Now, for the Epic Continuation of the Journey of Two Souls, almost a year in the making! (Or for my AO3 readers, five minutes. It's all a manner of perspective)

Sayo stepped through the door. A new world! How exciting! She thought to herself, who knows what I might find? Or at least I think it's a new world? Perhaps it's a new country! Maybe I'm in Russia, or America, or Wales! Her eyes were closed she entered this new world, not wanting to ruin the surprise for as long as possible. Suddenly someone nearby chuckled. Wait, not just nearby, right next to me! Sayo's eyes shot open, her body twisting suddenly towards the direction of the sound. No one. Again a chuckle ran out, this time behind her. Again, no one was present. "He…. Hello?" Sayo stuttered out. This whole scenario was starting to freak her out a tiny bit. Just a tiny bit.

"Come child." A distinctively female voice whispered inside of Sayo's head.

"Where?" Sayo asked/screeched in fear. Okay, perhaps it was freaking her out a lot.

"In any direction child, and find me you shall. It is Hituzen." The voice seemed to chuckle as the words poured into Sayo's mind. It was doing a lot of that, Sayo decided before she floated forward. It wasn't as if she could just leave this place. Having no idea where she was? There was no chance of her just escaping into the larger world at hand.

Sayo floated, and every now and then the voice would chuckle, as if this whole thing was a joke. "Just who are you?" Sayo asked, having once regained her nerve to talk again.

"Someone who knows so much about you Aisaka Sayo. I've heard many great things about you and your comrades adventures into the magic world. Isn't that right, Mokona-chan?" The voice had faded from her head to right next to her. Sayo shot back five feet, before facing the voice who had guided her here. There stood an impossibly beautiful woman. Dressed in the finest kimono that Sayo had ever laid eyes upon.

"A yup Yuko-san. Many good things." Sayo turned to see the new speaker. There was no other way to describe him (or was it a she, or an it? Sayo could not say with any certainty) than as a black fur ball with ears. Cute, yes. But definitely freaky. Especially since it could speak.

"Mistress. Mistress" Two identical voices called out. "Do we have a visitor?" Two young girls skipped into the room, holding the hands of a tired young man. He was wearing an apron, sauces spilled over it.

"Ah, Moro, Maru, Watanuki, good for you to join me. Yes we do have a guest. Watanuki, could you bring me some Sake."

"Yuko-san! You already drank three bottles today! And you should be more respectful of me in front of guests. At least add a –kun after my name…." The man, Watanuki's, complaints grew quieter as he was pulled away by the girls, each shouting out a name of some food.

"As you could have gathered by the conversation," The beautiful woman (Yuko, Sayo assumed) "My name is Yuko. I also go by many other names though. The most common is the Interdimensional Witch. Very few beings across the universe could lay claim to the amount of power I possess. Though the Evangeline-san you know probably could challenge me in terms of pure power." Yuko chuckled. "But you can call me Yuko." She smiled at the ghost, the smile soothing some of the fears that Sayo had.

"I must admit, when I was told to expect a ghost, I hardly assumed that it would be you. Or at the very least, a version of you. But I digress. You see, the shop I inhabit is a very special shop indeed. I grant wishes, for a price that is. Since you are here, you obviously have a wish. Luckily for you, someone else has paid the price for your wish."

Sayo floated there in silence. Who paid for my wish? What is my wish? Just what is this place anyway? "Um…. I guess that my wish is…" For Kazumi to love me? I couldn't wish that. It would only hurt her and Negi. What about the ability to travel the world with no limitations. No. That isn't what I want at all. No. I know what it is. "To find out what has kept me in this world and find out how to move on from this life." Sayo finally said after a minute of silence. Yuko smiled softly.

"Very well, your wish is granted. Or rather a means to grant your wish. I cannot grant your wish for you. Even I have limits on my powers. You would have to find one more powerful than me to grant that wish for you. Instead this journey will require you to travel the many universes out there. For that, I grant you a companion. A guide, may I say, who will lead you through the universes and help you on your way. I cannot guarantee that you will find your answer immediately. All I know is that you will eventually find the answer you search for, should you search for a long enough time period." Yuko shook her head. "I will send you to the next universe now. Your guide will be waiting there for you. Tell him I said hello." She whispered words, words that went pass Sayo in any sense of her understanding. Before her stood a portal. Sayo realized she had a choice now. To stay, and perhaps never find the answer she wanted, but instead find a way to live in this world. Without Kazumi. Or she could go through this portal, and meet the guide. Explore the universe. Sayo smiled. She guessed she got a good deal. Two wishes granted from the price of zero. Sayo floated through the portal, the last scene she could comprehend was the young man returning with sake, and Yuko shouting something about snacks.

New world here I come. Sayo thought to herself. I hope you are ready for me! Darkness engulfed Sayo as she prepared to enter a new world. No a new universe.

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