This is what Almanzo was thinking when he picks her up for their first sleigh ride together.

This takes place in the eighth book: These Happy Golden Years from the chapter 'Sleigh Bells'.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They belong to the brilliant author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Thank goodness it isn't so cold out, only 25 below. With enough furs we shouldn't be too cold. I hope Laura isn't too upset that Mr. Ingalls did not come for her and that I did instead. She did seem excited when I offered her a sleigh ride when I walked her home last. Perhaps that is some indicator about how she feels? Luckily this sleigh is so light and small that I should be there in no time. It is easier on Prince and Lady, less weight for them to pull.

I can see the Brewster's and the school house now. Good timing, she should be letting the children out shortly. This way the horses won't have to wait out in the cold for long. I hope this storm passes us. It doesn't look like it is going to be here anytime soon, however it is a good thing it is only 12 miles back to town.

The school looks so small, although I would not expect it to be large considering there are only a few houses close by.

"Can I help you sir?"

"Would you please let Ms. Ingalls know I am here to take her home?"

It's someone for you, Teacher!

"Boy, these horses sure are beautiful."

"Thank you. This one is Prince and the other is Lady. I raised and trained them myself."

"I wish I could own a team like yours."

"Someday, I am sure you will."

I wonder when Laura comes out if I should get out? No, it is too cold and I don't want Lady and Prince standing longer than they have to in this weather.

Here she is now...

You want to stop at Brewster's?

I must, to leave the dinner pail and get my satchel.

Is that their child screaming so loudly? How could they let him scream like that for so long? What kind of parents allow that?!

Here she comes now, at least she will not have to be around that all weekend.

It's nice of you to come for me. I was hoping Pa would come.

Should I tell her the truth why I came instead?

We...ell. He was figuring he would, but I told him it's a drive that would be pretty hard on his team.

A half-truth. I did not want his team to have to make this long drive...

They'll have to take me back. I must be at school Monday morning.

YES! A perfect opportunity to spend more time with her, and she almost seemed to hint that she wants to be with me more...

Maybe Price and Lady could make the drive again.

Please say yes...I just want to be able to spend more time with Laura. I really enjoy being with her and I can only hope that she feels the same.

Oh, you needn't bother. Pa will bring me back.

So much for her wanting to spend time with me...

It would be no bother. I told you I'd take you for a sleigh ride when I got my cutter made. This is the cutter. How do you like it?

I made it with you in mind Laura, please like it and want to have more sleigh rides with me.

I think it is fun to ride in; it's so little.

I made it smaller than the boughten ones. It's only five feet long, and twenty-six inches wide at the bottom. Makes it snugger to ride in, and lighter for the horses to pull. They hardly know they're pulling anything.

It's like flying!

She likes it! She is actually enjoying the ride! Now perhaps I can convince Mr. Ingalls to let me take Laura back. He seemed to be agreeable to me picking her up in the first place, perhaps he will let me take her back as well. Maybe, with enough time spent together, Laura will come to enjoy my company as much as I enjoy hers. Then, if she seems to enjoy the ride back to Brewster's I could do this every Friday and Sunday...

Here's Main Street. Those 12 miles really did fly past with Laura for company.

Boy, she sure does move quickly. I did not even get a chance to help her out of the cutter!

Oh, thank you, Mr. Wilder; good night!

Good night? That was it? Although I really should not have expected more. I just hope she really did enjoy the ride as much as I did and is looking forward to a ride with me again on Sunday...perhaps every Friday and Sunday...I will have to talk to Mr. Ingalls about that, see if he does not mind me taking his daughter to and from school every week. I really did enjoy the ride and it would be worth it to do this every week if it means learning more about Laura. She always seems so bright and happy. Someone I really enjoy being around.

Until next time Laura Ingalls. Until next time.

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