray's POV

It was beautiful, what she was playing. She seemed to get so lost in it. It made me get lost too. But then I was brought back when I heard something, Ding ding ding-dong, dong dong dong ding-dong, dong dong. What was that? She had quickly gotten up and put back her guitar. I realized that it was the doorbell, the band. I pulled out my phone and realized that what just happened was over, what we had to go back to hating each other. But I did realize something more important. I liked Stella Yamada. She was a real person. I opened a text to my girlfriend of the time, Patty. I seriously don't get why I am even with her. She is only with me for popularity. I don't even care about her.

"Patty, look its over. Sorry. Ray." Immediately after sending the text Stella had reached the door.

It's showtime.

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