Hermione slowly woke up. What was that last night? Hermione thought. She felt pleasure from the Cruciatus curse. What's theword for that?...masochist…. She couldn't be a masochist. One who gets sexual gratification from suffering, physical pain, and humiliation. That couldn't be her. But she… felt it … during the cruicatus curse. How could this be?

God she was so hungry. How long had she been down here? Bellatrix said she would have to call for her when she had learned her place. Was she really willing to stoop to that level? No, she wasn't but she was so HUNGRY. Bellatrix would probably not give her food because of the punch to the jaw now. But a least she'd be able to move around. She was just so stiff.

"Bellatrix, I've learned my fucking lesson. Please come down here and get me." Hermione shouted hoping the dark witch would hear.

Bellatrix was sitting in the kitchen waiting for the House Elf , Chi, to make her breakfast. She wondered how long it would take for hungry and stiffness to take effect on the young girl in the basement. She knew she had a very good treat here. A masochist. You don't get a lot of those. The girl was kinda lucky to come a cross someone as sadistic as Bellatrix.

She heard Hermione yelling but was waiting for the words of submission to fall off Hermione's tongue.

Hermione knew that mean disrespectful words would get her know where. She knew what she had to say. She took in a big breath and started her speech.

"Mistress, please come get me. I have learned my place." Hermione yelled trying to sound calm but was simply falling apart in side. She told herself that she was doing all this for hope for survival, but deep down she knew she liked being bossed around instead of being in charge all the time.

Bellatrix slowly opened the door at the top of the stairs."See little Mudblood, those were the words I was looking for. Such a shame it took you almost two days to relies this." She said walking down the stairs to come stand in front of Hermione. With a flick of her wand the chains holding Hermione to the wall disappeared. Hermione fell to the floor with a thud. She scrambled to her feet. Remembering rule 5, she put her head down and placed her hands at her sides.

"Looks like someone really wants to eat." Bellatrix said with a smirk. She grabbed Hermione by her wrist and slowly walked her up the stairs," I'll tell the house elf to make you some food. Maybe you'll be good long enough to get it this time."

Bellatrix sat down at the kitchen table and motioned for Hermione to sit down next to her. Hermione sat knowing Bellatrix's kindness would not last much longer. Hermione played with her hair refusing to look at her capture. The house elf walked over and sat a plate of food in front of Bellatrix and a dog bowl in front of Hermione. Hermione's bowl had very little, just a small portion of eggs and a piece of toast, but she was grateful for what she had gotten.

After the food was finished, Bellatrix stood up," Now, lets see what your made of."