The Girl Who Came Back

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Chapter 1: The Death

It was one of the usual mornings in Ranma's life. Wake up with either a splash of water that came from a bucket held by Akane or Genma who threw him out the window and into the koi pond. He'd gotten used to it because it happened almost every day. Ranma flew out into the koi pond but this time he crashed into one of the rocks on the side. The impact was more than Ranma could take. She was floating in the pond when Genma ran up to her and tried to shake her awake without luck. Later she woke up feeling dizzy. She felt a big bump on her head which she guessed she got because of her father.

"You're awake, How are you feeling?" Kasumi asked with her usual motherly tone.

"I've been better. What happened?"

"Mr. Saotome threw you out the window for the koi pond but instead of landing in the pond you crashed into one of the rocks on the side. You passed out at the impact so I brought you up here".

"Jeez, Can't I have a single morning free from all of the crap that happens to me every day?"

Ranma got up shakingly but fell back down. "Are you okay, Ranma-kun?"

"No. The world keeps spinning around me. I'm so tired of all this chaos that seems to follow me wherever I go."

"Well, I have to admit Ranma-kun, I think you are one of the most unlucky boys in the world."

"Yeah, I'm beginning to wonder the same. I'm going into the bathroom to change ."

With that she slowly got up and headed for the bathroom. In the bathroom she filled a glass of warm water and threw it in her face to turn back to the original body. He looked in the mirror and asked himself.

Will it be like this forever? Will I be a chaos magnet forever?

He exited the bathroom where his father was waiting for him. "Are you ready for your daily lesson?"

Ranma looked up and gave his father a punch in the face. "I don't need anything from you. I'm sick and tired of you always treating me like a student of the art. You've never been the father I wanted but a slavedriver trying to ruining other people's lives with lies."

Ranma turned to leave when Genma got a good kick in Ranma's back, sending him through the wall and out into the garden.

"Don't turn your back on your opponent in a battle" Genma said. Just as Ranma stood up he heard a angry girl's voice saying, "RANMA NO BAKA" Akane shouted. What have I done now? he thought. Before he got his answer Akane got him with her hammer, sending him skyhigh.

Meanwhile on the other side of Nerima Ryoga Hibiki was walking down the street when he felt something coming towards him. He looked around and saw nothing. Two seconds later Ranma crashed into a trashcan nearby. Ranma felt a terrible pain the second he landed and looked down just to see a big red spot on his favorite shirt. Ryoga walked over and noticed Ranma lying there with a big wound on his stomach. Even though Ranma was hurt Ryoga didn't seem to care much. "RANMA, SAOTOME, PREPARE TO DIE" he shouted. Ranma barely managed to get out of the trashcan before it was blown to bits. However it was a little too late so Ranma ended up with some of the parts of the blown up trashcan in his back. Ranma just stood there all covered in blood from both wounds. When Ranma looked down he spotted a big knife coming out of his stomach as well as the sharp pieces that had just pierced his back. He coughed blood and tried to say something but he was too weak. Ryoga on the other hand just stood there and watched. "HAH, So this is the great martial artist Ranma Saotome who never loses? You're pathetic." Ranma just fell to the ground screaming in pain from his wounds. He opened his mouth and let out a few words. "So, you finally managed to get me Ryoga. Was it worth it? This so-called hell that I made you see. Was it really that bad or were you too much blinded by your rage to see past it? All this time I just wanted you to know, Ryoga Hibiki. You were the first person I considered a friend." Ranma smiled. "Not much of a friendship huh Ryoga? I want to ask you this. What are you going to do now Ryoga? Now that you have finally managed to kill me? Are you going to go to Akane and say that you love her? I guess that when I'm gone you'll have a perfect life?" Ranma figured he didn't have much time left and focused his remaining ki to extend his time. "I just wanted you to know one last thing Ryoga. I'm Sorry." With that the last of his ki came to an end and he was gone.

Ryoga suddenly felt a big wave of regret flushing over him but it disappeared in an instant. "He's gone... He Ryoga Hibiki had finally managed to kill the great Ranma Saotome. He was about to shout Victory out loud when it suddenly started raining and "BWEEEEE!" Just my luck. I wonder why it was so easy to take him down, he never managed to hit him with the Bakusai Tenketsu.

He looked at the body of Ranma from a distance. It just lay there in the rain. He noticed that Ranma hadn't changed into his girl form. Maybe his curse was neutralized when he died. If that was the only way of getting rid of the curse then there's no point in trying he thought.

At the Tendo dojo everyone was eating breakfast.

"Where is Ranma?" Kasumi asked.

"I don't know, he's usually back at this time" Akane answered

"What did he do this time to deserve getting blown away?" Nabiki thought a little too much out loud.

"He woke me up and he destroyed the wall so he deserved it" Akane shot back.

"You know that none of that was Ranma's fault?" Nabiki said.

"How can it not be his fault. It's always his fault!" Akane shouted back.

"Well, First it was Uncle Saotome who was shouting when you woke up, And second, It was Uncle Saotome who kicked Ranma through the wall. You just like to blame everything on Ranma because it always seems like it's his fault." Nabiki explained.

What Nabiki said actually made some sence but it was Ranma's fault. It always is. Akane thought.

"I guess he'll be back soon, he won't skip breakfast, he never does."

Back at the scene of crime Ryoga had left Ranma to change into his human form. He found his umbrella and went back out in the rain to drag the body of Ranma to shelter. When he came up to the bloodied body he noticed a sharp object sticking out of his stomach. So that was why I managed to get him so easily. Suddenly Ryoga felt a little bit of regret for attacking and killing an already injured martial artist. When he had managed to drag Ranma in underneath a roof he pulled the knife out aswell as most of the pieces from the trashcan. When it looked a little better he waited till the bad weather was done. When the rain stopped Ryoga looked up, it was still overcast but the coast was clear. He picked up the body of Ranma and started to move in a direction he hoped was the right one. After 10 hours getting lost in the streets of Nerima with the body on his shoulders he finally reached his destination. He walked through the gates of the Tendo dojo and stepped up to the door and knocked. When the door was opened he was greeted by a utterly shocked Kasumi.

"OH MY, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?" She asked. The rest of the family came running after Kasumi's sudden outburst. They all stared at what was on Ryoga's back. "Is he...?" Kasumi asked. Ryoga only nodded and took the body off his back and put it down on the ground. All the three sisters just stared at the body that was laying in front of them before there were tears in their eyes. Even Nabiki was crying. Ryoga noticed the tears in Akane's eyes and wondering why she was crying. Didn't she hate Ranma? At least that was what Ryoga thought. Akane sat down beside the body and looked over it. "Who did this to him?" She asked and looked up at Ryoga's face. Ryoga didn't want to lie but he thought what would happen if he said that he was the one who had killed Ranma. He quickly made up a story in his mind. "I was walking down one of the streets when I heard a weak moan from a trashcan. I walked over and found him lying in there. I lifted him out and noticed he had a big knife standing into his back so I took it out and pressed a piece of my shirt on his wound. I tried to keep him alive but his wounds were too great. The last thing he said was: Sorry."

Genma ran up to the body of his son and said: "Why couldn't he be stronger?" Akane winced at the statement, got up and started shouting. "You just lost your only son and heir to the Saotome School of Anything Goes martial arts and the only thing you can say is how dissapointed you are in your son?" She summoned her mallet and started running after Genma who already was running for his life to safety (if there were any). Akane caught up and swung her mallet which sent Genma skyhigh. By the time she returned to the house had Ryoga already left and Soun had carried Ranma into the livingroom. Kasumi was on the phone calling Dr. Tofu. After getting to his senses Dr. Tofu said he would be there as fast he could.

Fifteen minutes later Tofu arrived and came into the livingroom when he spotted the dead body of the martial artist. He did a few checks and cleaned the rest of Ranma's wounds and dried him of blood. When he was done putting bandage over the wounds he turned to the family and said.

"You mentioned that the boy Hibiki said that Ranma died from the wound of the knife but that might not be quite true."

"What do you mean Tofu-Sensei?" Akane asked.

"Well, when I was patching up his wounds I discovered more holes in the boy's body and some pieces of steel which could only come from a car or a trashcan. Most likely the trashcan. Comparing the sizes of the pieces it could only been done by an martial arts' move called 'Bakusai Tenketsu'."

"Ryoga is using that move to destroy nearby objects everytime he attacks Ranma. Do you think think Ryoga did it and lied to us?" Akane asked.

"That might just be the answer I'm afraid." the doctor replied.

"I know Ryoga hated Ranma but I didn't thought he'd really attack him when he was already injured. I thought he was a little more honorable than that. I guess I was wrong"

"Tofu stood up and said. "I've done everything there is to do and fixed him up. I'm very sorry for your loss."

Soun got up and followed the doctor out to the door and said.

"Thank you for your help" Soun said and bowed. Tofu returned the bow and went out the door.

Just as Soun was heading back to the livingroom there was a female voice at the door. "Good morning everyone." Everyone froze instantly. Nodoka walked into the livingroom just to find her own son lying on the floor. "OH MY GOD, RANMA. MY SON." She ran over to the boy's body just to find him not breathing. "What has happened to my son? Nodoka asked with her face filled with tears. Soun put a han on Nodoka's shoulder and said. "I'm deeply sorry Mrs. Saotome but you son Ranma is gone. Nodoka switched between looking at her dead son and Soun's face.

"NOOOOO!" Nodoka screamed out so loud that it could probably be heard at the other side of Tokyo. She leaned over the body that laid next to her and cried. "How could anyone take my only son away from me?" she wispered just loud enough for the Tendo's to hear it. Nodoka cried until she fell asleep on her son's body. Soun and the three sisters thought of waking her up but decided not to. Not long Nodoka fell asleep the rest of the family went to bed aswell. Soun picked up Nodoka and carried her up to the guestroom. He laid her down on one of the free futons and pulled the blanket over her. He then returned to the livingroom and sat down to think of what to do since now there were no heir and the schools could not be joined. Half an hour later he too got up and went to bed. but he couldn't sleep. He just laid there and thought of what to do to ensure the future of the schools but he also thought of how devastated Akane was now that her fiancé was gone. He looked at the clock, it showed 01:30 Am. Better get some sleep or else I won't be much of use tomorrow. He thought and fell asleep aswell.

End of chapter 1.

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