Alien: Unnatural

by: ReosAme

Chapter 1: Awakening

There are sounds outside my stasis pod. I'm not sure what's going on, but even if I'm sleeping, I know there are events occuring. There's a commotion, and it's even invading my dreams. Suddenly, I'm awake, and my pod is opening, letting the recycled air from the rest of the ship into my frail lungs. I lean up slowly, letting the faceless hands and voices guide me, protecting me from my woozy, half-asleep self. I attempt to focus my eyes on who is talking to me, and what my eyes show me is a frantic looking Captain. His green eyes are fixed on me, and he's speaking so quickly that my ears don't catch half of what he's saying.

"Moore! Wake up! Come on dammit, shake it off and get your ass up! We have an emergency, lets roll!" he urges me, but I don't move. My stomach is clenching, and all I feel is the desperate urge to vomit. Suddenly I'm on my feet, flinging the Captain aside to find a bucket. As I find the sink, I let my stomach get the best of me, my shaggy blonde hair flopping over my aching head. I start to feel a little less nauseous, and I gasp in a wheezy, deep breath. The Captain is next to me again, rubbing my back slowly.

"I'm sorry that I'm rushing you Moore, but I need you to pull yourself together, and now. We... well, we have casualties, and you're the only medic we have. Are you at least done puking your guts up?" he says quietly, looking towards the door nervously. I close my eyes and sigh, showing my irritation at his pressure.

"Firstly, I'd rather you called me Jenna. That is my name. Moore is my last name. I don't care about protocol. Just call me Jenna. Secondly, I need to be informed of what these casualties are. Who got hurt, how they got hurt, how serious the wounds or sickness is. Okay?" I snap, lifting my head abruptly and turning to glare at him. Now that I'm more awake and attentive to the situation, I notice he's genuinely afraid. He's sweating so much that his shaggy dark hair is matted to his head, blood spatters are visible across the left shoulder of his uniform, and his expression is definitely not looking like a captain's expression usually is. I find myself instantly changing my attitude from cranky bitch to perfect soldier. "What can I do to help sir?" He laughs slightly, and rests a hand on my shoulder lightly, and says, "Jenna, I really have no clue. I'm fucking clueless. Our radio isn't working. Toles is dead. Reynolds is hurt really bad, and needs your attention ASAP. I'm okay, but I don't know what to really say for Solange, Nolan or Zylienski. Is that enough information to get you out there?" I relax a little bit and turn towards my locker to get dressed, and the Captain sits on a bench near me.

"Of course it is sir. But what happened? And why didn't I get woken up with everyone else? The computer normally wakes us all up at once." I inquire, my curiousity and concern practically buzzing around my skull. I slide my jumpsuit on, zipping it up halfway, leaving my black tank top showing through the army green material. Captain Jacobs looks up at me, and for the second time, he has shocked me into obedience with just his expression of pure fear.

"I think Toles brought something back on the ship with her. She was supposed to investigate that planet that the Nostromo landed on for a ship of some kind. She kept saying she didn't see anything, and she took the broken suit, so we couldn't see her helmet cam's feed. But we lost touch with her for about an hour. And when she finally came to, she was frantic, and rambled about eggs and creatures on her face or something. When she came back from the planet, we immeadiately took off. We tried to calm her down and get her to talk about it, but she was just so... so frazzled. We left her alone so she could gather her bearings in here. And when we came back in she was dead. She had a huge hole in her chest. No signs of a struggle, no screams, just a hole in the middle of her chest. No one could stomach to look at her, but we managed to move her out of the room and into the medical ward. Jenna, I know it's gonna sound crazy... but, I've gotta warn you... I think she brought an alien on board. Reynolds said he saw it in the cargo room, which is where he got hurt, but he's also really drunk, so no one believed him. Solange thinks that he knocked over one of the cargo boxes and the hinges on it cut him. But I believe him. I think that Ripley woman from Nostromo told the truth. There are really aliens out there, and they certainly don't plan on just making contact." he rants to me, my brain processing what he's saying.

And shockingly enough, I believe him. He's all too right. There are aliens out there. The Prometheus encountered them many years ago, resulting in the death of the crew, and disappearance of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. And then the Nostromo was destroyed because of them, leaving no survivors to report, and the disappearance of Officer Ellen Ripley. These are clearly not deaths and disappearances that were caused by accidents or malfunctions. And barely anyone believes it. Strangely enough, I do believe. And it scares me. But the crew needs me to remain focused, and quite frankly, I can't leave injured or sick people on their own just because I'm afraid of something. So I stand erectly and salute Jacobs, which he responds to with raised eyebrows. "Sir, I will do all I can for our crew." I say, setting my face in a determined and falsely fearless expression. He looks a little more relieved and stands up, nodding in approval. "Then lets move," he says strongly, and walks out of the room, the door sliding open gently. I stride after him, observing the room as I walk out. As the door slides shut, I finally notice where Toles collapsed. A pool of blood collected where Jessica Toles' body had collapsed. Right next to my stasis pod.

End of Chapter 1

I hope you guys enjoyed this opening chapter! I know it is a little boring and talkative, but good stories start that way. ^.^ DON'T WORRY- the fear and action will be coming really soon. Be sure to leave some feedback!