Chapter 1

The day was a bright sunning one where the birds sung and the sun was warm. The nations however we're stuck in a meeting that was going nowhere.

"Like dudes global warning just a myth!" America yelled on the stage. He pointed at a crudely draw picture of the earth. He point at his own country that was larger than the others. "The Polar ice caps in uh….some places are just thawing nothing big" He stated. Somewhere in the room Canada head hit the desk in depression of being forgotten again.

"You git! Why is your country the largest if I wasn't mistaken Russia the largest country you're your excuse for a nation" England growled. America eye never lost their shine nor did he smile dropped.

"The commie country like half ice and snow at least mines got more cities" America stated. Russia stood up sharply pipe in his hand. The air around him, turn a murky purple.

"Amerika do I have to remind you I'm not a communist nation anymore" he threatens.

"Oh please do I need some fun" America eyes turn deadly. Before either could move a shadow went over America. The nations look behind him to see a dark shape come right at the window.

"America MOVE" Germany yelled. America duck just as the dark figure smash through the window. Glass was sent everywhere; nations duck from the shards. A loud crack could be heard. Slowly nations look up and saw a girl in here late teens. She laid cover in spill papers on the table. Her curly hair sprawls out under her. Japan the closest to her saw blood tickle under from her head.

"Ah! Are you okay" he asked. The girl open her town gold eyes and Japan jump to see big dark bags under her eyes. Didn't she sleep?

"Dude you just crash through the window, what we're you doing skydiving?" America yelled rushing over. The girl sat up and glare coldly at him like a trap hawk. He stop and shook under the intense gold eyes. She jump off from the table and look out the window. Her eyes narrow when she saw the upcoming figure.

"Stay down NOW" she snapped at the nations with a commanding tone like Germany's. The nations decide to listen and duck. They heard flapping and growling from some animal. The girl race full speed and landed a punch on the Eraser.

The Eraser stumble back but slash at her stomach. She pulled back in time and launch close combat moves to his chest. She earn a punch to the chest that made the air whoosh out of her. She staggered back and the Eraser took the chance to swipe her feet from under her. She feel to the ground and the nation saw she was cover with blood. The girl stood up launching at the creature head. The nations peek and gasp to see the creature. It look like some wolf man. America pull out his phone and took a quick picture. The flash went off getting the things attention.

"Baka" Japan sighed as it roar at them.

"What did I say?" the girl yelled and wrap her arms around the things waist trying to get it attention. The thing, elbow her and sent her flying into the wall. Blood spill over her lips as she slid down to the floor. The Eraser started for the nations who were strangling America.

The girl got up and pulled out a handgun. She fire right at its knees making it let out a shriek of pain. The thing ran at her hand draw back. She moved as it punched the wall. Its hand got stuck and she took the chance to Jump on it shoulder. She griped its head and made it turn sharply to the right. The head snap off and oil gush out. She jumped down letting the nation see wires stick out of its neck. The girl tilted to the left then felt to her butt.

"Are you okay?" Canada asked scaring the shit out of the nations. He hurries to the girl's side with worry fill eyes. The girl frown but nodded tense just in case he try anything. She stood up a bit shakily.

"Your hurt you shouldn't be moving" he fretted.

"Thanks for your concern but I had worse wounds" she pulled her hair to the side and Canada saw a big scar. "Now I'm leaving" the girl spun on her combat boots and headed for the window.

"Wait, what was that thing" Germany asked blocking her path. The girl try to go around him but her block her. She sighed and leaped up and jumped over his head easily. The nations stare in awed. Was this girl human?

"H-Hey don't turn your back on me" Germany said. The girl look behind her shoulder. She turn and cross her arms.

"Look. I don't answer adults. So why don't you go and do adult stuff." She said bluntly.

The nations saw Germany tense in anger. Now one dare take back to him but this girl gave him dull eyes like she could care less.

"Listen, just tell us what that thing is and where it came from"

"Better if you don't know or they'll get you too" she said sharply.

"Who?" Canada asked.

"Nothing, I'm leaving" she step up on stage but stop and jump back as the stage exploded in shards of wood. She land graceful on the table, her fist ready. "Dammit! They sent trackers" she snarled. "Leave this room got missiles on it" she barked. The nations scramble out except for Canada. He was still worry for the girl.

Then he saw the wings. They stretch almost touching both walls. Spots of black and white cover them. They look like a Spotted owl's wings. The girl jump flew out the window and shot up. Canada hurry to the window and saw her leading to black dot what he guess were missiles after her.

She dove down with a grace his mouth open with awed. Then he notice a black dot coming toward her. She was busy with the other ones, she didn't notice. Panic enter Canada. He cupped his mouth and yelled his loudest every


The girl heard and turn just as the missile came within 5 feet. She let her wings fold and drop. The missiles collide and explode. But she was too close and got hit by the hot air. She feel now not moving.

Canada heart drop with her body. She would die if she hit the ground. He jump out the window and pelted for her. He had to make it. He didn't see the Eraser behind him till it grabs his neck and held him off the ground. The girl fell into a net held by two Erasers. They wrap her up, and she woke. She start to pull the neck but it was made of steel and she couldn't free. She panic and try harder in fright. She couldn't go back! She look and saw Canada being tied up. Her eyes widen to see the fear in his eyes.

"HELP" he yelled.

America stop dead and turn around. He heard the fear in his brother's voice. He pun and pelted for the meeting room.

"America!" England yelled.

"They got Canada" America shouted.

"Matthew!" Francis hurry after him worry for his son. England follow too with Japan and Germany. They enter the room and exit out the window. They saw Canada and the girl put it a large cage in a truck. The two saw the nations and yelled at them.

"Alfred help me" Canada yelled with tears in his eyes. The girl tried to open the cage with wide, scare eyes.

"I'm coming" Alfred yelled.

"Retards, stay back or do you want to be caught?" the girl snapped.

"They got my brother!" Alfred yelled closing on the truck. The door started to go down as the truck whirl to life.

He didn't make it.

Alfred pounded on the door leaving small dents trying to open it.

"Alfred! They're taking us to the school, it's in California! It's in Death Valley. Follow the black line!" the girl yelled. The truck started to drive. It then did something shocking. Its wheel flip to face down and it took off sending the nations back from the gust. Alfred looked up with tearful eyes.