Staring out the window, i couldn't see a thing. The blackness of night had dawned quickly, i knew how fast the train was moving, but it was no longer detectable. Keeping my eyes open appeared to be quite the task, as i thought sleep. I couldn't let it win. I needed to know i was no longer in danger.

I thought back to my home, where my mother sat crying because of her husband, crying that she wasn't strong enough to fight him off to save herself. I wasn't sure if she was fighting to save myself, i very much doubted it. My father, Charlie. He was the nicest man and father anyone could ever ask for. It broke my heart when he passed. My mother, she grieved, she really did but it only lasted a week before she was out and meeting up with men again. My parent's had divorced when i was only a baby, Renee then decided to move to Phoenix with me. I only saw Charlie in the summer.

So now here i am, on a train heading to the only place Charlie knew i loved so much. Chicago, he'd taken me there as a holiday one of the times i had gone to visit him in Forks. Sixteen, running away and to a place i had only visited once as a child. I just hoped i could make it work.






We stayed quiet, knowing he would brake soon enough. It was just in his best interest if he had done it sooner. Maybe we would've let him live. Jasper left my side and walked toward the bloodied man before us. Kneeling to his eye sight, he pulled out a syringe and a small glass bottle.

"Talk, because i'm not afraid to use this and believe you me. It would be in your best interest if i didn't." His voice was barely above a whisper, which made it even more intimidating. The guys eyes widened, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

"He threatened to kill my family, I needed the money. My wife's pregnant, we can't even afford diapers. i did everything i had to do for my family!" This was the answer we had been waiting for. Walking forward as Jasper stood, I pulled out the glock from my waist band and held it in his line of sight.

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Now, tell me how to access all the money you've taken and we'll let you go and you'll never see us again, unless of course you continue to not think with your head"

"No, no how am i supposed to feed and care for my family!" He shouted, rolling my eyes i held up the glock, placing it between both his eyes.

"Tell us, or you die and your family will be on the streets. Pregnant or not we will still do it!"

"Everything is in my bag, my bank account numbers, everything. It's all in there. Please, just don't hurt my family!" I noticed Emmett and Jasper out the corner of my eye, searching his bag.

"It's all in here" nodding, i pulled the trigger. Blood splattered. I turned, walking out with no remorse or guilt for my actions. Feelings and emotions just weren't allowed in this business.

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