Kazumi awoke; sweat glistening on her legs and arms. Someone was there. She shook her head, and asked the question. The question one asks a shadowy figure in the middle of the night, in the time that dreams normally take our fright. The one question that Kazumi had always wanted to ask the things that woke her up in the knight. "You hungry, or just bored?" She questioned a smirk on her face.

Sayo giggled, and smiled back to Kazumi "Silly Kazumi-Chan, you know I can't eat!" She slithered a ghostly hand around Kazumi's arm, and cuddled up next to her friend. Sayo wouldn't sleep, for a ghost couldn't sleep. But she could pretend, couldn't she? That, and she enjoyed being near her bestest of friends. Kazumi had merely shrugged, and fell back asleep. Sayo hovered over her, staring at her face. Kazumi really is beautiful isn't she? She asked herself. Then she mentally slapped her forehead. Of course Kazumi is beautiful. I do love her don't I? But does it matter? Even if she felt the same….. Well, let's just say that it couldn't be. Don't the vows say, till death do us part? But what if death has already pulled us apart? Sayo nervously thought. With the very comforting thought, Sayo drifted into a meditation, contemplating the previous years.

Ever since the journey into the magic world all those years ago, it felt as if the class had slowly drifted apart. Asuna….. She had left long ago. After that, well Evangeline stayed behind. She muttered something about waiting for someone. Chachamaru also stayed behind, serving her master. The class sometimes visited, however it was too far and vague in between. Mana had also left them. She had a mission one day. One that didn't go so well. Kaede had buried her out in the biathalon field. She said that Mana deserved it. Kaede too had disappeared after that; leaving for meditation one weekend. She never returned. Then there was Chao. The genius never came back. Not that Sayo expected her to. It was just that Ku was always waiting, every day. Every single day Ku sat there, in front of the world tree, waiting for her friend to return. And every day the Chinese girl was disappointed once again. Natsumi had run off, desperately trying to catch Kotarou. He had left trying to find out what good he could do in the world. Ayaka might still be here in body, but her heart just stopped the day that Asuna left them. Yuuna had left the school on a leave of absence after her father had a tragic heart attack the year before. She too never returned. Ako, Akira and Makie all had felt the loss of their friend, each becoming more silent. Chisame had dropped out of school to become an idol, though of all the ones who had left, she was the only one who had actually finished her diploma and was returning on this day. Misora had dedicated herself to the church, after becoming more serious once the trip to the magic world was over. Fate and Negi were both in and out, each obsessed with their work.

It wasn't all bad news about the Class however. Konoka and Setsuna had finally stopped staring loving at each other and were currently dating. Satsuki had stopped coming to school, though it was to open a restaurant that was situated in Mahora itself. The class had plans to visit after the ceremony. Yue had been accepted as an Adriane knight after she finished her High School education. Zazie was apparently opening a circus act that would surely become a world-wide phenomenon. Akira, despite her depression over Yuuna, had won nationals on the high school level for swimming. Makie was also doing well on the gymnastics team, though not winning nationals; she had won a few competitive tournaments that had gotten her on some schools radars. Satomi had been accepted into MIT. However despite all of the good that had occurred, the class just wasn't 3-A anymore. They had buckled down, taken life seriously.

A gentle rustling beside Sayo alerted her to the fact that Kazumi had indeed awoken. Looking over to the clock, she was amazed that time had passed by so quickly. They needed to get ready! She floated out of her (Well Kazumi's) bed, changing her outfit to a graduation outfit. She had learned that trick a while ago, changing her clothes. She didn't do it often, but still it did allow for some nice ceremonies.

Kazumi had headed to the bathroom, in order to change and shower for the morning. The door was open for Kazumi to hear anything Sayo had to say. They once got into a semi-argument over this. Sayo claimed that it was unnecessary, and embarrassing. Kazumi had argued that it wasn't like it was anything Sayo hadn't seen before. Sayo tried to argue, but found that she couldn't. Still she resisted the temptation to peek in. It wasn't proper!

"Smile!" A voice came from behind Sayo, causing the ghost to turn around as quickly as she could, startled. A flash, then a laugh occurred in the same area. "You are just too cute Sayo-Chan" Kazumi said, apparently taking the time that Sayo had been thinking to sneak up behind her and take a picture. Sayo flushed at the statement. How embarrassing! Kazumi merely laughed a sweet laugh, and winked. "Come on, let's not be late." Sayo nodded, insecurely, following as Kazumi lead the way down the stairs that was attached the far corridor that their dorm lay on.

Sayo looked up to the sky, taking in, savoring, the sights one last time. Today was it. She would tell Kazumi how she felt, and then she would leave, either with Kazumi or without her. Either way it would be her last days on Mahora, past maybe a quick visit. Or maybe her final resting place. She would prefer it to be with Kazumi, but her second choice was here at Mahora. Because this was her home. And more than that, this was where she had met Kazumi.

Kazumi too was unusually quiet. Her hands had been fiddling with something in her pocket. What could it be? Sayo wondered. However Kazumi turned to the ghost and flashed that brilliant smile that made Sayo weak in her knees, and she didn't even have any! Sayo had a feeling that it would be a good day, as she rushed to catch Kazumi on their way to graduation.

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