This story is going to be a very slow progression Rade. It is told from Robbie's point of view so things are from his thoughts and such.


November 13th

I'm afraid. Then again who in their right mind wouldn't be? I'm alive though, so that's worth something, right? It's really cold too tonight. I'd say it's properly 34F out give/take a few degrees. This place - which was once a small hospital, has a generator that Beck figured out how to make work. This place is a God send because I'm quite certain we wouldn't have made it too much longer outside. This clinic also has a lot of stuff we needed, clean linens, semi clean water, food. It's also setting pretty far off the beaten path… uh Road. It's safe - for now, anyway. We're good for a while.

I'm not really sure how to begin. It's like Friday I think… It could be Monday. Who cares? I checked, it's Friday according to a pocket calendar I found awhile back. Anyway, if I use it I can start counting days the old fashion way… marking days off on a wall… something like that. If I even make it until tomorrow.

I'm writing this because I want to be remembered. I want what we are going through to be remembered, for anyone that comes after us to see that we fought to survive and so should they. Honestly, that it really neat, right? I'm trying to help future folks and survivors, yeah, like their will be any. Really I just want to talk to someone, even if it's a fictional audience. Yes, I'm surrounded by people - my friends, and honestly I grateful to still have them in my life, especially since everyone else is gone. I just cannot talk to them for some reason… So you my fictional audiences are my new best friend.

We're using the generator to heat for a few hours then we are going to shut it off to save gasoline. So, I don't really have much time really do much talking - writing. We also can't risk drawing attention to ourselves, for obvious reasons.

My name is Robert Lindsey Shapiro. Everyone calls me Robbie and don't think to much about my middle name - my parents wanted a girl. I was a high school student at Hollywood Arts in Los Angeles. I was happy - I had a semi- dysfunctional family and great friends. I haven't gotten killed yet by any Titers. Yay me, thank everything that is holy. I'm sure everyone thought I would be the first to go, with my luck and everything.

Maybe I should explain what a Titer is? I mean, it is possible that who ever is reading this lives in an alternate reality, right? Maybe in the future Titers are now friendly household pets? Extinct? Maybe… Anyway, they are not Zombies! Jade made certain we all got that through our heads very early on. Mean, mean girl… you'll meet her later. Anyway, I didn't need Jade to hit me and yell at me to see those things aren't zombies. Zombies aren't real, duh. Zombies are very slow and very dead. Titers are very fast and possibly alive. A pastor in Arizona said they are likely possessed humans, and you come that way by being bit by a demon. Really honestly, I have no idea what a Titer is but I'm certain they're really bad news.

We were in school the night everything went into the crapper. Yes, I said crapper. I'm living dangerously now. Rehearsals were running really late for one of Sikowitz's plays and Cat couldn't focus long enough to get anything done, which was making Sikowitz very angry and everyone else very annoyed. In a way she actually saved our lives. Who would have thought.

Anyway, we were all in the black box theater when it hit. All of us were getting really annoyed with Cat, even me, who has nothing but long patients for our special friend. We were completely alone, only Cat, Andre, Tori, Beck, Jade, and I. Oh yeah, Sikowitz and Sinjin. Oh yeah… I feel bad for not remembering Frank - Hollywood Arts chocolate mop janitor. He was there too.

I had been checking my pear phone for some reason when I had come across a news report about crazy people randomly killing people. No biting, no trying to eat each other, just murder. I thought it was a hoax at first.

Sikowitz wouldn't let us leave and was acting crazier then normal because this was the end of the year play and he was in some type of competition with another teacher. He was yelling at us about 'us' being his most important and trust-worthy students, and how disappointed he was in us. I mean this was around midnight! He was like in a way keeping us hostage! I guess he in a way saved our lives too. It was around two and everyone was moaning and complaining, while our teacher Sikowitz kept going and going, when Sinjin yelled out a few profanities, shutting Sikowitz up and ran up stage waving his lap top around.

I remember it was a live broadcast on some news station. The news man was very tense and very pinched faced. He was reporting the attacks in a very dry manner, very emotionless. His expression is burned into my mind still today.

We were really quiet for a while because they went to commercial. Odd, right. Mass murder and they go on commercial breaks about Burger King, Splinda, and how to grow hair in only three hours. Moving on… a loud pop from outside made us all jump. Another came and Sikowitz actually yelled gunshots and made us all hit the floor.

There are no window in the black box so we all followed Sikowitz out into the hallway even though he had told us to stay put. We ended up peering out of the closed door window leading to the asphalt café, right before the tables and closer to the empty parking lot was a body. Have you ever seen a person with a gunshot wound? I have, but back then I hadn't. It was really bad, even though the only light we had to see by was the night lamps, it was bad. It was a really clean headshot too. Think about that.

It was man, I guess. He was wearing a suit. I remember taking extra notice to how the blood was slightly flowing down hill and into drain, I was deaf. I couldn't even hear everyone freaking out around me.

Sikowitz started to yell at us to head back to the black box and for one of us to call 9-1-1 even though Tori was already trying, as well was I but I kept fumbling with it and couldn't get it out of my pocket for some reason.

Sikowitz was heading outside and towards the woman leaving us all freaking out in the hallway. Tori started yelling loudly about not being able to get into 9-1-1, which had Cat bawling even louder. Andre and Beck both were trying to comfort her and Jade was still standing by the window watching Sikowitz, I guess. I was standing still fumbling in my pocket, realizing that none of this was a hoax.

That's when Frank appeared pushing past us and hollering towards Sikowitz to get his… back inside. I remember the man locking up tightly when Sikowtiz was back inside and ushering us back into the black box theater.

By then my mind is working again and I notice a few things. First was Sinjin hadn't followed us and was still messing with his lap top. Second was Tori was still frantically trying to reach 9-1-1. Third was Sikowitz was covered in blood. I told Tori to try calling her dad and she gave me a look like I was stupid until she remembered her dad is a police officer. She really began to panic when she was unable to reach him.

Everything was crazy, everyone was freaking out and I was surprised I wasn't. Maybe I was just in shock. Maybe that's why Frank asked me to go help him find a TV.

When we found one and got it working it was simply one of those loud emergency messages. This is not a test. What it usually says when there has been an earthquake. How helpful, right? Only the message very slowly scrolling across a while later read:

This is not a test. Reporting's of widespread attacks have been reported on a local, state, and national levels. Please remain in-doors and look your doors only open doors for those acting rationally.

"Acting rationally?" I had asked anyone who was listening and not freaking out. "What could that mean?" I certainly am aware now, I wish I wasn't.

That was it. No mentions of what was really going on, no mention of zombies, aliens, lunatics, nothing. We all are aware now that they are Titers, even though that's a name we gave them. Others likely call them something entirely different. I'll share why we call them Titers later, it isn't a pretty story. I also want to point out I had no say so on the name. It wasn't me I swear. I wouldn't have ever…

Anyway back on topic we go. We all tried getting in contact with our loved ones, nothing. I'm not really sure about anyone else but I was sure my parents were likely dead. Why I was so sure of that, I'm not at all sure.

Sinjin called us all over to take a look at news websites which were up and running, including pictures that had most of us covering our eyes and dry heaving. We watched videos taken from cell phones and loaded onto you tube, those were even worse. They all showed and talked about fast moving creatures at first with skinny black bodies that attacked biting people. Then those that got bit turned violent and began killing, they attacked like feral animals and moved like them. Titers are fast, sort of like a track star. Mind you not the fastest track star, not Olympic type more like high school track star. Their bodies usually shake uncontrollably - all jerky and sporadic, horrifying. All it takes is a bit from one of the black creatures and you become a brainless killing machine. The ones who get bitten, turn into Titers. If a Titer bits someone - Titers are more likely to kill then bit, though, it is likely they will turn into a Titer as well. But it's important to remember that not everyone who is bitten my a Titer turns into a Titer. Most of the time it happens though.

Sinjin had gone to the CDC website which was a disappointment because it told us nothing. It only told us that the black creatures seemed to host the virus and transmit it to humans. Humans then go crazy and can sometimes give the virus to those they attack, if bitten by the human.

Nothing really came of that. I tried calling my parents but of course everything was busy.

"We need to think of a plan." Frank had said.

He lived about a mile away from here he told us. He also said school was a good place to hold up but had told us it was too close to way to many people and soon we would be likely be trapped inside. He told us about how he had a whole room in his place filled with things we would need, because apparently he had been preparing for the end of the world. Can't really laugh at him now.

He told us about getting guns, -he ignored my protests, other supplies, and food. He told us we could find a better place to hold up in. A place farther away from people and those things. We found a place, obviously. But there is a really long story to how we got here and we all didn't make it.

Beck is hollering about turning off the generator - warning everyone. and I wanna find a good blanket before the others take all the good ones. I'm sleepy too. I'll tell you more later for sure… I guess.

Next time my fictional audience

- Robbie