The Suffering of Family

Summary: This time it's Rossi's turn in the hospital. Sequal to I Would Rather.

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This in no way was a normal case to begin with but damnit why? I think sitting a waiting room at the local hospital. Looking across the room Garcia, JJ, and Emily were huddled together holding hands. The latter of the two trying to convince Garcia that he was going to be ok. Morgan paced like some sort of wild beast ready to rip into anyone that came near, and Hotch like always stoic sat a few seats down from the girls.

I'm so sorry guys! SO SORRY! Please take me instead I can take it after all. After Georgia nothing physical really hurts that bad, please just take me not him.

I am barely holding back my tears after all only JJ has really seen me let go and she can't support me right now not with her own worry, so near her own breaking point. Besides It's my fault he's dying.


Six hours, really! How much longer! Wait maybe YES NEWS…

"He's going to be ok."

I know I have issues believing you exist but if you truly do thank you , God. Thank you!

"The bullet hit a lung but we managed to inflate it again without too much trouble. One of his ribs is of course broke due to the bullet, there was no exit wound but we did find and remove the bullet intact, so long as he follows medical advice I see no reason he shouldn't make a full recovery," the doctor finished giving us a gentle smile before excusing himself to go help other patients.

"Reid should see him first," Hotch's voice makes me jump up from my seat again where I had drop to as soon as the doctor was out the door.

"I don't know that I should," I whisper, trying not to breakdown into a sobbing mess.

"I do, you need to see with your own eyes that Rossi is going to be ok, Kid," Morgan states. "An if I know Rossi he'll want to know that you didn't get hit after he went down. That bastard killed six cops total Reid, Rossi needs to see you just as much as you need to see him," he finished somehow knowing I would throw all of my own insecurities out the window if it was to help Rossi.


They finally let us in after another three hour wait and the team decides I need to go in alone. Traitors, I smile slightly.

He looks bad all pale and hook up to different machines that I know the names of and what they do I just can't find the energy to find the information in my mind.

Oh, God, I'm sorry Rossi. If I had just turned around instead of working the damn geographical profile I would have seen him and neither one of us would have been hit we could have ducked behind the desks under the table anything until we got our guns ready and fired back. I'm so sorry!

"Reid," Rossi whispers hoarsely. "So help me if you say your sorry or that this was your fault we WILL be sharing this room."

The pure look of determination in his eyes leaves no room for me to doubt the truth of his words. Instead I swallow hard look him in the eye and say.

"Love you too, Rossi."

He smiles grasps my hand and drifts back off to sleep.

I sigh, one down five more to go.


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