"Ding Ding Ding"

The nations of the School of the world stop their work and listen as the Lockdown bell rang out. They scurrying to the corners of their rooms and shut off the lights. Doors were lock and the students hush in fright. Someone was inside the school, possible with a gun. They had practice lockdowns but this was the real thing. Students quickly brought out their cells and started to text their friends to find out what was going on. No one knew, no one saw anyone. The not knowing kill the students but they didn't dare leave the class room to go see. Then one nation, Kiku receive the text every nation wanted.

The person had a gun and that person was Canada.

"Who that?" Yao asked alarmed in a whisper. Soon the whole school knew some nation call Canada was the receive they were huddle like whimpering puppies in their classrooms. One nation heart drop. Canada was his boyfriend! David (Panama) couldn't believe that Matthew would do such a thing. He didn't that why. This had to be a lie. Someone jus was lying…right?

"This isn't true…"David stood up and walk toward the door.

"David! You can't go out" the teacher stated. David didn't stop and unlock the door. He gulp and left the room. The halls were quiet as the wind. David walk down them trying to find Matthew. The school unnecessarily was huge, it would take a while.

"Mattie…please Rubio come out" David call out, hoping to find Matthew. He turn a corner and felt all the blood in his body turn to ice.

Matthew stood holding a small handgun. His purple eyes wide in turmoil and shock. Next to him on his knees was Alfred, looking dead scare. The gun pointed right at Alfred's head.

"M-Mattie w-why?" David ask in horror. Matthew eyes narrow and the fury and hurt in them seem to burn a hole in David's head.

"Why? WHY! BECAUSE NO ONE FUCKING SEES ME!" Matthew screeched. The venom in his voice made David shake in fear.

"B-But Rubio…I see you…" David said hurt. Was he a bad boyfriend?

"Only you David…no one else…not even my brother…"Matthew whisper, his purples eyes full of tears that wanted to be wept but Matthew wouldn't cry. He thought this threw to every last sick detail. He watch all the shooting that happen in high schools. He knew most of the kids die but they were always remembered and fear. He was going to be that kid who name will forever shake schools to their roots.

"Mattie p-please l-let me g-go" Alfred shook under the gun's touch. He was just skipping class, and Matthew happen to cross paths with him. He brought out the gun and made the American go to his knees begging to be release only to have a warning shot whiz by his ear. That what set the school in lockdown.

"NO! I'm going to make you pay for making my life a hell. Everyone mistake me as you and I'm force to endure all the fucking pain that you should feel. I walk to my dorm cover in the wounds that should cover your body!" Matthew put his finger to the trigger.

"NO MATTIE!" David screamed but Matthew wasn't listening. He was far gone…too far.

He pull the trigger.

Alfred let out a release of air and fell back; blood flew into the air like red paint.

David watch as Alfred slam into the ground and the blood puddle under him. His blue eyes wide and clouded.

"Mattie…"David manage to speak in horror. Matthew turn to him and David saw the horror in his own eyes. "Y-You…kill Alf-fred"

"I…I…"Matthew sank to his knees and burst into tears. He clench his hair in anger and sorrow.

"W-What…d-did I d-do?"he shook having a meltdown. David took the chance to hug his boyfriend. Matthew was shaking badly in his arms. The was gun still in his hand, David reach out and held the gun.

"Matthew let it go…please" David begged. Matthew felt a quick surge of anger and fire. The bullet enter and exit David's stomach but he held on for Matthew shake. "P-Please" David felt the blood leak on his stomach, then pants.

"Not until every person suffers...for…for…!"Matthew felt David's warm lips touch his forehead.

"Matthew…Rubio…don't talk like that. You sound like Ivan" David chuckle in pain.

"…I'm so tired of the pain...I want it all to end" Matthew wept letting the gun slid out of his hand. He grip David tightly in angst. David close his eyes and hug Matthew tightly back. He knew the police we're going to take him away and lock him up. "…I'm sorry" Matthew cry. David felt the world wobble. His blood was coming out of him too fast.

The wound was fatal.

"R-Rubio…I-I…"David try to blink away the black that crept into his vision. He saw movement and saw the campus police officer Arthur racing toward them. He saw Alfred's body and let out a scream . Alfred was his son. He whirled, his teeth gritted on the two. He pull out his gun to fire. "N-NO!"David screech."H-He-!"Arthur fire. The bullet enter and exit Matthew's head. The Canadian body went numb in David's grip. His blood pool with David's.

"Take that you bastard" Arthur snarled with a smirk. David could feel his life ebb away. He felt the numb go up his body till he couldn't support himself and Matthew's dead weight. They slam into their own blood, sending droplets into the air and covering them. David tries to let out a word but his mouth wouldn't move. The black in his eyes was advancing to blind him. He look at Alfred's clouded blue eyes. Did Matthew's look like that…would his? He didn't wish to die but he knew he was. He look down at Matthew's blond hair, the ends turning red. He form a weak smile.

"Lad! David stay awake" Arthur screamed. He could see David was going to die soon. He stare at his son unable to look at the Panamanian.

David couldn't hear anything. He let his head drop into Matthew's wavy, blond hair and close his eyes. He was at least going to die in his boyfriend arms. Maybe he'll meet his scarlet Canadian.

A/N: David is Panama. He is a OC that was created by nennisita1234 on deviantart. NOT MINES! Kids don't feel left out; you always have family, and friends. If you need to talk just PM me and I'll be gladly to help and/or be a friend :D! Well hope you enjoy. I may continue if I get enough comments!