It became apparent that running off to a city I had no realistic idea of was probably not the wisest of ideas, but getting away from Phil was worth the price I was paying. After departing from the train I had a decision to make. Either wander around in search of a cheap place to stay or stay on the streets until the next day. Not a hard decision. With my bag slung over my shoulder I began my search. The more I walked, the further into Chicago I got and eventually it was becoming obvious that I was heading in the right direction as the beautiful city became more and more dilapidated. I walked streets upon streets until coming to a motel with a brightly lit neon pink and blue sign. Letters were missing. This seemed about right. Taking a deep breathe, I reasoned with myself as to why I should enquire about a room. Semi-comfortable room with some sort of privacy and safety or sleep on the street with no comfort, no privacy and no safety. Again, not a hard choice. I walked quickly into a shabby looking office, brown linoleum covered the floor, coming up at the edge of the room and tacky red wallpaper with an even tackier gold pattern lay peeling half off the wall. Great. As I got over to the desk, a man appeared from a door behind. His dishevelled appearance was a little unnerving and the stained t-shirt did nothing for my hope in this place. Spotting me, he walked toward the desk and leant his arms down resting hid weight on them.

"And how can I help you pretty lady?" Smooth.

Clearing my throat which had gotten incredibly dry in the few moments I'd been here was how I started my reply. "I need a room." He nodded, opening a book to his right.

"How long for?" Crap. I was aware the little money I had wouldn't last me long but I prayed not to be 'robbed' for every night I planned on staying here.

"Uh, how much is it a night?" I enquired. He looked up at me then.

"49 dollars a night, ya' get the tv and water for that. Or if ya plannin' on stayin' longer it's 60 a week not includin' ya' car parkin' or breakfast but all ya' utility stuffs included as long as ya don't run a huge bill up." Thinking it over for a second it made a lot more sense to pay for a week than just a night. So agreeing to stay for a week was a better idea, having no idea how long I'd be here. After agreeing, he got down to 'business'. Filling in forms and signing for it he then asked for some identification. Searching through my bag I pulled it out. Handing over my passport and birth certificate. He gave it all an odd look before his eyes raicked over me again. Giving me a bout of uneasiness.

"Unfortunately sweet, ya' can't be booked in under the age of 18." he handed me back my ID. I'd never felt so embarrassed and hopeless in all my life.

"What? there anywhere else I can go?" I could feel myself starting to hyperventilate. My whole body started to feel unbearably hot.

"Sorry but nah' there ain't." Shit. I nodded and started to walk away when he called back.

"Tell ya what though, I can't in good conscious let a pretty little thing like you go wandering around here. Can't be dealing with the cops snoopin' around ere." turning back round, I just looked at him. Greasy blonde hair and unshaven face staring back at me. I was becoming more nervous, surely he wasn't that much of a sleeze. I hoped. "Pay for the week like you were gonna' and I recon I can help ya out. Ya not gonna get anywhere bein' the age ya are." I was shocked. Happy, but ultimately shocked. There was no black mail or indecency. I took a step back to the desk looking at him curiously.

"How?" I asked.

"Can't tell ya here but book the room ye? And then tomorra' come back here and I'll help ya out." he gave me a smile, and I begrudgingly accepted. Unsure as to whether I'd made a bad move or not. After a couple minutes. I had the room key and was thanking him before walking away to find my room.

Inside wasn't terrible, nor was it nice either. It was all very bland and it just screamed unhygienic even though there was no dirt or mould in sight. Slumping down on the bed, bag still hung on my shoulder, I sighed. Deciding a shower and going to bed would be a good idea if I was yo even try get anything done tomorrow. So that's what I did and fell slowly but comfortably asleep, not worrying about waking up to my mother's crying pleas anymore.

The next morning I woke up in my own time, for the first time in a long while. It was almost euphoric until I remembered thr days plan. Stretching, I stared at the ceiling for a moment before hauling myself from under the covers and off the bed. Making a coffee with the 'complimentary' coffee and cream. I took my time getting ready. Folding yesterday's clothes and placing them in a corner until I could get them washed. I was then ready to head downstairs and see what I had unknowingly signed up for.

Just like last night, he was unshaven and had not washed. I walked in, giving him a small smile.

"Mornin." he greeted. I gave him a smile and nod in return. As I neared the desk, he lifted a part of it and gestured for me to come through. I slid past quickly and waited for him to walk ahead of me, which he did. Leading me into an office through a separate door and waving for me to sit down.

"Now, I take it ya on your own?" he asked. I nodded in reply. Not trusting where this was going. "Thought so. So listen…you're not gonna last long 'ere on ya own and so young. Ya a pretty thing that a lot of guys would take advantage of. Hell, even I probably would but I got a bit more morals. Off the record, I can help ya, but it ain't cheap and ya' gots ta' understand that it ain't easy and it ain't legitimate. But it'll help ya out in the long run." I looked at him questionably.

"What would I have to do?"

"Not really anythin'. But it's costly. Your ID. Ya need a new'un if ya gonna get anywhere."

"How would new ID help me?" Was he really about to con me?

"Not particularly new ID, more like a new you. Just need to change a few things." I must have looked as confused as I felt when he carried on. "Your age. Ya' need to change it." that's when I finally clicked on. A fake ID.

"Okay, I get what you're saying now…" I took a quick look at the name tag he wore. "Riley. But how am I supposed to do that? And not to mention it's also Illegal."

"That's were it's gonna get tricky. Like I said, it's costly and if ya can't afford it then I can't help ya." he clasped his hands together, leaning his elbows on the table.

"How much?"

"70" I sighed. That would take a big chunk out of my money and whose to say that I wouldn't get caught out. As if reading my mind he told me it was the best around. Not one person had been caught out as of yet. I found myself swaying more toward the idea. Dear lord what would Charlie think of me?

"And how would you be able to do this for me?"

"It's quite simple. All you've gotta do is meet up with some…people. Yeah. And give them your information and a photo. Then you'll get it in a few days. Unfortunately, if ya do want it. Ya gots ta meet 'um tomorra."

"Alone?" he shook his head, confirming he would come with me.

"Okay. I'll do it. Aslong as you can guarantee that I'm not gonna get found out and that this isn't sone trick and going to be kidnapped." He laughed but agreed. And with that, we ended the conversation and I left the building. Wandering why I was suddenly thrust into this crap.

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