Hey guys ^-^

I want to apologize about not being around here lately, but the finals begin in a month for me and the pressure is real T-T

But of course, as always, I am open for suggestions! I received some for Thief and AC Rogue, but unfortunately for me, I haven't played them D: and a crossover between Lara Croft and Ezio Auditore, which is interesting. So who knows.

So you guys get an idea of what I've been into lately:

-I've been playing Outlast (finished it – amazing game!);

-I have a plot idea and some sketches for (please don't beat me) Assassin's Creed III… Again, yes…;

-And I recently got obsessed with Pietro Maximoff from Avengers AoU .

So if there's any from the above you got ideas for, please let me know and I'll try to please ya'll xD

I should, however, warn you that if I post another fanfic, it won't be until the summer, because of obvious and painful reasons.

Hope you guys have a great day and see you soon ;D You're always welcome to contact me through reviews; e-mail; PM or tumblr!