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Chapter 7: Coming Clean and Pure Bliss

A couple chapters back…

Olivia's POV

Where were they? They have been gone for at least an hour now. Everyone was sitting on the couch looking restless. I looked at Mo and she looked at me like what is going on? She was holding Scotts hand and was leaning against him. But something seemed up with Scott. He was being really quiet but was tapping his foot really quick. Wen was at my side, and Charlie was looking at the floor. I shrugged and leaned back on the couch but came into contact with Wen's arm. I shot back up, "Sorry." He chuckled at me.
"Its okay Olivia. I don't mind." He winked at me and I smiled leaning back. "Okay guys, what is going on with them? They have been gone for at least an hour."
"Maybe they killed each other." Charlie suggested. I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah right. I don't know."
"I want to swim!" Wen whined. I laughed at how childish that sounded.
"Then let's go. They can find us." Scott said jumping up and walking towards the door. He was acting really weird. The guys followed him almost immediately. Mo and I rolled our eyes and met up in the middle between where we were.
"What is up with Scott? And Stella and Ray?"
Mo shrugged. "Don't know the answer to either of those. But we need to figure out what later." I nodded in agreement with her. I wanted to know what is up. We walked out the door and saw the boys jumping in the pool. "Let's go!" I smiled and followed her jumping in trying to forget everything going on.

Scott's POV

Okay, what is up with those two? Well Stella and Ray that is. But Olivia and Mo are being weird too. Oy, girls. I think everyone can tell something is up with them but that is probably because I am acting just as insane right now because of Patty being a pain and then that conversation with Ray. I am glad that he finally figured out that they are supposed to be together. I could tell that they should have very early in this all. Probably a lot of people have figured that out. But they are both clueless. The thing is that I am not sure whether or not the band notices it, I think the girls may have an idea that something is up but I don't really know whether or not so. But I am guessing they think I know something so I have to be scared of what they are going to do. I am going to try and keep my mouth shut for Stella and Ray's sake because I don't know what is going on really only the gist. Plus I want to give them space instead of having everyone breathing down their necks with what is going on and what happened while they were here by themselves. But I don't think I can keep silent forever. At least not with Mo and Olivia here, that is because they are girls and they are nosy. It's hard to keep anything away from any girl. But I am screwed because Mo can always tell when something is up with me and so no matter what there is no way to try and hide it. Maybe I should just try and act as though there is nothing the matter with me so they stop getting suspicious.

Mo's POV

Okay something is going on here. My boyfriend is being weird, and so are Stella and Ray. I plan of figuring this out. They disappear for lengthy times and most people are oblivious to this fact but I can tell that there is something different going on. Did our plan work with getting them to get along and they just don't want everyone to know that they are actually getting along or something. Why would it be so wrong for them to be getting along? I'm going to figure out what is going on.

Later on that night after swimming

(End of Chapter 6)

I opened my door and found Ray leaning on the wall across from it. I smiled and walked over to him and he had pushed off it and met me halfway. I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged close to him, while he wrapped his around my torso and arms and held me to him. We pulled apart and headed back towards the others downstairs. He walked again in before me and I was after him but I pulled ahead of him into the room. They were just talking and I jumped onto the couch between Liv and Mo. Ray took the floor in front of Scott and leaned against the chair.

It got really silent and I just looked at them all.

Had we really been that long again?

But this time they seemed to notice something because there we all were and they were staring at us.

Stella POV

"Well, well, where the hell have you two been?" Olivia asked once I sat down on the couch between her and Mo. Were we really gone for this long of a time, again? I looked at the clock to check and see how bad. It's 4:15. Shit. It's been a good 45 minutes again. We really are screwed this time around. I quickly glanced at Ray and motioned toward the clock. When he caught on to what I was aiming at and saw what time it was, you could tell he felt the exact same way that I was feeling right now. Shit, we are so totally screwed. I thought we were pretty good this time not taking forever and blowing our cover. We lose though.

"Okay guys, what is going on? You have been MIA so much tonight and then reappear together and act as though nothing is different. We aren't that oblivious and you know that Stella. Scott is even acting weird and he isn't be truthful about something here," You could hear Scott scoff unconvincingly toward Mo, as Mo was talking to Ray and I.

"I have not been acting weird Mo."

"Yes you have babe. You know you are terrible at hiding things. Everyone who knows you can vouch for it. Ray?" Mo looked at him and so did Scott and he nodded that she was correct.

You could see Scott mouth shit to himself because he was indeed caught in knowing that something was indeed up between Ray and myself. We were busted and so I looked at Ray trying without everyone seeing so and I mouthed to him what do we do?

He shrugged and mouthed back, we tell them I guess. We are already pretty much caught. I wasn't sure if all of them were caught up with what was going on, but Scott you could tell had a better idea of what was going on. I motioned to him to hold on a minute. We might be able to hold them off of knowing that we were together a while longer if we can worm are way in trying to see what they are actually all thinking is going on against what actually is going on.

I heard my name quietly whispered Stella, I looked over at Ray knowing it was him. We need to discuss this. We aren't going to try and trick them. Why can't we just tell them what is actually going on.

I knew what he meant by that too. Knowing that telling them where we kept disappearing to and that we were now together would open a lot of things with me that I was trying to hide from them. I would have to tell them about my older brother. I wasn't ready for that. No, I'm not ready to tell them about my older brother yet and you know that would come up in where we were. I stood up and walked into the kitchen to grab myself something to drink and I was hidden behind the open door of the fridge when I felt a hand wrap softly around my waist. I could tell that it was Ray just from the touch. "I can't do it Ray, that's a long time to hide something like this. Everyone has been really open about things and I still didn't mention him."

"Hey, hey I know it's hard. We all have secrets in our lives that we never want to talk about. They aren't going to think of you any differently. You're still going to be Stella Yamada, the guitar playing revolutionary best friend to them. You know they all love you Stell."

I felt a tear drop down my cheek as I listened to Ray. I knew he was right about everything. But at the same time, I hid this for so long and Olivia was open about her father being in prison. Mine might not be as high of a scale but it is still something pretty big to hide.

"And what is so wrong about telling them about us, huh? They might be shocked at first, but it's better to tell them before they find out some other way. Scott already has an idea that something is going on and that is what he was talking to me earlier about when he pulled me away. He knows I have feelings for you. And as it was pointed out only a couple minutes ago that Scott can't keep secrets for crap, which is the god honest truth, then we need to be careful. He can blow in any minute."

"I know, I hear you and understand it. But we only just got together, are you sure you really want to tell them all now?"

"I think we need to."

"Why?" He didn't respond to me, "Who's standing behind us?"

"Olivia." Shit. We are now busted.

"Oh! I was just coming to get a drink as well as some licorice."

She grabbed her licorice and then bolted back into the living room. I turned and finally looked Ray in the eyes. "Fine, we tell them. But I can't promise about telling them about my brother just yet." I grabbed a water and walked silently back to the living room hearing Ray only a couple steps behind me.

I grabbed my acoustic guitar on the way and sat on the couch that earlier this evening I was sharing with Ray. I put my water at my feet and sat crisscross applesauce and put my guitar on my legs. I started just playing a melody that was calming to me when I felt the couch shift under me knowing that Ray was the one who sat next to me. He sat as close as possible without interrupting my playing. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body as well as the hand that was closest to me rub my side lightly. Paying attention to my guitar and the music, I wasn't paying attention to the looks that my friends might have on their faces right now, and a lot of my really didn't care what they thought either. I slightly shifted my weight so that I was leaning more on Ray than I was on the cushion on the couch. I could really become accustomed to this, as Ray shifted his arm as well and wrapped it around my waist as I played.

Finally Mo, broke the ice and spoke, "So…" I finally looked up at her and the others and could see expressions of shock spread amongst all of them. "So," she tried again "This is where you've been all night? With Ray Beech? You're mortal enemy?" Surprisingly based on what she was saying she wasn't as mad as she sounded, more just shocked.

I looked at Ray and he was looking at me, as I stared into those blue eyes, I smiled, and then his smile broke through too. I turned at looked at my friends and plainly said "yes" and I felt his lips on the side of my head. My smile just seemed to grow with the feeling of his lips on me. I just needed to feel them on my own so as continued to play, I turned my head and pecked his lips. The best was his expression when I pulled away, pure bliss. I smiled and turned back to my music and my friends.

"Wow. Okay, I wasn't expecting that at all." Charlie.

Scott was just smiling at us. Wen was speechless.

I looked at Olivia and Mo wanting some type of response. They looked at each other and both smiled widely. Oh crap, I know what is coming from them. They both squealed and jumped up out of their seats and went to grab me. Ray was quick enough to see what was about to happen to grab my guitar out of my lap. They pulled me out of my spot and wrapped me in a hug as they kept jumping around in glee. I could see Scott, rolling his eyes at Mo and Wen was staring at Olivia just happy, Charlie was in his own world, but I did hear Ray's quiet laugh to himself staring at the scene in front of him. He was so going to get it later.


Staring up at my girlfriend, I smiled. I knew that they wouldn't have cared about us being together in the first place. Shocked which they totally were, but they got over it. I looked over at Scott and he smiled and nodded his approval to me. I'm glad. Not only do I have my best friend back, but now I have this great girlfriend. It's shocking for me to notice how much Stella is actually becoming so important to me. Never would I have expected for her to be that person that I wanted to spend all my time with. But she's got such a personality, always since I've known her, but only now am I seeing how great it is. God I sound ridiculous. But how much I want to kiss her right now, and now I can. So I stood up and pulled Stella out of the Mo and Olivia sandwich that they made around Stella and saw her look of glee to be pulled out of there and I kissed her. My right hand went to her cheek and my left pulled her waist right to me. I felt her own arms wrap around my neck as she pulled herself even closer than I had her to begin with.

When we pulled apart, the look on her face told it all, pure bliss.