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Monday, 23/11/2011


All I know is that I am crowded by shadows and lying on my stomach.

I know in a second that I'm not dead. Well, no more than I was before.

I just don't know where I am.

Or why the fuck a silver chain has been tied around my wrist. Ribbons of fire crawl beneath by skin and through my empty veins. It spreads through me, and it hurts like hell.

My arm is the only part of me chained by the fire, so it's obviously just to stop me from flipping out.

"Alright. I'm fucking fine!" I shout, through gritted fangs. I look down to my wrist, and find it's not even tied; it's just wrapped around.

Then I'd still have to touch it, can I bear that pain?

I'm in some sort of lounge, but I can hear voices and footsteps from somewhere far away. So I figured that I was in a basement or something.

"I'm cool, just move the silver!" I don't know if I I'm strong enough to move it myself. "Fucking please!" I sit up, trying to find a position for my arm which isn't so excruciating.

Part of the noise I hear comes closer – footsteps coming down towards me.

"Why do you swear so much?"

My arm is being crushed by the pain of the hot silver, and the actual chain is like a band of razors puncturing my wrist. "That's a shit thing to ask." The footsteps come closer, and a lean Asian guy, just a little bit shorter than me, walks over.

"Sorry about the silver. But if this happened to me," with his gloves on, he carefully peels it away, "I'd probably kill someone before I even opened my eyes."

"Yeah." Smoke sizzles from my wrist, and there are bloodied, chain link depressions singed into my skin. He throws the silver aside, and steps back.

"You okay?"

"Peachy, who are you?" I get to my feet, clutching my arm.

"Mike. And you're Sam?" He extends his hand out to me.

Mike the Vampire. I had to admit, there was a ring to it. He doesn't seem so bad, so I shake his hand.

"While you heal, can I ask you something?" His voice is really level and calm, extremely different from his thug of a godfather.


"Were you trying to kill yourself?"

"Oh, damn fucking no!"

"I guess you weren't, then. Or, you just realised you're still alive? In that case, sorry."

"No, where's Mercedes? That girl, oh my god, in the other room? How did you even get me here? Aw, wiya! Where am I? Fucking hell, where's Alcide?"

He smiles, and sits on a randomly placed leather computer chair. "I knew you'd freak out at some point. She's okay, though, I left her where she was. I can bring her around, if you want. But she's kinda…you know -"

"Yes, yes."

"She'll be fine. What's 'wee-wah'?"

"Wiya," I correct him. "Mean 'damn' in Na'vi. Avatar language," I add after seeing his confused expression.

He didn't say anything more about that. "Should I answer your questions?"

"I think so."

"From your last one. Uncle Alcide, that's what I call him, he's upstairs, working, as usual. The club's closed though. And I have a car with tinted windows, and the club's not far from where you were. So I drove fast and got us both here, safe and sound asleep." He reaches over to this safe-like box, and pulls out two bags of blood.

Ah, yes, I was thirsty. He throws me one, and after I check it over, AB+, we both rip into them at the same time.

Once the dryness in my throat is doused, and the burning of my wrist is stopping, I ask him, "how can you be Alcide's godson, and a vampire?"

With his red-stained lips, he answers, "well, I've always been his godson. And then I was turned into a vampire?"

"No shit, Sherlock. I mean…you look kind of young, but you act older than him." I'm bullshitting a little bit, I just wanted to know more.

"Yeah, well, you're welcome for helping you." But I can see that he doesn't mind me. "Alcide was my older brother's best friend. He died unexpectedly when I was fifteen. Alcide knew he couldn't take my brother's place, and he didn't want to. But he did look after me. Then I turned when I was eighteen years old, and now we're not as close as we used to be."

"Right. So in normal years, you should be…"


"You've been a vamp for..." It took me too long to work it out, but Mike didn't speak. "Twelve years? Shit. How old is Alcide"

He finishes his blood, and licks away the red from his fangs. "Thirty five."

"Ah, so he's old then." I take another, thoughtful sip.

"You know I'm still classed as a foetus?"


"Obviously vampires can live for ever, and time means practically nothing to us. So being a vamp for twelve years is not even the beginning."

I don't know why the hell I feel irritated at that, but I do. Probably because I've been moaning non-stop about how long I've been a vampire and I don't know what to do with myself now, yet my shitty two years hasn't marked anything at all. I'm nothing at all.

I do nothing to keep the chill from my voice. "So what does that make me?"

He pulls out another blood bag, hesitates for a second, and then puts it away again. "I don't think you're even a thought yet."

Yeah, I fucking figured.

"It's weird – half the older ones hate us because of our youth-"

"You mean for being turned young or just being young in vampire years?"

"Well, let's say you've hit the jackpot. But yeah, some elders envy us young ones; the other half couldn't care less because we're all immortal anyway."


"Well, that's vampire 101 done on my part. Need to ask something else?"

"How did you find me? Like, do you keep track of every single vampire who enters your club?"

"Well, no. But drain ten humans in one night, genius mouth, and not only will at least a hundred humans be concerned, I'll be goddamned concerned too."

Okay, I have to accept that. He's been decent this whole time too. "Genius mouth?"

"Genius, because you're not a genious. Mouth, because I can't stop staring at that thing."

"Makes it easier to hide the fangs, dude."

"Props for that. Anyway, Uncle-" He's cut off by the vibration of his phone, and he gives me a minute finger as he answers.

I didn't know whether to be relieved or confused by this Mike person. He seemed safe enough, and too nice.

But that wasn't my main problem.

It was Mercedes – the girl whose life I'd infected with my poisonous fangs. I'd had sex with her, and it was great.

And to make her fragile state even more breakable – I turned her into a fucking vamp.

But she wouldn't be fragile anymore. She'd be strong and powerful and invincible like me. Although I was trying to end myself, I would have preferred it if I got to see my own progeny kill me. I deserved it.

Now, I really wanted to see her and make sure she was alright.

"You okay, man?" Mike asked, clicking off his phone.

"I need to see her. I did this to her, I should look after her."

"And you will." His grin was telling me something.

"Mike!" I could tell that rumbling voice anywhere.

I didn't get how, but Mike's smile widened. "Looks like you've got yourself a new vampire girlfriend," he said, bringing out an open trunk of blood bags.

In the space of a second, a rush of air entered the room. My fangs sharpened and leaked venom into my mouth at the sign of danger.

There she was. Mercedes. Beautiful and curvy and dark skinned (yet paler than before) and radiant and dangerous and…all vampire.

And fucking pissed and hurt and angry and upset. I could see Mike's fangs lengthen too, but it may have been out of sheer joy at this reunion. He smiled, and nudged the box of blood with his foot.

That broke Mercedes' death glare straight at me. Lucky for me and probably my throat, her newborn thirst overcame her thirst for my destruction.

Cautiously – which completely contrasted to my first feed when I was eager and messy – she opened and drank bag after bag of blood.

I knew I needed to face up to my actions and accept the consequences.

Not right now, though. While she was immersed in her second bag of blood, I summoned all the inhuman speed I had in me. Combining the speed I had been using in the past couple of days, I sprinted out of the room so fast that I didn't even register leaving the building. I heard her scream behind me, but I knew she wouldn't be after me just yet, not until her thirst was satiated.

Now, it was a fucking game of cat and mouse. I was a coward, I know. But I was still broken inside.

After all this time, I was praying to meet another vampire because I didn't want to be alone anymore.

I was trying to find amusement in the fact that now, I had two fucking vampires on my case. I ran and ran, without any destination but with a purpose; to get far enough away from the death of me.


The blood felt too good running down my throat for me to stop and chase after him. The hot Asian vampire next to me - Mike, I think his namce was - chuckled at Sam's reaction.

Just you wait you fanged asshole, I thought to Sam as I tore through my third bag of delectable blood. Wait until you meet the real Mercedes Jones: diva and now fucking vampire, thanks to you…

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