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Ronald, I have a problem," I said resting my head on his chest. We were on his porch just looking at the grass fields surrounding it. We had gotten home, starting our summer holiday at the Burrow. Harry was off with Snape trying to teach him to be a better fighter for the soon to come war.

"What's your problem, 'Mione" He whispered in my ear making me giggle.

"I'm in love…" I whispered turning to face him just as he captured my lips with his. He kissed me with such tenderness and passion that I never knew Ron could have. I felt his tongue caress my lower lip begging for entrance. I let him in and our tongues battled for dominance in which I let him win. We stayed like that for a moment before Ron slowly broke our kiss.

"How did you know I loved you?" I questioned climbing on his lap to plant another kiss on his forehead.

"Lucky guess, I suppose" he said with his classic smirk on his face," Want to go on a date tonight to make it official?"

"Really, Ronald? Would you do that for me?"

"If that's what you want. What do muggles do on dates? Go to the movies or something?"

"Yes that's exactly what they do" I said giving him another kiss before walking away." I'll see you there then."

"ok then, see you there." Ron yelled back at me with the biggest smirk on his face.

"God! Where is he?"I practically yelled. I had given him the address he should be here by now. I turned down an alley to apperate back to the house when two cloaked figures walked down the alley.

" Stupify!" One yelled at me making me fly back against the dirty alley walls. The other one whispered something inaudible but immediately I knew it was a body binding because I could no longer move. I was at their mercy whether I liked it or not. With a pop we apperated out of the alley…